Saturday, 31 May 2008


It is said that the media is the fourth branch of government. And in genuinely democratic nations, they play an important watchdog role, in society. Sadly, however, it does appear to most independent-minded Ghanaians, that the role played by our local media, is rather that of watchdog for the political elite - across the spectrum.

And as as a practising journalist myself, I have always marvelled at the fact that so many in the Ghanaian media, don't seem to appreciate the fact that as the fourth branch of government, it is a prime responsibility of the media, to ensure that in what is a developing nation with high aspirations, those who rule Ghana, ought to be completely honest individuals.

(Incidentally, dear reader, being an avowed egalitarian and republican, who loathes inherited privilege - because it is the greatest enemy of a meritocracy - I absolutely refuse to use that dreadful and fawning phrase: "Fourth estate of the realm" to describe the media's place, in society. Nkrumah's Ghana is not a kingdom - it is a unitary republic. Period.)

The Ghanaian media, instead of toadying to our political elite for personal gain, must constantly scrutinise the actions (in both the public and private spheres), of our leaders. For those actions impact directly on the lives of all Ghanaians: who elected them to manage their nation's affairs efficiently, and effectively, on their behalf - utilising taxpayers' money with due care.

And by definition one needs honest leaders for such an undertaking. We do not want or need hypocrites as well as apparently-respectable individuals, who lie and take unnecessary risks in their private lives, to be our leaders, as we enter the second decade of the 21st century - lest they also lie and take unnecessary risks in handling the people's affairs: repeating the vicious circle of endless corruption that has stunted the growth of our potentially great nation.

And why, you might ask, dear reader, is that so important? Because such politicians invariably take actions, when in office, which are not beneficial to our country - precisely because they are reckless and hypocritical individuals in their private lives: as well as blatant liars.

Take the issue of government lands for example. Our current leader stated publicly during the early part of his tenure, that the state would return all land it had acquired, but which were no longer needed for the original purposes for which they were acquired, to their original owners.

Yet, somehow, in Accra, powerful figures with the right political connections are acquiring such lands: much to the dismay and anger of the Ga Dangbe people.

For many a Ghanaian patriot it was an astonishing statement for the leader of Nkrumah's Ghana to make - astonishing, because not having money to pay for those projects, was the only reason why they were never developed - but that is not to say that we will never have money as a nation, in the future, to use those lands for the projects they were originally acquired for!

And no sooner had he made this astonishing statement, than (as if on cue!) land belonging to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), at Kwadaso, which important crop research was being undertaken on, started being sold illegally by greedy traditional rulers.

And as we speak land owned by the state is still blatantly being sold illegally, by some traditional rulers, in our second city. Yet there has not been a single prosecution resulting from such blatant illegality!

But as in all things to do with state policy under this regime (of mostly unreconstructed tribal supremacists - our local version of the odious white supremacists of the Western world!), whiles one set of privileged law-breakers gets away with such illegality in one part of our country, the opposite, is the case, elsewhere in the nation.

The question we must ask the hypocrites amongst those who now rule our country, is: just where is the agreement between the state and the private entity, which took over the Aveyime rice project's assets - which include land belonging to the people of Aveyime?

And why, if it is the case, that certain traditional rulers in our second city, are selling some of Ghana's state-owned lands there illegally, and are getting away with it, does the same principle in which they take refuge, not apply, in the case of the landowners of Aveyime?

Why are some people more equal than others before the law in our democracy - in which the rule of law is said to prevail? Why is there so much hypocrisy in this nation today, I ask, dear reader?

The fact that we must not tolerate politicians who take irresponsible risks in their private lives, and lie blatantly too in their private lives, because they might also take the same irresponsible risks, and tell the same blatant lies, too, in the performance of their public duties, is the reason why so many patriotic and decent-minded Ghanaians, condemned the cynicism inherent in the reappointment of Dr. Richard Annane, to the cabinet.

How could decent-minded Ghanaians be so insulted, dear reader? It is those self-same cynical men in the inner circle of our current leader, who prevailed on him to reappoint Dr. Richard Annane, who are the hypocritical politicians, who have been manipulating the machinery of state, for the personal aggrandisement of certain traditional rulers.

Their complete disregard for the constitutional edict, which prevents traditional rulers from interfering in the running of our country (by playing favouritism with traditional rulers from a particular part of our nation), has apparently even led to a number of those traditional rulers - some with overweening personal ambition - deluding themselves into thinking that they actually are sovereigns: when as a matter of fact, in the final analysis, in the Republic of Ghana, it is the citizens in whom sovereignty ultimately lies! Hmm Ghana - menua, ayeasem oo!

Thus, in the light of all the above egregious examples of bad governance, there has never been a greater need in our national life, for more exemplary leadership to be in place at the heart of our national government.

It is crucial, dear reader, that we have leadership of the highest calibre in place, after the next Ghanaian leader takes office, in January 2009 - when the present largely incompetent and tribalistic lot are finally turfed out of office in December 2008.

Which brings one to Mr. Kofi Annan's concerns for good governance in Africa. He reportedly asked where Africa's leaders were, when it became clear to all thinking individuals on the continent, that there had to be outside intervention, in order to help resolve Zimbabwe's post-election impasse.

After nearly eight years of the substitution of propaganda and barefaced lies, for good and purposeful government, which has finally brought us to our knees and led mother Ghana to the sorry pass she has now come to, Ghanaians now insist that only good and honest leaders, ought to rule them.

Ghana needs imaginative and caring leaders who will use revenues from our oil and gas industries (both of which ought to be nationalised as soon as it is practicable to do so: after paying off the private investors fairly!) to transform Ghanaian society - and make this a nation whose citizens all enjoy a good quality of life: not just a few powerful and greedy oligarchs.

We must clip the wings of the high net worth stooges for neo-colonialism, in our country, who grow rich fronting for foreign business interests: who in the main are only here to rip mother Ghana off. And we must also do same for their (well-paid-for "kickback-specialist") cronies and lackeys amongst our political class: who are firmly in their very deep pockets!

And as regards Mr. Kofi Annan's stated concern for good leadership in Africa, the long-suffering Ghanaian masses too would like to ask Mr. Kofi Annan, just where he currently is - when his nation so desperately needs him?

The time has now come for Mr. Annan to put aside his (perfectly understandable) personal wish to be left alone to enable him continue enjoying his retirement with his wife in private (spending much of his time in her native Switzerland). But his country needs him - and that, as they say, is that!

There are many many Ghanaians for whom it is a national tragedy, that the nation which produced Mr. Kofi Annan, cannot get him to serve it as its next president - and it seems, unfortunately, that he is intent on denying his native country, the opportunity to benefit from the leadership qualities he possesses: and which made the international community elect him twice to serve as the UN Secretary General.

And the saddest part of this tragedy is that it is so obvious to all Ghanaians that he has more gravitas than all the presidential candidates currently vying for the presidency in Ghana put together. And he also towers above all of them - and dwarfs them completely, too.

Yet it appears that he does not want to come back home to settle here permanently and fight to take up the mantle of leadership - and provide the kind of exemplary leadership which major historical figures such as Nkrumah; Gandhi; Lenin; Churchill; Ataturk; Mandela; Castro, to name but a few, provided for their nations, at the most critical periods in their history.

