Sunday, 9 July 2017 Are You The Frog In The Pot?

Since his confirmation, EPA Director Scott Pruitt has rolled back dozens of regulations that protect the public: Clean water standards. Regulations on chemicals that cause birth defects and cancer.

He has set up a so-called "red team" to challenge the reality of global warming public expense. Meanwhile, an ice-sheet the size of Delaware is about to break off of Antarctica and slide in the sea.

The stink of crony capitalism is inescapable. Long time Pruitt friends Charles and David Koch stand to make billions while the rest of us cover the costs of drought, sea level rise and mega-storms. According to the journal Science, the public burden could exceed 5.6% of GDP.

There is a pattern to Pruitt's actions. Is it a coincidence that the EPA canceled a ban on the insecticide chlorpyrifos weeks after Pruitt met with Dow Chemical's CEO? What him to ignore doctor's pleas to protect children from a neurologically toxic chemical?

People’s action is organizing in communities across the country. We are on the ground and in the streets. Right now, we desperately need more trained organizers to address this generational challenge.

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Don’t be the frog in the pot of water that never jumps out as it is brought to a boil. Don’t wait to act until it’s too late.

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