Saturday, 29 August 2009


An illegal surface gold mining operation being carried out without a valid Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permit, in the Akim Abuakwa Juaso section of the foothills of the Atiwa Range upland evergreen rain forest, encapsulates perfectly, the complete impunity with which powerful and politically well-connected individuals in Ghana, are destroying Ghana’s natural heritage, in defiance of hapless officialdom. Global climate change is impoverishing billions across the developing world – and those at the sharp end in rural Ghana are already seeing its negative effects on their lives. It is thus hard to fathom why those behind the illegal surface gold mining operation being carried out in Akim Abuakwa Juaso, Sola Mining, which was halted by officials of the mining department of the EPA (who travelled all the way to the area from Accra, solely for that purpose not too long ago), never actually ever ceased their illegal activities, although their activities have been brought to the notice of all the relevant authorities (including even government ministers). Incidentally, dear reader, no doubt the gold that is mined illegally in the area will contribute to Ghana's GDP - and clueless politicians will harp on endlessly about our country's impressive GDP growth rate figures (without ever examining what actually constitutes that growth): when the reality on the ground is that the illegal surface gold mining is only worsening the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area. Since the illegal gold miners have also bought a vast swathe of farmland from the area's cocoa farmers, the real cost to society of the perfidy of the illegal surface gold miners, is that those farmers will be impoverished yet further - when the paltry sums they sold their cocoa farms for, and which they obviously think are such huge fortunes, finally run out.

Kibi Goldfields, which is said to be insolvent at the moment (and was also once rumoured – although one cannot obviously verify that because of banks’ commitment to client confidentiality – to be involved in a scandal at the Gulf House branch of the ADB, if my failing memory serves me right, i.e.: in which vast sums were said to have been transferred to Malaysia years ago, under questionable circumstances, for more or less obsolete equipment), does have a concession in the area. When I met with some of the wealthy and influential people behind Sola Mining's illegal operation, they mentioned Kibi Goldfields as their associates – giving one the impression that they were working together with Kibi Goldfields, somehow: thus lending their illegal operation an air of respectability, as it were. The question is: If such an operation can be carried out with impunity in such an important and internationally-recognised biodiversity hotspot (surveyed incidentally by Conservation International some years ago, in a “rapid assessment” of the area’s unique fauna and flora), precisely what will those officials from Ghana, who will attend the December 2009 Copenhagen global climate change conference, tell their colleagues from the developed world who provide them with funds (in the hope that their work will protect grassroots people in rural Ghana from the worst effects of global climate change), when they question them about the current state of the Atiwa Range uplands evergreen rain forest?

In view of the apathy of much of officialdom (where issues to do with the natural environment are concerned), perhaps it might very well make sense for governments in the developed world that plan to provide money for African nations to fight global climate change, to give those funds to non-governmental organizations engaged in conservation work in nations such as Ghana. The EPA did not hesitate to act when they were informed about the destruction going on in Akim Abuakwa Juaso – however, such is the inertia of the bureaucracy of the Forestry Service of the Forestry Commission of Ghana, that they have not been able to do anything to halt the rampant illegal logging and illegal surface gold mining in the area. Since the road to the open pits of the surface gold miners passes right in front of the Akim Abuakwa Juaso Chief’s palace, one can safely assume that the traditional authorities of Akim Abuakwa at Ofori Panin Fie too, are aware of what is going on. It would be interesting to be a fly on the walls of Clarence House, if during a visit there by the present Okyenhene and some of his elders, they were to be asked by Britain’s Prince Charles, exactly why what amounts to a crime against humanity is going on in the area, when the Okyenhene has a reputation for championing the cause of environmental protection in Kwaebibirm? The catastrophe in a rain forest which contains the headwaters of the three major river systems on which much of urban Ghana depends for its drinking water supply, must not be allowed to continue, at a time of global climate change. One hopes that the politicians who head the ministries that are supposed to lead Ghana’s fight against global climate change, will consult committed and dedicated NGO’s involved in conservation work in our nation, such as: Rain Forest Alliance – Ghana; Conservation International - Ghana; the World Wildlife Fund for Nature - Ghana; from time to time: and not rely only on the public sector organizations (that so clearly are not sufficiently motivated to do much in that regard) tasked to help our country combat the worst effects of global climate change. A word to the wise...