Why, does Mr. Kofi Annan not love his country, too? And does he not see the important need to ensure that the next leader of our country is as honest a man and as towering a figure as history's most important political leaders - which only he presently happens to be in the current firmament of Ghanaian politics?

Does Mr. Kofi Annan not remember that Dr. Nkrumah put the interest of his people above that of his own personal considerations: and rather than electing to stay on in the UK to further his studies, and work to ensure a comfortable future private existence for himself and his extended family, returned to the Gold Coast to ensure that ordinary people, not the greedy and tribalistic progeny of the pre-colonial feudal elites, ended up ruling Ghana?

One of the greatest ironies of all time, dear reader, is that providence made his retirement from the UN coincide with the very point at which Ghana has to elect a new president!

And it is also precisely at the juncture of Ghana's history, when it is imperative (if we are to succeed as a nation, going forward, after the discovery of significant quantities of oil and gas off our coastline), that this country is led by a man of his calibre - yet for some extraordinary reason Mr. Annan is not showing any inclination to come to his country's rescue. Why?

A few weeks ago he was asking where Africa's leaders were, at the height of the post-election crisis in Zimbabwe. Well, today, ordinary Ghanaians are also asking the same question of Mr. Kofi Annan: where is he when his country needs him most?

For now more than ever, as we enter the next decade, Ghana needs an honest and wise leader, who has the following qualities: has an international stature and can command the respect of all the leaders of the world; has a wide breadth of knowledge of all the major developmental issues in the era of global climate change; and above all, is completely honest in his commitment to the national interest: and the welfare of all the people of Ghana, irrespective of tribe or social class.

It is crucial, if Ghana is to succeed, that Ghanaians bring to an end, the era of the many clever men and women who enter politics only to cynically pursue their personal wealth creation agenda: as well as that of their family clans and high net worth cronies, by stealth - at the expense of the ordinary people of Ghana (as has virtually been the case, thus far, since 1966!).

And above all Ghana needs a leader who commands widespread respect amongst Ghanaians at all levels of society. Mr. Kofi Annan just where are you when your country needs you so desperately?

May God bless and protect our homeland Ghana always. Long live freedom! Long live mother Ghana!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A Poem By Kofi Thompson

Title: (Hospice Final Journeys)

Though now all deceased
At the time of the interviews
They were very much alive
And awaiting their deaths in a hospice

Their touching reflections
About daily having to face the cold fact
That their impending deaths represented
Were moving and touching shared-stories

And their whiles-alive-images in black-and-white
Full-faced photographs of brave souls
Awaiting their impending deaths
Are veritable before-and-after studies in quiet courage
That will resonate with all living humans who view them

And the equally emotionally powerful images
Photographs taken just after their deaths
Are wondrous depictions of the faces
Of long-suffering souls finally at peace
They will move viewers till the very end of time

And the complete sets
Of those before-and-after photographs
And their accompanying poignant personal stories
Truly touched and affected millions worldwide when published

Those millions who pondered their own eventual ends
When Death will also finally come calling for them too
Were spellbound as they read those poignant published stories
And viewed those spellbinding black-and-white photographs

Readers cannot but thank those brave departed souls
Who posthumously shared reflections of their past and present
And their apprehensions about the unknown future they were then facing

An unknown future full of mysteries
Which today is a moment of reflection for the living
Who wonder and ponder
When they too will embark on their final journey
That journey all dearly departed ones make in the end

May the souls of those now-departed hospice patients rest in perfect peace
They have departed after embarking on the final journey to the other side
From which no living being has ever returned
And which we shall all embark on one day too

Monday, 26 May 2008

Poems By Kofi Thompson

Title: ("Afia-Birgit Remembered")

She came into my life
Like a shooting star
Streaking brightly
Across the sky

Title:("Still love you!")

Alone with my thoughts on the beach
With elbows dug in the wet sand
I lie half-inclined
With cupped chin in hand
Gazing across the Atlantic
Lost in far-away thoughts
Pondering what might have been
I miss you
And still love you!

Title: ("Kano")

Colourful harmattan mosaic
Of distant sand storms
And towering minarets

Colourful harmattan mosaic
Of galloping white horses
And agile turbaned Hausa horsemen
Enveloped in great clouds of ocher-dust

Colourful harmattan mosaic
Of joyous dancing multitudes
Celebrating traditional African festivals of antiquity

Colourful harmattan mosaic
Of serried ranks of musket-firing African noblemen on horseback
And happy-faced cheering throngs
Of ample-bodied colourfully-dressed women in voluminous headgear

Colourful harmattan mosaic
Of tumultous crowds of distant swaying figures
Dancing to the rhythms
Of ancient Hausa drums

Ancient magical metropolis
A colourful African harmattan mosaic
Etched in the innermost recesses of my mind!

Title: ("The Philanderer!")

She was diabolical
And super-respectable
An ace liar
Gold digger
As well as a murderess (of her unborn child)
And a not-remorseful serial cuckolding Jezebel
Who has left a trail of devastated cuckolds
Strewn along her life's path, thus far
Shame on her!

Title: ("Enemies")

Are those for whom
You are persona non grata
And who perpetually wish you ill!

Title:("Just where did time go?")

Beard's growing grayer
Day by interesting day
Reports of old schoolmates dying
Now more frequent
Whiles grandchildren grow so rapidly
Just where did time go so quickly
I say, old chap?

Title: ("Titled and wilting!")

So posh
And so dashing
And loads of dosh too
Plus country estate to boot
How lovely
How absolutely scrumptious!

Title: (Your DNA, Mr. Klu Klux Klansman!)

You believe you are God's gift
To the human race
As did Adolf Hitler
Who thought he was an all-conquering hero
But do you know your DNA?
Blue-eyed blond
Your American version
Of the Aryan master-race
Began with the story
Of the enforced coupling
Of your slave-owning forbears
And the beautiful black African Amazon Queens
Whose forebears ruled the fabled Benin Empire
And whom your forbears enslaved and raped continuously
Mr. Klansman
You will find your DNA
In the blood coursing through the veins
Of your distant cousins
Who are some of the millions of African Americans
You spit on!

Sunday, 25 May 2008


For an African, looking in, from the outside, on the American campaign season, as the race for the White House, amongst the two Democratic Party presidential hopefuls, draws to a close, the divisive issue of race, in America, which has been highlighted by the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama, illustrates perfectly for me, how the greatest nation on earth, has, sadly, short-changed itself, for so much of the period, of its history.

The United States is unquestionably the most powerful nation on the planet Earth, today. And the ordinary people of America, also have a well-deserved reputation, across the globe, for being the most generous people, in the world: in terms of the value of the amount of money, which they donate to philanthropic causes.

Clearly, the decency and generous-spiritedness, of the average American citizen, cannot be questioned. It is therefore a mystery to most Africans, that the colour of the skin of a man, whom, if elected as president, could change the image of the United States so dramatically (for the better, and across the entire globe: instantly, upon his election to office!), could be a negative factor, preventing, many of those very same decent and generous-spirited Americans, from casting their votes, for him.

