Sunday, 29 March 2015

The NPP Must Rid Itself Of The Small Number Of Akan Tribal-Supremacists In Its Midst

From comments he is reported to have made recently, it would appear that the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso, Dr. Richard Anane, loses very little sleep over the tagging of the NPP as an Akan party, by some of its political opponents.

He is right not to be bothered by that accusation - as the NPP is definitely not an Akan party: regardless of what some of its opponents might say.

The NPP is in fact a Ghanaian political party - with a large following and a nationwide footprint. If it was an Akan party, it would have been proscribed a long time ago - as under our current system political parties are national in character: not tribal organisations.

However, such is the importance of clearing up that misconception, that we must always speak plainly when discussing it, in the interest  of our nation - and to promote the welfare of all its people.

Being what he is - a duplicitous man who broke his marriage vows to impregnate another woman whiles attending an international AIDS conference, who speaks with a forked-tongue: as philanderers are wont to - what Dr. Richard Anane, and politicians of his ilk, will not admit, is that a powerful and influential group, made up of a cabal of  Akan tribal-supremacist politicians within it, see the NPP as a perfect vehicle for realising a dream long held by some of the progeny of the pre-colonial ruling elites.

For such tribal bigots - many clever enough to successfully hide their real intentions in public behind good-natured banter when not with their own - the NPP is a political-tool-of-choice to enable them achieve their ultimate goal: dominating our nation till the very end of time. Pure nonsense on bamboo stilts in a nation of diverse ethnicity - which  is a unitary republic, not a federation of tribal entities.

Alas, fate let Yaw Osafo-Marfo down, terribly, when he revealed their secret: which was finally let out of the proverbial bag, not too long ago, when he was secretly recorded during a meeting he held with senior party figures, in the Eastern Region.

The point always needs to be made, when discussing the issue of  tribal bigotry in Ghanaian politics, that tribal bigots exist in all the tribes in Ghana - and in virtually all the other political parties too. Luckily for our homeland Ghana, they are few in number wherever they are to be found, in the country.

Like the white-supremacist politicians of the West - who incredibly consider people of colour inferior beings in the 21st century information age - tribal-supremacist politicians in Ghana regard other tribes as  inferior: for which reason their  indigenes  must never be allowed to rule Ghana.

That confounded arrogance is what is driving the super-charged campaign of vilification being conducted by those who demonise President Mahama - who is the most abused Ghanaian leader since independence in 1957. His crime, is simply that he is a northerner.

Yet, scientific research results show clearly that all Ghanaians, wherever in the country they hail from, basically share the same DNA: and are thus one and the same people.

All the ethnic groups in our country have an equal stake in the enterprise Ghana - and no tribe is inferior or superior to another in this nation.

Furthermore, there is virtually not a single extended family clan in Ghana, which is not multi-ethnic in composition - as a result of ties of consanguinity and marriage.

Those relatively few bigoted Akan politicians, who seek to exploit the justifiable sense of pride that ordinary Akans have in their rich cultural heritage - and take advantage of the collective sense of identity that many ordinary Ghanaians of Akan extraction share -  to enable them achieve the dubious ends they seek, will never succeed in their aim.

Tribal bigotry is underpinned by an atavastic mentality and a Dark Ages worldview. It has no place in Ghanaian politics - as it endangers national cohesion. Above all, it poses an existential threat, to the Ghanaian nation-state.

And, lest we forget,  tribal bigotry nearly destroyed a number of sister African nations. Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and the Ivory Coast, all descended into violence and chaos, in which nearly a million people lost their lives - as a result of the  bigotry of the tribal-supremacists amongst their ruling elites.

The time has now come for the NPP to rid itself of the baleful influence of the party's  small number of Akan tribal-supremacists.  They have become a liability for the party. -  and are damaging its image amongst fair-minded and apolitical Ghanaians: who are just the type of independent-minded voters that the party needs to attract in the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

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