Friday, 19 December 2014

Let Us Extend A Hand Of Friendship To All Those We Come Across Daily

Recent news that a pastor at Kasoa Amanfro, in Ghana's Greater Accra Region, had taken his own life following the death of his wife, must have come as a rude shock to the members of his church - who must have been distraught upon hearing the tragic news. May his soul rest in peace.

 What drives some to the depths of despair, to the extent that they are unable to see a way out of their troubles - and feel that ending their lives would provide them relief from the intense and unbearable pain darkening their lives?

It is often the case that the male of the species seldom opens up to others about their own personal  difficulties - probably because of fear that they might be seen as weaklings and failures.

However, pastors are supposed to find refuge in Jesus Christ and  God  Almighty at such times - hence the shock that many Christians in Ghana might probably feel when they hear of a rare case of a pastor committing suicide.

Often, such is the fear of others finding out the emotional turmoil and mental torture  being experienced at moments of despair that so many individuals in that frame of mind put on a mask - and give the world the false impression that all is well with them when it  actually isn't.

Alas, the world unfortunately finds  out the true situation when it is too late to offer any help,  to a troubled and despairing soul. Humankind could do with a kinder and  gentler world. Perhaps if that were the case, many of those who need help might be less reluctant to ask for help from others.

 Whatever the nature of the source of despair felt by others, at the very least, we can all reach out to those in distress by empathising with them - the chances of being able to do so being greater if we make a conscious effort daily to be more caring and kinder to others.

Personally, if I live to see in the new year and survive till this time next year, I shall be less acerbic with my pen.  I will try to be more considerate when criticising members of our ruling elites in my writing - they are human too, after all. And none of us is perfect.

This holiday season, let us all  remember our shared humanity wherever in the world we are located - and extend a hand of friendship to all those we come across daily. Being thoughtful and kind to someone could help them pull through a particularly difficult period in their life.

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