Most Africans readily welcome whites who visit their communities openly and warmly - and for them, the colour of an individual's skin, is of no consequence: and does not matter to them, in the slightest. What matters to them (and should too, to all those decent-minded and generous-spirited white Americans), is the character of the individual concerned - and so it should be, in a logical world, dear reader, should it not?

Thus, for the discerning African, looking in, on America, from the outside, as it were, it does appear, unfortunately, that on the issue of race, logic, strangely, ceases to apply, in the greatest and most democratic nation, in the world - and in their view, America is infinitely the poorer, for it: as their racial prejudices, in this instance, casts an undeserving pale shadow, on freedom's firmament, in America: the land of the freest people on earth: and which all of humankind admires, for its innovative and enterprising spirit.

The whole business of racial prejudice in America, defies reason. For, as every little child in the United States knows, countless numbers of black female slaves, were regularly raped, by the white males, of slave-owning households, during the days of slavery.

And if empirical evidence of this bald fact of American life were needed, perhaps the decent-minded and generous-spirited Americans of today, ought to ponder the possible outcome, were DNA tests of every single American citizen, to be carried out, for that purpose.

For, there is no question, dear reader, that it will clearly emerge, that millions of white Americans, were blood-relations, who shared the same family trees, with millions of their African American co-citizens, with whom, they share a common ancestry, in family backgrounds.

And it might interest those self-same decent-minded and generous-spirited white Americans, that, if asked, today, the average person, on the streets, of major cities, in the Middle East; Pakistan; Indonesia; and many other Muslim nations, will jokingly acknowledge, that if the US sent ships, to convey people from their nation, to legally settle in America (and be provided with a job by the government, at state and federal levels), tens of thousands would die, in the stampede that would ensue - as countless numbers of eager Muslims, fought their way, unto those ships.

Does any American need any further proof, then, dear reader, that despite the widespread anti-American feelings amongst environmentalists in places like the EU; and despite the vile propaganda and horrific suicide bombings, of blasphemous and evil Muslims, such as Osama bin Laden (who, incidentally, would never be tolerated by the Prophet Mohamed, were he to be alive today; and is definitely not a good Muslim - but a sinner, and a blasphemer, of the worst sort, who is bound for the hottest part of hell, when he dies!), if America were to put its needless racism, aside, for once, and elect its first non-white president, it will help bring about a sea-change, in attitudes, towards the America, across the globe, and for the better?

Racism is a great draw back for such a great people, and their great nation - and it must disappear from America: and bring about the dawn of a new age, for all Americans!

Saturday, 24 May 2008


The abiding misfortune of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is that providence blessed it with such unimaginable mineral wealth. That wealth, has acted as a magnet, to attract an assortment of adventurers, throughout its modern history, over the last four centuries.

And there is a long list, of such individuals, and corporate entities: starting with King Leopold of the Belgians: who, incredibly, was able to enslave the Congolese people, and make their country his personal fiefdom, in 1885, by posing as someone who was on a civilising mission in Africa, in his quest, to control the Congo, at the Berlin Conference - at which European powers carved up Africa, by parcelling it out, amongst themselves.

Today, the rulers of its neighbours, Uganda and Rwanda, acting through Congolese proxies, are following in King Leopold's footsteps, too: secretly fuelling conflicts, in the Eastern DR Congo: and enriching themselves enormously, in the process.

And they have also backed key dissident political figures, in the country - instead of prevailing on them, to put aside their selfish personal ambitions, in the overall interest, of the long-suffering Congolese people.

And in between those three heads of state, from Belgium and Eastern Africa, over the centuries, there has been a steady flow, of an assortment of ruthless individuals, many driven simply, by unfathomable greed, on the troubled Congolese landscape - and in whose interest, it also is, that the DR Congo, remains unstable, and a very dangerous place: so that they can continue buying precious minerals cheaply and smuggle them out of the country, successfully.

In the meantime, tragically, over 5 million Congolese citizens have been killed, as a result of the conflicts of the last two decades: fuelled by the greed for money, of all those actors, in this African equivalent, of a Greek tragedy, who, over the yeas, have sought to purloin the vast untold wealth, of that huge country - the third largest, in Africa.

The DR Congo's tragedy, is also all of Africa's tragedy - for, apart from the potential economic importance, which its mineral wealth bestows on it, it also possesses, the potential, to produce enough renewable energy, to easily power the whole of the continent.

And, that the AU and Africa's leaders, have not understood the urgency, of acting collectively, and rapidly, to ensure the peace and stability of that nation, sadly, shows their lack of imagination.

It also demonstrates vividly, the dearth today, of African leaders, of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's calibre. For, Nkrumah, who was an original thinker, would have used his usual "thinking-outside-the-box" approach, to solving problems, to tackle the DR Congo's monumental problems - chief amongst them, being the debilitating and chronic insecurity, of the eastern part, of the country.

Although many people around the world, have rightly condemned the outsourcing of military action, in Iraq, by the Pentagon, to private corporations, like that of the American businessman, Erik Prince's Blackwater Corporation, there is absolutely no harm, in the DR Congo (and friendly nations like Libya), paying for the outsourcing, of its pressing need, for a disciplined, well-equipped, and highly-effective fighting force - made up entirely of world-class special forces!

For, by outsourcing its military requirements to enable it enforce law and order all over the country, (particularly in its eastern region), the central government in Kinshasa, will be able to provide an important requirement for economic development, in any nation: peace and security, for all its people.

And that force, should be made up, of the special forces, of five of the most respected and disciplined military forces in Africa, that of: Ghana; Nigeria; South Africa; Morocco and Libya: whose mission, will be to ensure that the insecurity in the region ends, once and for all - by dealing firmly, and ruthlessly, with the Rwandan-backed Tutsi rebel, General Nkunda, and his forces; as well as the Rwandan Hutu rebels.

Africa must also make available to the DR Congo, some of its best technocrats from across the continent, to man and run the state machinery of the DR Congo, together with the country's own technocrats, to speed up the immense task of national reconstruction - and as an effective way of dealing with its shortage of suitably-trained technocrats.

In short, the AU must treat the rebuilding of the DR Congo, as an African equivalent of the rebuilding of nations like East Timor; Bosnia and Kosovo, by the UN.

Clearly, nothing short of an African equivalent, of America's Marshall Plan, for Europe, which made the reconstruction of Europe possible, after WW11, is what is needed today: to enable the DR Congo, to get back on its feet; so that it finally assumes the role, which destiny carved out for it, in Africa - powering the rapid economic development, of all of Africa.

And by fully financing such bold initiatives (and perhaps also persuading some of the wealthy Arab states of the Gulf, to contribute to it, too!), to help the DR Congo, become a peaceful nation, the Libyan leader, Colonel Qaddafi, will, at last, get the opportunity, to do what he says he has always wanted to do: help in the process of uniting Africa.

And, above all, Libya and any contributing Gulf states, will never lose out, in the end: as they can always get their money back, in long-term sovereign bonds, issued by the government of the DR Congo, can they not, dear reader? Certainly, food for thought!