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Thursday, 27 August 2009


Massa, I shall go straight to the point – you must consider standing for the position of presidential candidate for the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) when the time comes to elect one in 2012. It is obvious that the ordinary people of our country do not want the bourgeois-types who have regarded the party of Nkrumah, much as they see takeover targets in the business world they excel in, to lead the party that is supposed to be the vanguard of the Ghanaian masses – which is why the CPP has failed so abysmally in all the elections in the 4th Republic. You must put aside your sense of modesty – and come to the rescue of our country, at a time when it needs a true Nkrumaist to be at the helm of affairs in Ghana: to ensure that our oil and natural gas deposits do not also end up enriching the shareholders of foreign companies, just as our gold deposits have, over the years. The power of the Ghanaian nation-state must be used to improve the living standards of all Ghanaian – not just a privileged and politically well-connected few and their foreign collaborators, as has been the case in the immediate past.

It is unfortunate that you seem so reluctant to consider this suggestion. The question is: If you love Mother Ghana, how can you possibly refuse standing for the presidency, when she is being so brutally gang-raped by our political elite? Do you not see that it is important, if every one in our society is to benefit from the growth of our national economy, that the crony-capitalism that is cloaked with the innocuous-sounding phrase “private-sector led development” is exposed for what it truly is: a license for our ruling elites to rip our nation off, legally? Did you not hear of the outrageous case of insider-dealing that enabled the son of a sitting president, using a special purpose vehicle to obtain a contract to supply a state-owned entity with electricity meters, to make the staggering profit of over US$ 2 millions? In the internet age, could the officials of the Energy Commission (and other state organizations needing products from overseas, incidentally) not simply have gone online, to find the best value-for-money source for the supply of electricity meters, directly from the manufacturers of such products – and saved the over two million dollars that went into the pockets of a pair of politically well-connected individuals: that could have been used to refurbish some of the many schools and hospitals that cry out for help, in the endless news reports of that nature, from across the country, which we see regularly on our television screens?

Today, when even the leading capitalist nations are stepping out of the shadow of conventional economic thinking, in order to secure their national economies, and are using taxpayers’ money to rescue private entities by partially-nationalizing them (so as to save jobs and ensure the long-term survival of those entities), surely, our nation would be better off being led by someone such as yourself – who understands clearly why a poor developing nation with aspirations, cannot, for example, afford not to provide free education, up to tertiary level, for all those who have the aptitude to study to that level, but whose families cannot afford to pay for their education? Would our country not be better of being led by someone who understands that any democracy, in which there are glaring disparities of wealth, and in which there is a growing underclass (consisting of an ever-burgeoning army of disaffected youth), who have no hope of ever escaping from the poverty trap they are caught in, cannot possibly endure for long? Massa, you are the perfect candidate for the presidency of Ghana, for the CPP – and I humbly appeal to you to seriously consider devoting your energies to the task of becoming Ghana’s next Nkrumaist leader, when President Mills comes to the end of his tenure. Clearly, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has no intention of ever stepping out of the shadow of conventional economic thinking – which is why at a time when China is happy, and able to, fund our development plans (up to even some US$20 billions), in exchange for our sovereign bonds, they are rushing to embrace the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Massa, who in Ghana does not know that you abhor corruption – which is why you have consistently said that elected politicians, and their spouses, should publicly publish their assets: both before and after their tenure? Are you not also one of the few figures in this country who has enough self-belief not to be mesmerized by the much-compromised hero of June 4th 1979 – who gets away with so much because he is a half-caste in a nation full of moral cowards with a slave-mentality: who think that somehow he is a superior being on account of his lighter hue, and put up with his pure nonsense on bamboo stilts? Massa, you must put aside your sense of modesty and start seriously considering working towards the goal of becoming the next Nkrumaist leader of our country. Ghana must transformed into Africa's equivalent of the egalitarian societies of Scandinavia - and only a leader who thinks like you do, can make that happen – which is why Posterity will never forgive you if you continue to refuse to consider the idea. A word to the wise...

