Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Time Has Come For Nkrumaists To Lead Ghana Again

Despite the decades of propaganda, falsehood and misinformation about Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, today, there is general consensus in the country that as Ghana's first elected leader, Nkrumah provided Ghana with competent, honest and visionary leadership.

Today, many Ghanaians - from across the spectrum - acknowledge Nkrumah's many achievements.

Thus far, in our nation's post-independence history, many consider Nkrumah to be the leader who has achieved the most for ordinary Ghanaians - in terms of promoting their welfare.

Some  of the falsehoods against Nkrumah, spread by the lackeys of imperialism and neocolonialism who  opposed him, have been exposed by available declassified documents, from a number of Western governments and their intelligence agencies, detailing events from that period in world history.

Nkrumah's overthrow was engineered by Western governments, including those of the U.S. and the U.K., and their intelligence agencies - which created the dire economic situation that made Nkrumah's regime unpopular.

They were determined to remove him from power because they realised that as a result of his growing influence in the continent, many Africans were becoming politically conscious, and increasingly aware of the machinations of neocolonialism.

Nkrumah was thus seen as a threat to the West's unfettered access to the continent's valuable natural resources - and had to be eliminated: physically if possible.

 The CIA paid the traitors in Ghana's military and its police service who deposed Nkrumah in February 1966 U.S.$13 millions for his overthrow - promising more if they succeeded in killing him.

Yet, Nkrumah's government improved the living standards of ordinary Ghanaians - for whom his Convention People's Party (CPP) regime provided a far better quality of life than was previously the case under British colonial rule.

He transformed the country he took over from the colonial occupiers of our homeland, into a modern African polity, with an expanding industrial base.

He was a patriot and nationalist who protected the national interest at all material times throughout his tenure -  unlike so many of his successors in office who have constantly sold Mother Ghana short.

Our one-sided oil agreements with foreign oil companies - said to be the worst in the world - are egregious  examples of such betrayal by some of our post-Nkrumah leaders.

Nkrumah's goverment provided ordinary Ghanaians with free healthcare in modern hospitals and clinics, free education and access to affordable and well-built accommodation, in modern housing estates, spread in urban areas across the nation.  Many miles of new tarmac roads were built to link all parts of the country with Accra the nation's modern capital.

That is why  the vast majority of Ghanaians today agree that  Nkrumah was a truly great leader, who fought hard to get into power,  in order to serve his country and its people - diligently and with integrity.

The fact is not lost on many Ghanaians that although Nkrumah died a pauper - leaving neither  money nor properties to his wife, children and extended family clan - yet still, his political opponents accused him of being corrupt,  when he was deposed in February1966.

Ghana's younger generation  - who incidentally are the smartest and best-educated of their particular demographic grouping since Ghana gained its independence from Britain in 1957 - deserve to live in an efficiently-run and prosperous  nation.

That nation must be led by wise and patriotic politicians in the Nkrumah-mould, who share his vision,  and are selfless individuals who genuinely care about improving the lot of all  Ghanaians, and transforming Ghana into an African equivalent of the egaliterian societies of Scandinavia.

The followers of Nkrumah must not tarry any longer in forming an alliance of all the Nkrumaist parties - each of which ought to keep its own identity (to stop them from being bogged down by quarrels about symbols and fights about names in never-ending unity talks).

They must begin the dialogue about Ghana's future, and the need for a new type of politics in our country, with Ghana's younger generation in earnest. Now. Not tomorrow.  Ghana needs to be united in a government of national unity encompassing patriotic individuals from all the nation's political parties.

The old-style politics of ruthless-cynics seeking political  power - with covert financial backing from the very vested interests whose malevolent influence in Ghanaian society and their never-ending corrupt ways  holds back Ghana's rapid  development - must be brought to an end, asap.

It must be permanently discarded - if our nation is to prosper and spread that prosperity to benefit all those in each strata of Ghanaian society.