Friday, 23 May 2008


Not too long ago, the president of the West African nation of Ghana, Mr. J. A. Kufuor, met executives of the foreign mining companies, operating in the country, at an event, held to celebrate the 80th anniversary, of the establishment, of the Ghanaian mining industry's main industry body: the Ghana Chamber of Mines.

The symbolism of the nation's leader, honouring the members of an industry, which has poisoned vast swathes of the Ghanaian countryside over the years (and gotten away with it, successfully!), with his presence at the event, was not lost, on environmental activists, in Ghana.

For, as in all the nations of Africa, where they operate, the mining lobby is one of the most powerful, in the country - and it has used its clout and baleful influence, over Ghana's political elite, to enable the industry get away, with activities, which would shame and horrify, most of their Western shareholders: were they to become aware of them.

And for the rural poor across Africa (who suffer the consequences of the impunity of players in the industry), it is the same story: as their nations, blessed with gold and other mineral deposits - and desperate to attract foreign direct investment, to spur GDP growth and create much-needed jobs - put the blind pursuit of GDP growth, ahead of their quality of life: as if that too, was not a prime indicator, of a nation's prosperity and progress!

Saddled with a highly-educated ruling elite, whose main priority is the promotion of its self-interest, the poor, in the rural areas where mining activity takes place in Ghana (and other African nations like it), have been abandoned to their fate - by a system that has failed them, completely, and has left them impoverished: as their quality of life, has deteriorated steadily, over the years. They are the veritable victims, of today's globalization!

No longer having access to their farmlands (taken away from them, by the stroke of the pens of officialdom - at various levels of Ghana's ponderous machinery of state - who work and live in the comfort of their elitist air-conditioned cocoons, in far-away Accra, Ghana's capital city), those poor villagers (the weakest strata in modern Ghanaian society), are also the forgotten victims, of the so-called "Washington consensus".

That ideology, much favoured by Western neo-cons (and which largely underpins globalization), was the brain-child, of wealthy Western bankers and right-wing politicians, who did not have the nous, to understand, that there is a world of difference (in terms of the desired and expected results of free-market economic policies), between the matured markets of Western capitalism (which are fairly predictable), and that of the economically-impoverished environments, of the developing-world: which are not.

Thus, today, the erstwhile owners, of the aforementioned farmlands, in rural Ghana, which now form part of the mining concessions of powerful multinational mining companies, operating in the country - are worse off, materially, than they were, before the arrival of the surface mining companies: because it escaped the World Bank and the IMF (as they urged the military regime in power then - in the 1980's - to permit surface gold mining in the country, for the first time in Ghana's history), that the possible harm, which surface gold mining, could cause, to Ghana and its people, would be incalculable (in quality-of-life, terms).

The blind pursuit of GDP growth, and the combination of the class-interests of a largely self-serving ruling elite, and the unfathomable greed driving the search for profits, by the multinational gold mining companies, meant, that at the time, there was a meeting of minds (of all concerned in this crime against humanity), to the extent, that concern for the environmental impact, of the operations, of the surface gold mining companies, was simply not part of the equation: and was therefore a non-issue.

To avoid disasters, such as that which has befallen some farmers in rural Ghana, there is need for a push by those in Africa, who are concerned about preserving the biodiversity, of nations on the continent, for an increased use of income-generating strategies, such as the development of community-based eco-tourism destinations, to create wealth, in rural Africa - particularly at a time of global climate change.

For, such schemes would make poor African nations, less vulnerable, to the blandishments, of those, who seek to exchange worthless bric-a-brac, for access, to valuable gold deposits, in 21st century Africa.

And in the light of the discovery of large deposits of oil and natural gas, off the shores of Ghana, there is renewed hope, amongst environmental activists in Ghana, that the baleful influence, of the powerful mining lobby, can be curtailed - as yet other sources of revenue, open up, for the nation: and consequently weakens their hold, over those, who rule the country.

Hopefully, it will help bring about a situation, in which the nation need no longer depend on continued investment, in the Ghanaian economy, by the players in the gold mining sector - which in over 100 years of exploiting Ghana's gold deposits, has never created the Ghanaian equivalent, of a city, such as Johannesburg. And it speaks volumes about the predatory nature, of the motivation for their presence in Ghana.

Perhaps another key move to make surface gold mining companies in Ghana, become more responsible, environmentally, would be for the Ghanaian nation-state, to act to change the relevant clauses, in the articles of association, of Ghanaian surface gold mining companies: pertaining to those, which limit, the liability of shareholders, for the environmental damage, arising out of the impact of their operations, in the country.

It would immediately make those shareholders, a majority of whom are from the Western nations, take an active interest, in the daily activities, of those surface gold mining companies which they invest in, and operate in Ghana - lest they become personally liable, for the harm, done to the natural environment, in a faraway African nation: of which, they know virtually nothing, about!

And if environmental awareness amongst Ghana's politicians catches on, perhaps they could go on to prove their new-found concern for the natural environment here, yet further, by passing legislation (that would have retrospective effect!), making it mandatory for polluters to pay for the future cost of dealing with environmental damage, caused in the past, but which Ghana's official environmental agencies, are currently, unaware of - because such knowledge, is currently unavailable, to the international scientific research community.

That, dear reader, would definitely make the well-off Western shareholders (who, incidentally, would never dream of allowing surface gold mining, anywhere near where they lived!), take a keen interest, in the way those surface gold mining companies, operate here!

And justice, hopefully, will finally come, for those poor and hapless Ghanaian villagers (and others like them across Africa!), whose lives were turned upside down, when they lost their livelihoods as farmers (when their leaders caved in to pressure from the World Bank and the IMF to permit such an environmentally harmful industry, to operate in their country), and who, for decades now, have had to lead a miserable and wretched existence, akin to a hell on earth - simply to enable Ghana's surface mining companies, to continue piling up super profits: and distribute dividends, to happy (largely Western!) shareholders, year, after, golden year!

Perhaps, in the final analysis, if environmental activists in Africa, worked closely with their counterparts in the West, they might succeed in making the worst of the polluters in the surface gold mining industry (who, in the main, have invested in Africa, deliberately, in order to take advantage of the fact that most of the entities charged with protecting the continent's natural environment, are weak institutions), change their ways: by campaigning for tougher laws, to protect the natural environment, in Africa - a vital need, at a time when global climate change, is already having a negative impact, on much of the continent.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


As a pan-Africanist from Nkrumah's Ghana, I am horrified, by the turn of events, in some of the poorer parts, of the townships, which surround South Africa's major cities.

The idea, that fellow Ghanaians, as well as fellow Africans, from other nations on the continent, who had settled in South Africa, could become the victims, of murderous mobs of mindless and brutish myrmidons, who seem to have suddenly forgotten the rest of Africa's support for them, throughout the years of apartheid, saddens one a great deal.

The abominable and unspeakable events happening in South Africa, are particularly galling, for someone from Nkrumah's Ghana. For, Ghanaians, in particular, made great sacrifices, for black South Africans (as well as for the citizens, and nations, of the whole of sub-Saharan Africa), as well as their leaders, during their struggles against the white Fascists, who murdered and committed countless crimes against humanity, as they suppressed South Africa's black population, during the apartheid era.