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Friday, 21 August 2009


I refer to the story posted on the general news web-page of, on Thursday, 20 August 2009, entitled: “Ohene Ntow Too Loots Bungalow”, which appeared in The Enquirer newspaper of the same date. Perhaps in addition to being old and senile, I am also blind as a bat - but where exactly in the story was Nana Ntow interviewed: and if he wasn't, why was he not interviewed: if The Enquirer sought to give its readers a balanced story, instead of a one-sided one, i.e.?

Perhaps the question a more responsible journalist might have asked himself, in trying to write a more balanced story, would have been: “Could it be, perhaps, that squatters moved in after his departure from the property - and turned it into a pig's luxury mansion, I wonder?” and then proceeded to try and contact the hapless victim of his most unprofessional conduct. Clearly, we shall never know whether that was the case or not - as the lazy reporter who wrote the story did not act professionally in this instance: and has damaged the poor man’s reputation, beyond repair: if the conclusions he drew, in the absence of conducting an interview with Nana Ohene-Ntow to ascertain the truth, did no actually match the true facts on the ground (in a manner of speaking – and no pun intended, incidentally).

Perhaps the reporter will take the advice of an old buffoon (who has no formal education, incidentally), and opt for a different profession, as he has clearly not mastered even the basic tool of his profession - language: in this instance the English language, which this unprofessional hack has crucified so. As for the ever-erudite Nana Ohene-Ntow, it does appear that he and the crowd he belongs to, simply came to improve their own personal net worth (as we are now discovering, to our collective cost): not to improve the quality of life of ordinary people - which is why the powerful crooks who dominated his confounded party, succeeded so brilliantly, in turning our democracy into a kleptocracy: and ended up introducing a dog-eat-dog selfishness culture into the nation of diverse-ethnicity, with a caring-and-sharing culture, which the great Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah founded.

Having rooked our country silly - the cabal of amoral and Akan tribal-supremacist rogues in the presidency during our erstwhile Hypocrite-in-Chief, President Kufuor’s tenure (who unfortunately dominated the New Patriotic Party throughout their eight years in power), then proceeded to divide our country with their ruthless and infernal Kokofu-football politricks. Alas, their many golden chickens are now coming home to roost, one by one - and no matter how violently those blinkered "My-party-my-tribe-right-or-wrong" myrmidon-types (who were too blind to see what was wrong in our nation then, and way too thick to think for themselves today: and whose blind support ended up destroying Nana Ntow's party so) protest, nothing can stop the crooks amongst them from eventually ending up in jail – for their many crimes against ordinary Ghanaians: and willfully causing so much financial loss to the Ghanaian nation-state. Hmmm, Ghana - eyeasemm oo: asem ebaba debi ankasa!

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Saturday, 15 August 2009


Whiles we must all condemn any attempt to abuse the human rights of those members of the previous regime, who are being investigated by the security agencies, one must also upbraid the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for its selective amnesia – and the hypocrisy of some of its leading figures. Surely, it is untenable that politicians who once ruled our country, can resort to manipulating brutish myrmidon-types: and get them to invade the grounds of our law courts and the premises of the Bureau for National Investigations (BNI) – simply to stoke up tension in the country, for purely parochial ends? Perhaps one ought to point it out to the honest ones amongst the NPP, that as a result of the actions of the powerful rogues amongst them, who abused their positions and engaged in acts of corruption on a scale seldom seen in our nation’s history, their party will always be remembered by posterity for being so incredibly successful in turning the nation Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah built (whose citizens’ pre-colonial traditional societies were underpinned by a caring-and-sharing ethos), into a nation full of callous self-seekers and moral cowards – tearing at each other in order to get up the greasy pole of success, Ghanaian-style. That is what has created today's dreadful dog-eat-dog selfishness culture in our country.

