Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Has The Time Not Come To End Kokofu-Football Politicking In Ghana?

What a strange lot members of our nation's mostly self-seeking political class often are. Why, when our homeland Ghana faces a challenge, do they not think of its impact on ordinary people - and put aside the tendency to exploit such temporary nation-building  difficulties for party advantage: as a knee-jerk reaction?

One would have thought, for example, that the power outages being experienced across the nation now, would be seen by politicians from across the spectrum, as an opportunity to empower the renewable energy sector to enable family homes, private businesses (large and small), sundry institutions (both public and private: such as the offices of government departments; schools; hospitals;  barracks housing personnel of the security agencies, etc., etc.) to have access to affordable off-grid renewable power solutions. Ebeeii.

The more responsible sections of the Ghanaian media ought to encourage our nation's politicians to put the national interest (i.e. whatever benefits society at large and promotes the welfare of ordinary people at all material times) above Kokofu-football-politricks - for that is the only way our nation can progress and become an equitable and prosperous society. The question we must pose to Ghana's politicians  is: At this juncture of our nation's history, has the time not come to end Kokofu-football politicking, in tackling nation-building challenges that crop up from time to time? Haaba.