Sadly, it appears that the virus of hatred, which so infected so many white citizens, during the era of the settler regimes in Eastern and Southern Africa, did transmit itself, to many of the black Africans, in the region. It also bred an abiding sense of inferiority, in so many of them: leading to a sense of self-hatred and self-loathing, which has made them, the type of black people, who hate their fellow Africans, even more, than the white settlers, ever despised them.

I have experienced this sad phenomenon, in my own encounters, with some of the ordinary Africans, from many of the nations, in the area - mostly from the lower rungs of the social ladder. And a dense miasma of envy, and disdain for their fellow Africans, hangs heavy, in the atmosphere, in most of the poorer parts, of the cities of Eastern and Southern Africa.

It is so sad and shocking, that in a world that is increasingly becoming smaller, as technology and global trade, draws humankind ever closer together, black Africans, anywhere, on the continent, could harbour such feelings of hatred against their fellow Africans: to the extent that they were prepared to murder them, for no other reason, than that those poor and defenceless wretches, were non-nationals, of their home country, South Africa.

The running mobs rampaging through South Africa's townships, murdering their fellow human beings, whose only crime was that they elected to go and live in South Africa, in order to earn a living there, are a disgrace to the Africa of today.

And they must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. As things currently stand, those decent-minded South Africans, who have rightly condemned the criminal elements, amongst their compatriots, who are busy murdering their way, across South Africa's black townships, really ought not to be surprised, if some of the ordinary citizens, of sister nations in Africa, supported any sudden FIFA move, to take the 2010 World Cup, to a more civilised and safer environment, to host the next FIFA World Cup tournament.

This inexplicable moment of xenophobic madness, will be a permanent stain, on South Africa's image, for many years to come - and all those who have taken part in those appalling crimes against humanity, must bow their heads in shame. For, they must rank as some of the most barbaric, of individuals, on the continent of Africa, today!


It is said that the biggest enemy of any meritocracy, is inherited privilege: of wealth, and of leadership. In Ghana today, there is a general consensus amongst all classes of the citizenry, that the Ghanaian system, has failed ordinary people, terribly.

Fifty-one years after escaping from colonial bondage, the Ghanaian nation-state, is unable to provide its people, with a good quality of life.

And ordinary Ghanaians are beset by a myriad of problems - which nations, such as Singapore and Malaysia (that we began life as independent ex-colonies, of Britain, with), have succeeded in resolving for their citizens: whom today, enjoy some of the highest standards of living, on the planet Earth.

Yet, ordinary Ghanaians are denied the basic necessities, which are taken for granted, by the citizens of most of the nations, in the civilised parts, of the globalised world, of today.

And although we enjoyed most of such basic amenities, during the era of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, today, everywhere one turns, across our homeland Ghana, there is an absence of the basic requirements, necessary for enjoying a good quality of life.

Most ordinary people today, yearn for a Ghana, in which there exists, for all citizens: decent and affordable, good quality, publicly-owned housing, for all who need it; a nation in which there is the opportunity to live in well-planned cities, endowed with adequate basic infrastructure, such as the availability of regular and reliable supply of potable water and electricity; and an efficient waste disposal system (which would pass any internationally-recognised environmental impact assessment test - right along the disposal chain: from initial point of collection, to final disposal site!).

And to cap our woes, although this is the 21st century ICT age, we are still, sadly, largely a superstition-ridden society - something that has such a negative impact, on the mentality, of many a Ghanaian: including even some of the most highly-educated ones, surprisingly!

A consequence of this propensity for such backward illogicality, is that behind the deceptive patina of modernity, lies a nation, jam-packed with citizens, with an outlook on life, that makes them fail to understand, for example, that the rules and regulations, which are made to ensure, that ours, remains a civilised society, need to be rigorously enforced, and obeyed - if the quality of life of ordinary Ghanaians is to be assured.

This total disregard for obeying society's rules and regulations, has led, for example, to the sad and unacceptable annual spectacle, of hapless flood victims, forced out of their homes, as a result of the repeated flooding, in our mostly poorly-planned towns and cities, during the rainy season.

This annual tragi-comedy, is a direct result, of the fact that undisciplined and selfish individuals (aided by corrupt local government planning officials), who refuse to obey planning regulations (which prohibit the building of houses on watercourses), are allowed to get away with their illegal actions - by irresponsible politicians, not prepared to do the right thing, and order the pulling down, of such buildings: for fear of losing votes.

Underlying all this backwardness, is our insistence, on holding on, more or less, to the pre-colonial feudal system: calcified by inherited privilege, which allows an ossified and largely obtuse elite, to dominate the Ghanaian society - casting its malevolent shadow, over our political institutions, and our way of life, in what is supposed to be a modern, 21 st century, African nation-state: all in the name of the furtherance, of the sentimental nonsense on bamboo stilts, notion, of "preserving our culture."

However, the truth of the matter, is that nowhere in the world, has any society progressed, without first ridding itself, of feudalism. Clearly, we need a Ghanaian equivalent, of Europe's 18th century Age of Enlightenment. For, would it not be better, dear reader, for us to discard what continues to remain a dangerous and latent threat, to the continued stability, and cohesion, of our homeland Ghana: the Chieftaincy institution?

If we insist on "preserving our culture" willy-nilly, ought we then, simply, not act, to turn this country, into a nation of 20 million "royals": who elect one of their number, to be their elected constitutional monarch, the "Ghana Omanpanin", every four years - and rid ourselves permanently, of the continued influence, of the obnoxious pre-colonial feudal version, that way?

And if we simply substitute the words, "King" or "Queen", for "President" in our Constitution, and define our nation as a "Kingdom", instead of a "Republic" - will we not still maintain our perverse craving, to be ruled by "Ahenfo" (but end the retrogressive pre-colonial feudal system version, which has such a dreadful hold, on the sub-conscious, of far too many of our people), for all time?

May God bless and protect our homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom! Long live Ghana!

Friday, 16 May 2008


Under the indirect rule system, the British colonialists used the progeny of the pre-colonial feudal elites, to maintain their iron grip, on their African colonies.

The system suited both parties perfectly, in the Gold Coast. And it was exploited by the descendants of the pre-colonial feudal elite (the Chiefs and the members of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC), to the hilt.

The UGCC, was, in the main, made up of people from the professions, and the business world: the majority of whom were descended from the pre-colonial feudal elites, of the various tribes, which made up what eventually became known, as the Gold Coast colony.

Their ultimate goal, was to eventually replace the departing British colonialists - whenever those racist colonisers, deigned it fit, to depart the shores of the Gold Coast: and rule the new nation that had won its independence, from Britain, till the very end of time.

They thought up a perfect scheme, to enable them achieve that goal: restricting the franchise to property owners and those who earned a wage, only ( the origins, dear reader, of the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) so-called property-owning democracy!).

Luckily for ordinary people, providence intervened: Dr. Nkrumah was invited from the UK, by the UGCC, to come and work for it, in the Gold Coast - arriving in the colony on 16th December, 1947.

Eventually, Dr. Nkrumah, who was an egalitarian, demanded that universal franchise be adopted for elections in the Gold Coast - and to show their appreciation, the masses voted massively, for Nkrumah and his party, the Convention Peoples Party (CPP): giving the party large parliamentary majorities, in the elections of 1951, 1954 and 1956.