As they busy themselves with endless press conferences to defend the indefensible, perhaps they must be reminded that their party’s crony-capitalism economic model, was in fact a carbon-copy of early 19th century American robber-baron capitalism – which they cloaked with respectability by giving it the slick marketing catch-phrase: “A golden age of business.” Do they not realize that it caused a great deal of misery nationwide – misery that has worsened now that the effects of their borrowing-binge are manifesting itself in the real world? Needless to say, it was mainly the politically well-connected oligarchs of the Kufuor-era, who prospered most, as a result of their mutually beneficial set of relationships with the powerful crooks who dominated the NPP regime, during its tenure. What then is the point, one wonders, in their insisting on tarnishing their party’s image – by blindly supporting those of their colleagues who are now facing the music: and whose corrupt ways turned Ghanaians against their party?

Surely, the honest NPP members must think of the long-term well-being of their party, rather than give succour to those whose perfidy lost them the trust of the good people of Ghana – thus giving independent-minded and decent people the impression that they are a cynical lot? There is something particularly unsavoury about a political party burying its head in the sand – and pretending that roguish colleagues are being persecuted: when in actual fact, all that is happening, is that they are being called to account? If they are not aware of it yet, they must understand that it is obvious to most ordinary Ghanaians that the loud-mouthed Mr. Asamoah-Boateng and his abrasive wife were leaving our shores, with the intention of seeking political asylum in the UK – because they knew that the chickens would soon be coming home to roost. Why then is the NPP calling press conferences to defend people of their ilk – and creating tension for such outrageous reasons? Does that not amount to hypocrisy on the part of people who really ought to know better – precisely because they have held power before, dear reader?

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Friday, 14 August 2009

No One Can Stop Kofi Thompson From Commenting On Ghanaian Politics!

I made a grave error of judgment when I elected to publish a book in Ghana – rather than do so abroad. 

Somehow, those in the Ghanaian political world who wish me ill, got wind of it – and quickly swung into action to cripple my efforts in that direction: using their extensive networks, built up through their munificence whiles in power. 

The upshot of their recent actions is that my personal computer has been sabotaged – because I had to send it to be repaired for me.

Consequently, I have lost all the digital content stored on my computer. Perhaps, those well-heeled morons thought that that would stop me publishing my book. 

However, nothing on this earth can stop me publishing any of the books I am currently writing – and neither can the subtle pressure they are exerting on me by remote control through other parties on several fronts (trying to make my life a misery), stop me from continuing to comment on Ghana’s politics and expressing my opinions about our shortsighted and mostly-dishonest political elite: many of whom are fervent adherents of the “Cult-of-the-mediocre.”

At the height of the acrimonious campaign for the run-off of the December 2008 presidential elections, some of our previous rulers (who were active participants in the brutal gang-rape of Mother Ghana during their era in power) used their hirelings in the defunct Ghana Telecom (GT) to disrupt, and eventually deny me, my broadband internet access from McCarthy Hill. 

Although they have used their long reach yet again to touch my life negatively, they reckon without my tenacity of purpose: and the nerves of steel my maker blessed me with.

The loss of my personal computer and non-availability of broadband internet access of my own is only temporary. For their information, I shall find a way around those particular mountains of adversity eventually – just as I have overcome countless other obstacles throughout my life, thus far. 

In any case, if the worst comes to the worst, and I even have to leave the shores of Ghana to enable me continue writing books and posting articles about Ghanaian politics and politicians online, on my internet web-blogs, I shall do so.

Writing is my life – and no one can stop me from doing my life’s work. I am a Leo and a really stubborn smallish-big-cat. 

Were I to lose the human equivalent of a cat’s nine lives, and lose a total of nine lifetimes’ work stored digitally (on the requisite number of computers to hold them), I shall create new work to replace them: for, I am an original thinker: not a follower of fads and a panderer to crowds of “My-party-my-tribe-right-or-wrong” myrmidon-types, in my writing.

Let those ace-liars who tricked their way to power in December 2000, and used it as legal cover to exploit our national economy for their personal benefit, as well as that of their family clans, and their cronies, not think for a moment that Kofi Thompson can be prevented from expressing his opinion about their appalling stewardship.

Did they not think that they could milk our country dry till kingdom come – and get away with it successfully?

