Sunday, 22 February 2015

Andrew Awuni Is Doing A Great Disservice To Ghana By Refusing To Expose High-Level Corruption He Claims To Be Aware Of

It is extraordinary that an anti-corruption campaigner can say that exposing high-level corruption that he is aware of will destabilise Ghana. Corruption impoverishes nations - which is why it is frowned upon throughout the world.

Under no circumstances should those involved in it be protected. Yet, that is precisely what Mr. Andrew Awuni's refusal to expose those whose involvement in corruption that he says will destabalise Ghana, if it becomes public knowledge, amounts to.

Exposing those involved in high-level corruption, weakens their power and influence in society - and destroys the networks of vested interests that corrupt them. What could be better than that, I ask?

And how can that possibly destabilise Ghana? It is corruption that is destabilising our country - by denying others the opportunity to partake of the national cake. That slowly builds up resentment that could lead to possible future social explosion. Literally.

Mr. Andrew Awuni is either on the side of the ordinary people of Ghana, or on the side of the thieves-in-high-places, whose unfathomable greed and selfishness, is destroying the moral fabric of Ghanaian society - and endangering Ghanaian democracy.

He cannot eat his anti-corruption NGO-cake and have it. Either he does the public interest work he registered his Centre for Freedom and Accuracy, for, or closes it down.

Surely, only someone who is an elitist and amoral, will say that exposing powerful and influential people who are secretly robbing our country, will destabalise Ghana? After all, the onus is on important people to live above reproach - if they don't want to end up in jail and lose face in society. With respect, he must put up, or shut up.

If, for the sake of argument, the president and vice president, for example, were to conspire to rob Ghana in the award of a contract tomorrow, and Mr. Awuni exposes them, both of them  will be forced by Ghanaians to resign from their positions - and the constitutional provisions for replacing them, will be activated to replace both of them, and swear in their successors. End of story.

Wherein lies the destabilisation in that, I ask? On the contrary, it will deepen the roots of Ghanaian democracy, yet further. Let us not underrate the robustness of our institutions of state. Did Parliament and the Judiciary not rise to the occassion when a sitting president suddenly passed away?

Our institutions of state are sufficiently robust to withstand Mr. Awuni exposing any crooks-in-high-places involved in grand corruption.

Mr. Andrew Awuni is  doing a great disservice to Mother Ghana, by refusing to expose those involved in high-level corruption, which  he claims has come to his notice.

There are some independent-minded thinkers who will say that that is unpatriotic and highly hypocritical of an anti-corruption campaigner.

He risks losing his credibility amongst discerning and patriotic Ghanaians - as it is difficult to avoid drawing the conclusion that his curious claims are mischievious:  and calculated to discredit President Mahama's administration. Pity.

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