Unfortunately, for Mother Ghana, that nation-destroying type of politiking, has underpinned all the electoral campaigns, and the entire periods spanning their tenures in office, of  our corruption-ridden NDC/NPP duopoly.

Although it is slowly destroying  Ghanaian democracy, their never-ending divisiveness and egregious tribal politics, are tactics much-beloved of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), and the largest of the opposition parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

They are incapable of changing their ways, unfortunately - corruption being ingrained in their respective  DNA's.

 Alas, they practice a type of politics that will always produce corrupt regimes, which will excel in hiding the sources of their party's funding (for obvious reasons), and engage in kickbacks galore when in office.

And such ruthless politicians and political parties will always engage in the divvying-up of our nation's wealth amongst themselves and their regime's crony-tycoons, once in power.

Furthermore, when in office, they will eagerly sign one-sided agreement after another, with foreign investors - agreements that are clearly detrimental to our nation's well-being and the welfare of the Ghanaian people: but which are financially  beneficial to members of the political class in power.

Ghana will never progress under such selfish and corrupt politicians and mafia-type political parties.

The time has now come for a new type of politics in Ghana. Ghana needs leaders who are achievers who have openly demonstrated their ability to create jobs and wealth - and who can form and run disciplined and efficient national administrations. We do not need "professional politicians" out to feather their own nests and divide our people.

That is why Nkrumaists must take power on 7th January,  2017,  to rescue Ghana from the self-seeking hypocrites  in the present two biggest political parties in our country  -  who are forever sabotaging the nation-building effort when in opposition.

Why should  politicians who want to see the nation going downhill rapidly when they are in the political wilderness  - so that they will be quickly voted back into power again after losing elections - be allowed to rule our homeland Ghana ever again?

This is the time for Nkrumaists to step in, take power again, and resume the task of transforming our homeland Ghana - using a modern and up-to-date version of Nkrumah's transformational economic and governance blueprint. They can strike a Marshall Plan-type of developmental-assistance deal with either Japan or China - based on a win-win,  build-operate-and-transfer PPP model.

Let us begin that herculean nation-building task, by forming an alliance of Nkrumaist parties, and prepare for government. The best bet of Nkrumaists, is to select Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom as their 2016 presidential candidate - with Samia Nkrumah as his running mate.

 He has the capacity to fund all the four Nkrumaist political parties currently in existence: the Convention People's Party, the People's National Convention, the Great Consolidated People's Party and the Progressive People's Party - ensuring that they each have a transparent funding source: unlike the opaque and secretive sources of funding for the corrupt and mafia-like NDC/NPP duopoly.

Like President Mandela of the Republic of South Africa, Nduom must serve for only one term, and hand over the baton of leadership to the younger generation, led by Samia Nkrumah - who should be selected to run as their presidential candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

They must then find a younger person with a solid track record of private-sector wealth-creation and creating jobs, comparable to Nduom's stellar record in that regard, to be Samia Nkrumah's running mate, in the 2020 presidential election.

In terms of demonstrable ability to create jobs and wealth, Nduom is a towering figure in Ghanaian politics.  He will be the first truly world-class figure to assume the presidency, since the overthrow of the polymath Nkrumah - who, thank God, was the first world-class individual previleged to hold that august position in our nation's history.

 Luckily for our nation, Providence made sure that a true patriot and genuine  nationalist like Nkrumah, not one of the lackeys of imperialism and neocolonialism who opposed him, led Ghana initially.

The strategy of the Nkrumaist alliance, must simply be to point out to ordinary people in Ghana,  how detrimental to the nation's development,  the type of obsolete politics of "equalisation" and never-ending propaganda,  practiced by the NDC/NPP duopoly is, and has been, for Mother Ghana - and hammer that home at every opportunity that presents itself to them.

The time for Nkrumaists to lead Ghana again,  has finally come. Let us seize that opportunity, Comrades. Mother Ghana most definitely deserves better than has been the case, to date,  since the restoration of constitutional rule in our country, in 1992.

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