Do they think that some of us have forgotten their criminal activities at the time they were trying to steal the December 2008 presidential election – in hope that their party could remain in power that way, through their chicanery: and enable them to continue hiding their many corrupt multi-zillion cedi deals?

Do we not all now know that their combined net worth and that of the members of their family clans, as well as their cronies, constitute a significant chunk of Ghana’s GDP – even as they insist on those obscene ex-gratia payments being paid to them despite our country’s precarious economic situation?

When they were in power, and though they were invincible, they were so contemptuous of those of us who told them not to forget that wise old Ghanaian saying, “No condition is permanent.”

They tried hard to shut us up through many subtle ways because we were criticizing them for being so greedy and corrupt. They will face the music for their corrupt ways in due course, for sure. 

One hopes that they have taken note of the fact that those crooks in the regime of President Rawlings who took bribes from the British firm, Mabey & Johnson all those years ago, have only recently been exposed – when they least expected it: and thought they had gotten away with their criminal activities, whiles in power.

Years hence, the crooks in the previous regime too, will wake up one day to find their dirty little secret with Vodafone being exposed, when they least expect it – just as the crooked Kenyan politicians whom Vodafone bribed when it was taking over Kenya Telecom, were also exposed when they thought they had gotten away with their crime against Kenyans and the Kenyan nation-state.

Let them remember that long before typewriters and personal computers were invented, throughout the centuries, writers have created, shaped, and shared their thoughts with the rest of the world, by putting pen to paper. As they can see, I have bounced right back using pen and paper, not my personal computer, to write this little "love-ditty" to them. 

I can do without a personal computer for now, until I eventually get myself another one to replace the one that was destroyed through their agency – and when that ever develops a glitch, I shall be super-careful just whom I send it to, to be repaired for me: now that I know just how far they are prepared to go, to stop me writing about their reprehensible activities. 

Let all of them, from the Hypocrite-in-Chief himself (who turned the seat of government at the Osu Castle into the white-collar criminal command-centre of Ghana – where kickbacks from sundry contractors awarded government contracts were received by those who were supposed to lead the fight against corruption, but who rather chose to ruthlessly fleece our country that way, instead), to the lowest of those mini-rogues he appointed into office to enable him and his favourites impoverish ordinary Ghanaians yet further by “chopping our country small, well-well” (as the Nigerians say in their local parlance), know that I despise all of them – and that they can never stop Kofi Thompson from writing to criticize their shameful legacy, ever.

They would be wise to concentrate their energies instead, on preparing their minds for the long jail sentences that await them for willfully causing financial loss to the Ghanaian nation-state.

After all, am I not one of those simple souls that philistines like them are so contemptuous of – because we do not believe that the end justifies the means: and believe instead that a good name is better than tainted wealth, and will thus not sell our consciences and become praise-singers for crooked politicians? 

Nothing can ever stop Kofi Thompson from expressing his opinions about our largely-incompetent and dishonest political class – and it is time the crooks amongst them got that bald fact into the considerable amount of cotton wool between their ears. 

Saturday, 8 August 2009


There is a phrase in local parlance that shocked me to the core, when its meaning was first explained to me: “No mercy for the cripple.” That cruel and mean phrase, with its dismissive and callous attitude towards the physically and mentally-challenged in society, reveals a ruthlessness in the character of those for whom its take-no-prisoners and the-end-justifies-the-means ethos, serves as a personal guide in life. It is no wonder that this has become a country in which people can look one straight in the eye and yet still lie through their teeth to one – a character trait that cost me dear when I first returned from a long sojourn abroad. Life in Nkrumah’s Ghana of the early sixties, was very different from today’s nation in which homes are protected by high “fence-walls” topped with electrified barbed wire, in a country in which daily life is akin to a game of Russian roulette – not knowing if a particular night might be the one during which one would have one’s personal experience of an encounter with a drug-crazed and gun-wielding youth: on a deadly mission to find money to provide him with the means to feed a drug habit. Most people did not lock the front door of their homes then – and when someone gave one their word, they meant it: and kept it.

