Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Greenpeace Africa: 600 million people living with no light

Dear Reader,

Imagine living in a world with little or no light when the Sun sets. That's the plight of an estimated 600 million Africans on the continent, and they live in communities that are mostly poor. So without energy infrastructure, life seems to be hopeless for these communities. They are just surviving.

Your contribution can make people safer after the dark

The Diepsloot community is just a fraction of the 600 million without lighting. As a result it is difficult to ignore the dangers that lurk in the dark streets. This situation gives us an opportunity do something! Project Sunshine is all about bringing clean, sustainable energy to the community of Diepsloot. Not only will it help the community with access to power, but it will also increase security by making people safer after the dark.

Support this project NOW!

We are on a crowdfunding[1] mission to raise R100 000 that will go to installing solar streetlights around the Diepsloot Philile creche. Your support to the project will prove that it is possible to bring sustainable energy to communities. It will increase security and raise awareness about renewable energy.

Your contribution can make better livelihood

Each one of us has a responsibility to help create a bright future for deserving communities. We certainly have an opportunity to bring lighting to Diepsloot. They deserve light and a better tomorrow.

Your contribution can sustainably power South Africa

For future generations,

Nhlanhla Sibisi,
Climate and Energy Campaigner,
Greenpeace Africa

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