Saturday, 17 March 2012


If you are a Sudanese citizen from either Darfur or the disputed areas bordering the Republic of Southern Sudan, who happens to be one of the victim's of the murderous regime of President Bashir, the African Union (AU) is definitely not where you look to, for deliverance, from the hell on earth existence you are forced to endure, on a daily basis.

As presently constituted, the AU is essentially an exclusive club with a membership of powerful individuals, many of whom routinely steal from their national treasuries, and when provoked, can casually order the murder of the most awkward of their political opponents.

Unfortunately, the AU is not the sort of exclusive club whose members have much of an interest in the plight of Africa's teeming masses of the down-trodden and marginalised.

Perhaps that is why to millions of 21st century Africa's unfortunates - those poor souls who happen to be President Bashir's pitiful and helpless victims - concerned and caring foreign celebrities like Mia Farrow and George Clooney, must be like angels sent by God Almighty to offer them hope and salvation.

But Mr. Clooney and Ms. Farrow miss the point entirely, when they think that somehow they can shame mass murderers and shameless swindlers responsible for the suffering and deaths of millions, and who have stolen billions from their people, and have gotten away with it successfully over the years, into changing their ways. It simply won't happen, dear reader.

If they want to bring President Bashir to justice, however, alas, Mr. Clooney and Ms. Farrow must focus on how best to badger the individuals on Forbes' list of the planet Earth's billionaires - and raise billions from them for a bounty to be paid to the party that delivers President Bashir (who incidentally is shame-proof, and leads a bomb-and-bullet-proof existence, on top of that) to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

They will then see just how swiftly President Bashir, whose crimes against humanity are nearly as monstrous and abominable as those of Adolf Hitler, will end up in The Hague - much to the relief of the millions of Sudanese and Southern Sudanese citizens, whose lives he has made a complete misery: and turned upside down in such apocalyptic fashion. A word to the wise...

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