The feudalists never forgave Nkrumah, and set about plotting to remove him from power, beginning with an aborted military coup plot, in 1958 - although Ghana was a multi-party democracy, at that stage, in her history.

Dr. J.B. Danquah and Dr.K.A. Busia, were both admirers of the English philosopher, Edmund Burke - who believed that civilised society ought to be ruled by a pre-ordained elite.

And as their world-view was underpinned by Burke's outrageous philosophy, the two sought to ensure that power was transferred from the British colonialists, to the successors of the pre-colonial feudal elite (the Chiefs and royals) - which, naturally, included both those ace quislings!

And it was the self-same reason, why, on March 14, 1956, Danquah and Nana Ofori Atta 11, were bold enough, to tell a visiting parliamentary delegation, that: "Party politics" was "an alien political form" which had, "created civil strife and violent dissension between father and son."

They went on to also say that if the colonial authorities did not show understanding for their position, Akim Abuakwa would secede and become a "sovereign and independent state with the only rival of the Ashanti country."

It was this disdain for ordinary people, which made them view the democratically-elected Convention Peoples Party (CPP) regime of Nkrumah, as an illegitimate regime, which had to be removed from power, by all possible means.

They were scornful of the CPP, dominated as it was by people from mostly humble family backgrounds (in stark contrast to their precious UGCC - which was led by the progeny of the pre-colonial feudal elite!).

And Danquah, ever the tribal supremacist, even had the effrontery to state that the CPP, had "Ntafuo" in it!

Nothing has changed: shades of Danquah's outrageous and derogatory reference to the Northerners in the CPP government, can be seen in many of the actions and utterances, of some of the NPP's powerful Akan tribal supremacists, who dominate that party, so completely, today.

A case in point being the complaint, by our globe-trotting current leader, that "Wa" was "too far away" - when there was an emergency there, which needed the presence of the nation's leader!

Yet, ironically, he doesn't mind travelling to the ends of the world - when it suits the gentleman, whom, the uncharitable, often refer to, as: "Our number one hypocrite."

Another example, is the disrespect shown to the current vice president, in not allowing him to succeed the president - although many point out that if his name had been Nana Osei Poku, instead of Alhaji Aliu Mahama, and he had been from Kokofu, his party would have found a way of making sure he would be unopposed, in the election, to become the NPP presidential candidate!

But I digress, dear reader! The Busia-Danquaists were never deterred by their many failures to bring the rule of Nkrumah to an end.

They continued destabilising the newly independent Ghanaian nation-state, in a series of terrorists bomb attacks, all aimed at assassinating Nkrumah: and removing him physically, from the Ghanaian political landscape.

Many ordinary Ghanaians lost their lives through those atrocities (including 300 schoolchildren).

And today, Obestebi-Lamptey, who had a significant hand, in those unspeakable and brutish acts, of crimes against humanity, has been posthumously rewarded, for his treasonable acts - with a ghastly chi-chi statute, in extreme bad taste: sited on a roundabout, built by Nkrumah; and now, incredibly, named after that ace tribalistic, self-seeker.

Those neo-colonialist reactionaries, also collaborated actively, with Western intelligence agencies to remove Nkrumah, by helping them to damage Ghana's economy - travelling world capitals, advocating the withholding of much needed economic assistance, to Ghana: to weaken its economy and make Nkrumah unpopular with the masses.

They finally succeeded, in February 1966 - when tragedy struck the black race: and traitors in the military and the police, paid US $13 millions (and promised more, if they succeeded in murdering Nkrumah!), to stage a military coup, carried out the bloodiest coup, Ghana has ever witnessed, in its history: effectively ending Africa's march to progress.

And, of course, as we all now know (after reading the relevant declassified CIA and the US State Department documents), Dr. Danquah, the quisling, not only toadied to the British, but was also a paid agent, of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), of America!

In the light of all that, dear reader, and now that Nkrumah's Ghana has finally been blessed by providence: and is soon to become a major oil producer, the time has come for the Ghanaian Left, to take a leaf, from the book, of the ruthless and reactionary stooges, for neo-colonialism, the Busia-Danquaists - and hoist them with their own petard, so to speak!

The Ghanaian Left, must also take the attitude that the stooges for neo-colonialism, must never be allowed, by ordinary people, to take control of a Ghana, which is a major oil producer, under any circumstances - to prevent foreign oil companies from ending up using a finite natural resource, to enrich themselves (with the active help of our greedy reactionary "neo-cons"), at the expense of the Ghanaian nation-state: as has been the case with our nation's gold deposits.

The Left must vow, that under no circumstances, will Ghana's oil wealth, ever be allowed to fall into the hands of the lackeys of neo-colonialism, and by extension, the Western powers, whose interests they constantly serve - at mother Ghana's expense.

As is common knowledge in Ghana, the Western powers, still actively collaborate with Ghanaian reactionaries (including many of the shameless mercenaries, in the Ghanaian media!): some of whom now control our nation - in order to enable Western capitalism to continue exploiting our nation's resources, for its own benefit.

The progressive forces in Ghana too, must therefore begin to work actively with progressive nations like Venezuela; Iran and China, to counter the help Ghana's reactionaries constantly get from the West, to enable them dominate our country, successfully.

As recent news reports about the stiff penalties imposed on a major US company, for bribing Nigerian officials, and evidence produced in a Norwegian law court show, Western capitalism (the Norwegian cement manufacturer, Scancem, in this instance!) constantly buys off reactionaries in Africa (including Ghana), to gain control of vital sectors of our economy.

Let the progressive forces in Ghana, therefore, also seek funding from Venezuela and Iran, to set up holding companies - which will buy up vital sectors of our economy: and help enrich ordinary workers, using the private public partnership (PPP) business model: and embrace private businesspeople, who are sensible enough to understand, that by giving a 10% stake in their companies, to their workers, all Ghanaians, will be able to share in the growth, of the real economy.

We must ensure that Ghana's oil wealth is used solely for social transformation in Ghana, so that amongst other things, as private businesses using the PPP business model thrive, for example, all Ghanaian workers, will have sufficient purchasing power, to enable the whole of society to prosper - for, the goods and services they purchase, will lift the real economy.

And above all, the Ghanaian Left must be bold enough to be prepared, in the final analysis, to use people power (the activities of the committee for joint action (CJA) is a perfect example, of such bold radicalism!), if need be, to remove the reactionaries from power, in Ghana - if that is what it will take to safeguard Ghana's oil wealth, from benefiting foreigners and their local lackeys, only.

The time has now come, dear reader, for the Left to adopt the same uncompromising attitude, that the reactionaries had, towards Nkrumah.

Right from the day Ghana attained its Independence, they regarded the legitimately elected government of the CPP, in power, in a nation that was a multi-party democracy; as a regime, which had no moral right, to rule Ghana - because in their view, the only legitimate government Ghana could have, was one composed of the progeny, of the pre-colonial feudal elite: who, in their view, were pre-ordained by God, to rule their nation.