Those were the halcyon days of my youth – when Ghanaians cared about their family name and integrity was what gained one the respect of one’s family and the rest of society: not wealth acquired through corruption and other dubious means. It is because I come from that generation of Ghanaians that I have been particularly appalled and horrified by the latest scandal to hit the sports ministry – in which an official used a disabled sports meeting in far away Australia, as a cover for visa racketeering. According to the umbrella association for people with disability, disability sports events overseas have apparently been used by corrupt sports council officials and their accomplices in crime for decades. It is a blessing that this latest scandal has occurred at a time when we have a serving president, who quite apart from his own personal health challenges, also happens to be a sincere and compassionate human being (unlike most of the members of our cynical political class). Apart from asking that he be personally kept informed about the progress of the investigation and prosecution of all those involved in this particular scandal, the president must widen the scope of the probe into the affairs of the sports ministry to include this avenue for the enrichment of the criminal syndicates that are behind human trafficking and visa racketeering in Ghana. One hopes that the president’s personal interest in the matter, will eventually lead to measures being taken to prevent such a scandal from ever occuring again. This being Ghana, if the president does not ask to be personally kept informed of the progress of the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the Australian disabled sports meeting visa fraud, the powerful criminal syndicates that profit from such illegal activities will ensure that it gets absolutely nowhere – so as protect an obviously lucrative source of income for the syndicates’ members. A word to the wise…

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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Any modern-day political grouping in Africa, which shares the philosophy of the colonial-era quislings (those well-educated, narrow-minded, and tribalistic Africans, from that dark period in our history – who actively cooperated with the colonial powers, and were on the payroll of Western intelligence agencies: because it served their parochial interests), has no future in the new and dynamic Africa, which is bound to emerge in the coming decades – when the next generation of 21st century educated Africans take over the running of the nation-states in the continent: and usher in the long-awaited African Renaissance. 

Today’s Ghanaian equivalent of such a reactionary political grouping is the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Its very clever propagandists have largely succeeded in masking the true nature, of the one individual amongst that retrograde political tradition’s early leaders, Dr. J. B. Danquah – whose Akan tribal-supremacist triumphalism, most typifies the political culture of much of the current leadership of that political tradition. 

However, such negative thinking is clearly out of tune with present-day realities on the ground in Nkrumah’s Ghana – a modern and politically stable African nation-state, with an ethnically-diverse but united population that shares a common destiny, and in which there are virtually no extended family clans that do not contain family members, who hail from at least four different tribal groupings: and are related either through marriage or by blood-ties.

Unfortunately, if the NPP insists on continuing to remain the same kind of hidebound Akan-dominated political party, which it has been for the last eight years, that selfsame baggage from the past (like all the negative things that often end up landing politicians on the wrong side of history), will eventually doom the latest incarnation of the right-of centre Ghanaian political grouping, which draws its inspiration from that archetypal colonial African quisling (Dr. J.B. Danquah). 

Although most political commentators are reluctant to discuss it openly, the Akan tribal-supremacist ethos that essentially underpins the NPP, makes it a non-viable political party in the long-term – in a nation that has a majority of its citizenry made up of a new post-independence generation (most of them born after the overthrow of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1966), many of whom are lifelong urban dwellers: who even seldom know the villages their parents hail from. 

For such Ghanaians, tribe means absolutely nothing, in their choice of companions – and does not feature in their world-view, either. Since the NPP lost the presidential election last year, there has been a determined (but failed) effort by a faction of the NPP, to get their party to retain Nana Akufo-Addo as the party’s candidate for the December 2012 presidential election. 

Yet, when it suited them, those selfsame individuals (who had their Eureka-moment after the event, and have now conveniently discovered the benefit of retaining a well-known figure as their presidential candidate), did not hesitate in insisting that their party’s so-called democratic culture (another of the inventions of its imaginative propagandists), demanded that they elect a candidate for the December 2008 presidential election, rather than proclaim one by consensus.

Readers will recall that that was more or less their standard refrain, at that point in time, when there was talk in certain circles of retaining the then serving vice president, Alhaji Alihu Mahama – and letting him succeed President Kufuor as a consensus presidential candidate to unify the party. 