Those ordinary Ghanaians, who today posit, that the only group that has a moral right to rule an oil-rich Ghanaian nation-state, are the progressive forces of the Left, are right: for, they share the same viewpoint, about the nature of the type of society, which Ghanaians ought to have, as the progressives who ruled our country, at the dawn of Independence, did.

It is a view of the nature of the society Ghanaians ought to have, which so resonated with ordinary people, that they voted overwhelmingly, to put the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) into power, in the 1956 elections - to enable that party realise it's vision of a just and modern African society: one that was fair and free, and existed for the good of all citizens.

The ordinary Ghanaian of today, too, also wants to see the establishment of an egalitarian society, in which the interests of all Ghanaians, irrespective of their social background or tribal group, determines government policy - not those of a powerful few, with greedy ambitions: the sine qua non of the politics of the hypocrites who now rule Nkrumah's Ghana!

Ordinary Ghanaians yearn for a return to a regime, which understands that a poor nation that wishes to develop, cannot afford not to give all its talented citizens, who have the aptitude to study to tertiary level, free education: and will therefore ensure that enough resources are made available by the Ghanaian nation-state, to achieve that end - to enable the Ghanaian society to progress rapidly, on all fronts: instead of dissipating our country's wealth, on presidential palaces, and presidential jets.

Ghanaians want a regime that is imaginative enough, to have wisdom to look at Ghana's oil industry, for example, in terms of making Ghana extract even more value, from her oil resources.

That will mean, for example, that instead of always thinking of selling our nation's assets, as the stooges for neo-colonialism currently ruling Nkrumah's Ghana, are wont to do, such a progressive regime, will rather think of harnessing the synergy, which exists between state-owned companies, including those in the energy sector.

Meaning that it will ensure that companies such as the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC); the state-owned Tema Oil Refinery (TOR); and the state-owned oil marketing company, GOIL, are merged to create an African oil giant - in the class of major oil multinationals, such as Shell.

Is that not one of the best ways, dear reader, of harnessing the tremendous goodwill created for Ghana throughout Africa, by Dr. Nkrumah's pan-Africanism - by striking deals with sister African nations, which will enable us penetrate markets in West Africa and beyond, in joint venture partnerships with governments on the continent - and make our oil resources benefit us even more?

We must end the mindless acceptance of the self-serving strictures of foreign interests: who know that the market liberalisation they foist on us, only leads to the impoverishment of ordinary Ghanaians - whiles the top 10% of society, prosper mightily, as they act in concert with Western capitalists: who are the only ones, who benefit from those nation-destroying policies, foisted on us, by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) . Period.

For, that is no way to run an African nation, which has so much going for it: such as today's Ghana - which has now discovered large quantities of oil, off its shores.

The masters of the universe, who have supervised the meltdown of vital state assets like the Volta River Authority (VRA), because of their short-sighted thinking, must not be allowed to return to power, after the December 2008 elections - lest they return to supervise the transfer of our oil wealth, into the hands of wealthy foreign shareholders, in London; New York; Frankfurt and Tokyo.

Would any visionary regime, not have seen the VRA's potential, for example - and acted to strengthen it, during its tenure?

Is it not an organisation, which could easily become an African energy powerhouse - if Ghana were to leverage the goodwill created for our nation, by Nkrumah's far-sighted support of many African nations, during their struggle for Independence?

Does the VRA's recent work in Liberia not clearly show its potential in that direction - and could it not be championed, to participate in the proposed scheme, to harness the energy of the River Congo, to benefit all of Africa - by creative leaders who think outside the box?

Yet, the highly-educated morons (many with PhD's!) who now dominate our country, have ended up, bringing it to its knees: simply to create the psychological climate for Ghanaians to accept the entry of independent power producers - from whom, as the uncharitable are wont to say, they will doubtless get their usual kickbacks! Hmmm, Ghana, asem ebaba debi, oo!

The Ghanaian Left must rescue Ghanaians from the clutches of the stooges for neo-colonialism, now running our country - before those incompetents end up turning ordinary people, into the slaves of foreigners, in their own land.

And progressive forces in Ghana must be prepared to do so by the sheer force of people power, if necessary - if that is the only way to rid ourselves of those who now seek to revive feudalism in Ghana.

And, ultimately, if the Left even has to act, as the stooges for Western imperialism did, in February 1966, to remove the legitimately elected government of Ghana, by force: in order to stop our oil wealth from being hijacked by foreigners ( with the active help of our self-seeking reactionary leaders), then so be it. Period.

May God bless and protect our homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom! Long live Ghana!

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Having been in power for forty years now, President Omar Bongo, of Gabon, has recently become the world's longest-serving (non-hereditary) ruler. He has kept his oil-rich country of only 1.4 million citizens stable - by cleverly opting to buy off his political opponents and critics: rather than imprisoning and murdering them; as happens elsewhere, in Africa!

It has made them all super-rich: thanks to Omar Bongo's munificence. And in return, it has enabled Bongo to hang on to power for decades - outlasting many French presidents: beginning with the era of Charles De Gaulle!

However, outside the charmed circle of Gabon's enormously wealthy elite, ordinary Gabonese (and their much-looted nation), have very little to show, for the many billions of dollars from oil revenues, earned thus far, by their country.

For example, incredibly, Gabon, for all its wealth, has less than a thousand miles of first class roads (and one is being overly-generous here, dear reader!) - yet, Gabon's oil, is fast running out!

Can, and will, something similar, possibly happen to Ghanaians and their nation, now that huge quantities of various deposits of natural gas and oil, have been discovered off our coastline? One doubts that very much.

For, in spite of the day-dreaming being indulged in by the many hangers-on, who surround Ghana's political parties' (December 2008 election's) presidential candidates, there are some very determined, honest, and patriotic Ghanaians, who will never permit that to happen - and are prepared to risk their lives, in order to bring the 4th Republic to an end, if need be: to protect our oil wealth.

A thorough June 4th 1979-type probe, of both of the regimes which have held power, under this unparallelled 4th Republican era of kickbacks and clever looting, will then be undertaken. Naturally, it will be devoid of the bloodletting and illegality of that period.

Following that, a new 5th Republic, which will be built on a solid foundation of transparency and accountability, will be ushered in. The 5th Republican Constitution will follow the principle of separation of powers, to the letter. No members of Parliament will serve as government ministers, for example.

And there will be a far less powerful president - as parliament will have oversight responsibilities over the executive branch of government.

Both the legislature and the judiciary will be funded from the consolidated fund - freeing them from the baleful influence, which presidents currently have over them, under the 4th Republican Constitution: a self-serving document, drawn up, simply, to enable a former military dictator, to carry on ruling our nation, as its elected civilian leader.

It is important to stress, dear reader, that this time round, there will be no unlawful killings or torture - just a ruthless application of the various sanctions spelt out in our statute books, for those, who over the years since the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) regimes came to power, have wilfully caused financial loss, to the Ghanaian nation-state.

And it will not just be politicians who will be punished for taking Ghanaians for a ride - all public officials who have "chopped Ghana small" will face the music too, when "June 4th Mark 2", comes along. And we will all say, "Amen" to that, when the day comes!

And this time round, it will bring to an end (once and for all!), the monstrous and amoral behaviour, of our largely greedy and dishonest political class - and their high net worth cronies, amongst our ruthless and super-clever oligarchs: virtually all of whom are literally bleeding mother Ghana dry, as they syphon off Ghana's wealth, in evaded taxes (of gargantuan proportions!), and transfer huge sums abroad.

The much-awaited end, of the tenure, of our number one "waa-waa" hypocrite, will be the beginning of the end, for the arrogant and untouchable fat-cats, currently taking our country for a huge ride.

And it does not matter what our political class does: in the end, ultimately, Ghana will take a path that will result in her working closely with progressive nations like Hugo Chavez's Venezuela - to ensure that our oil wealth benefits Ghanaians only: not bloodsuckers from foreign parts (and the greedy local lackeys of neo-colonialism, who front for them!).

It is not to Norway and Britain that sensible and patriotic Ghanaian leaders will go to, to learn lessons in safeguarding our oil revenues from - it is to nations like Venezuela; Iran; and Mexico, which we must beat a path to, for that purpose.

For the sake of the stability and security of our country, we must nationalise the oil industry, as soon as it is practicable to do so: but we must pay the overseas investors fair compensation, naturally!

That way, all the money from this finite resource, will be used for social transformation in Ghana - to enable us halt the ever-widening disparities in wealth, which threatens the very foundations of our nation: as an underclass with no hope and no stake in our country, keeps on growing.

And as is the situation in Venezuela, Ghana's oil, will benefit ordinary Ghanaians: and they too, for example, will also be able to fill the petrol tanks of their motor vehicles, for less than one US dollar: as Venezuelans do, on a daily basis - because their leaders care about the welfare of ordinary people; as opposed to that of the shareholders of foreign-owned oil companies, and their wealthy Venezuelan collaborators. Period.

We must pass legislation that makes it mandatory for foreigners participating in the ancillary businesses servicing the oil industry, to have Ghanaian partners - who must also have majority shareholding, in any such joint venture.

That is an effective means of boosting and empowering the private sector - and ensuring that as much of the wealth the oil industry generates, stays in our economy.

And to ensure that the oil does not regularly 'disappear' (by being smuggled away in the holds of oil tankers!), we must pass legislation that makes it mandatory, for the the oil companies to contract and pay prevailing international commercial rates, to the Ghana Navy, to provide security, for the oil rigs - and pay the air force same, to use their helicopters, to fly men and equipment from land, to, and from, the offshore rigs.

Alas, it is only that kind of imaginative thinking outside the box, which will enable us keep tabs on their current operations and generate funds for our navy and air force, too!

Our blind acceptance of the self-serving strictures of foreigners, since the military coup of February 1966, is the main reason why Nkrumah's Ghana has come to such a sorry pass - and has ended up becoming a nation ruled by the mediocre.

And today, it is saddled with a greedy, unimaginative, and largely incompetent, political elite - who, fifty-one years after independence, cannot even ensure the regular provision of utility services, such as potable water and electricity, for ordinary people!

Over the years since Nkrumah's overthrow, they have supervised the creation of a selfish society, in which the interests of our mostly crooked and tax-dodging high net worth oligarchs, and their foreign "uber-exploiting-collaborators", have been substituted, for the interests of our nation and its citizens.

A cursory look at the men and women who surround the presidential candidates of virtually all the political parties, for example, reveals a motley army of mostly self-seeking men and women, with absolutely no moral scruples - forever on the lookout for the main chance.

And almost each one of them apparently dreams of joining the swollen ranks, of well-connected scions, of the family clans, of the few powerful tribal supremacists, who have ended up dominating the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP): and have today morphed into influential figures, with untold riches (the number one hypocrite's own family clan, currently perching, imperiously, at the very top, of the huge and very greasy pole, called unfathomable greed).

Never, in Ghana's history, has nepotism been seen on such a massive scale, in all of the 51 years our homeland Ghana has been an independent nation-state. Our number one hypocrite, has set a record, which many think will never be broken.

Thanks to his "Kokofu-football" politics, this unreconstructed tribal supremacist, has ended up dividing our country, along tribal lines, in a manner never seen before, in Ghana.

He has even enabled feudalism to attempt to rear its ugly head once again, in our country - threatening the cohesion and very survival of Nkrumah's Ghana. Seldom has our nation been so divided.

And please note, dear reader, that Ghana's tribal supremacists exist in all the palaces of traditional rulers across our nation - and they are our local version of the odious white supremacists of the Western world: who look down on black people, whom they feel are sub-human.

In our case, Ghana's tribal supremacists, look down on their fellow human beings: the progeny of their own tribes, whose forebears were not part of the pre-colonial feudal elite; as well as all Ghanaians, who happen to be from different tribes!

There are many who say that the judgement of history, will be, that, under our number one hypocrite's rule, the Busia Danquah tradition, succeeded, in finally implementing the 1950's tribal supremacist agenda, of its political forebear, the murderous and pro-secessionist National Liberation Movement (NLM).

And they point to the fact that by manipulating the machinery of state throughout his tenure, for that end, he has even succeeded in giving the outside world the impression, that somehow, there exists a state within a state, in Ghana - which apparently happens to be the personal fiefdom, of a single traditional ruler: often referred to, by the uncharitable, as, His Majesty, "Mega-Manic-Omnipotence" ("HM, M-M-O").

And it this pure nonsense on bamboo stilts that has resulted in the outrageous situation, in which, according to the bush telegraph, foreign embassies, are apparently being encouraged, to channel the bulk of resources they have earmarked, for supporting "Ghanaian culture" to a particular region.

And much to the annoyance of many a traditional ruler, in other parts of Ghana, it is said, that this much-favoured and pampered citizen, of our country, is being allowed, to more or less conduct his own personal foreign policy: the outward manifestation of which, apparently, is the steady flow, of visiting foreign dignitaries, and delegations, to pay homage, to "HM, M-M-O".

Yet, this is a nation in which there are other equally important traditional rulers, from other Ghanaian tribes: who also hold court in their own magnificent palaces, which can be found, from the southern-most tip of our shores, to the northern-most part, of the landmass of our country, as well its Western and Eastern borders.

And after putting up all these years, with this obscene nostalgia for a bygone feudal age (which ordinary Ghanaians will never allow to return, thank goodness!), by today's tribal supremacists, a second group of tribal supremacists, is apparently also dreaming of elevating their traditional ruler, to the status, of ruler of a state within a state, category, of Ghana's traditional rulers.

Well, dear reader, let them dream on - for, they too, will doubtless, have their appointment, with destiny: when the 21st century equivalent of June 4th 1979 (the polished and "uber-sophisticated" Mark 2 version, i.e.!), comes along. Hmmm, Ghana - asem ebaba debi!

But there will be no compromise over the safeguarding of our oil wealth - and it will always be protected from the grubby hands, of the many clever and respectable-looking thieves, we usually elect to rule us, every four years. Ghana's oil wealth will be used for the sole purpose of transforming Ghanaian society - for the benefit of all Ghanaians: not just a powerful few with greedy ambitions. Period.

And that, dear reader, is non-negotiable: and the earlier those who are dreaming of enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary people, get that into their tiny minds, the better it will be, for all of them. May God bless and protect our homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom! Long live Ghana!