In the event, as many as seventeen hopefuls lined up to follow in their hypocritical, greedy, and philandering leader’s footsteps – hoping to imitate him, were they to be successful and win the election to become Ghana’s next president: and turn their family clans too, into Ghana’s equivalent, of America’s early twentieth century Rockefeller family. 

As we all know, our ex-Hypocrite-in-Chief’s family did eventually metamorphose into just such a family clan – with one influence-peddling lucrative deal after the other, sending their combined net worth into the stratosphere, by the end of that clever gentleman’s tenure as president. 

For an unbiased outside observer, it is a wonder that the northerners who continue to play second fiddle in the NPP, do not demand a bigger role in their party – as the NPP would never be able to claim to be a national party without their continued support. 

Sadly, it has been thus, from the days of the struggle for independence – when the elitist Dr. Danquah once incredibly dismissed the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) as a party of “veranda boys” with some “Ntafuo” in it. 

The question is, why do they not demand that a competent northerner with nationwide appeal leads their party the next time round – more so when the internecine fight for dominance in their party by the two factions of the traditional Akan tribal-supremacists who have dominated their party since its inception, threatens to tear their party apart?

Why do they not team up with the de-tribalized and honest Akans (who after all are more representative of ordinary Akans – who, as it happens, are amongst the most welcoming of people, on the surface of the planet Earth), as well as the other honest and principled non-Akans in their midst, and battle together on a united front to gain the ascendancy for one of their own, in the fight to choose the party’s presidential candidate for the December 2012 elections? 

(Incidentally, dear reader, a fascinating source that is also an easy read, which sheds light on the true nature of Dr. J. B. Danquah, is the brilliant Dr. Kwame Botwe-Asamoah’s contribution to the book, “Fight Back” (pages 46-66), published by the Socialist Forum of Ghana. It is available at the Freedom Centre: next door from the offices of The Insight newspaper at Kotoko Avenue, in Accra’s Kokomlemle.) 

Surely, at the very least, an NPP presidential candidate of northern extraction for the December 2012 election could be regarded as a suitable consensus candidate, whose choice might help unify that party quickly? 

Do they not realise that that is the surest way of giving their discredited party a new lease of life – and could be the first tentative step for them to take, in ridding their party of the miasma, which the baleful influence (now mercifully waning, but still palpable nonetheless) of the greedy and corrupt Akan tribal-supremacists in their midst, represents? 

The time has now come for the honest and detribalized NPP members to end the dominance of the once all-powerful cabal of Akan tribal-supremacists in the Kufuor presidency – who controlled their party throughout its years in power.

It was the unfathomable greed of that cabal of ace-liars, philanderers supreme, and irritating philistines, which was responsible for most of the many egregious examples of unethical practices and cases of corruption, which bedeviled their party during its period in power – many, alas, now coming to light at long last: much to the astonishment and horror of most independent-minded patriots in Ghana. 

If their party is to have a fighting chance of ever returning to power again, any time soon, they must sideline those whose terrible stewardship alienated most Ghanaians from their party, and lost them the power they won the easy way in December 2000 – largely because most of the good people of Ghana had become so thoroughly fed-up with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) regime. 

As we all know, the truth of the matter is that by December 2000, most Ghanaians were sick and tired of the high-handed ways of some of the NDC big wigs – especially as there was also the perception, amongst ordinary people throughout the country, that corruption in high places was rampant. 

Amazingly, it was even rumoured at the time, that the hero of June 4th I979, was apparently being bankrolled by the British company, Biwater – which was said to be funding the education and living expenses of his children overseas. 

The plain truth, which few, in a nation full of fence-sitting moral cowards, are prepared to state publicly (because they fear the fallout from such open candour), is that in the interest of Ghanaian democracy, and the cohesiveness of our nation, it is imperative that the NPP rids itself of the greedy and dishonest Akan tribal-supremacists, whose dishonourable ways lost it the goodwill of ordinary Ghanaians, in the December 2008 elections. It is most unfortunate that those respectable-looking rogues appear to be still holding that party to ransom – even as we speak.