Sunday, 13 September 2015

Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom's Ultimate Sacrifice Is To Reverse The PPP Into The CPP

It is obvious that many ordinary Ghanaians can see clearly that they have consistently been marginalised in the society  that has evolved in Ghana since the 4th Republic came into being in 1993 - as a result of policies implemented by governments formed by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Many such Ghanaians  yearn for the African equivalent, of the egalitarian societies of Scandinavia that Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah sought to create in Ghana, after independence in 1957.

Why then do all the Nkrumahist political parties - the People's National Convention (PNC), the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) and the  Progressive People's Party (PPP)  - still not respond positively to this yearning amongst ordinary people in Ghana by creating a united party to carry out Nkrumah's vision for Ghana, one wonders?

Surely, the leaders of all the Nkrumahist parties ought to realise that, now, more than at any time since Nkrumah's overthrow in 1966, their message of transforming our country into an African equivalent of the egalitarian societies of Scandinavia,  resonates with ordinary people in Ghana - and will make a huge impact during the campaign for the presidential election of 2016?

Do the leaders of the Nkrumahist parties also not realise that to stand a chance of creating a strong third force, which is capable of ending the supremacy of the NDC/NPP duopoly in our nation's politics, and wresting power from the NDC in 2016, today's followers of Nkrumah ought to unite all the  parties that share Osagyefo's vision -  by reversing all those parties into their mother party, the Convention People's Party (CPP)?

It will be a national tragedy for Ghana, if the CPP, PNC, GCPP and the PPP refused to  unite under the banner of the CPP for the 2016 elections  - and insisted on fielding separate presidential candidates.

Alas, as candidates for separate political parties, as sure as day follows night, not a single Nkrumahist presidential candidate in the 2016 election will be able to muster more than 1.5% of the total votes cast in that election. May God heal whatever wounds divide them - for ordinary people's sake: as unite they must if they are to be given the opportunity to govern Ghana again.

Since the Talensi by-election debacle, those of us who initially advocated for a coalition-of-equals - in which all the Nkrumahist parties would retain their seperate identities, but form a coalition to present a common presidential ticket for the 2016 presidential election - now accept that it is not an idea ordinary Ghanaians will buy into.

Ordinary people want to see a united CPP that is a strong third-force alternative to the discredited and corrupt NDC/NPP duopoly,  governing Ghana after the 2016 elections - and they see a Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom/Samia Yaaba Nkrumah presidential ticket as the best combination of leaders to  represent the old and young generations of Nkrumahists.

The question is: Do the leaders of the CCP, the PNC, the GCPP and the PPP not want to seize the historic opportunity they now have to bring an end to the dog-eat-dog selfishness that characterises Ghanaian society today?

Who in Ghana today is not fed up with the NDC/NPP duopoly's  divisive politricks? And what ordinary person does not resent the way they both sabotage the nation-building effort when in the political wilderness?

Which strata of society suffers most from the many public-sector strikes? How many wealthy Ghanaians die when Ghana's public-sector doctors-without-conscience callously abandon the sick and dying to fight for yet more pay and allowances - even though public-sector medical doctors are far better compensated than most public-sector employees?

That is why many ordinary people yearn for the unifying one-nation politics of Nkrumah - and remember his determination to win the fight against poverty in Ghana through innovation. Is it not a fact that both the older and younger generations in  Ghana today, are aware of the fact that poor families benefited from free education and free healthcare, during the Nkrumah era?

And are ordinary people also not aware of the fact that it was precisely because Nkrumah,  unlike the leaders who followed him, understood clearly that a poor developing country, aspiring to become an industrialised and prosperous society, simply could not afford not to provide free education from kindergarten to tertiary level, for all those with the aptitude to study, but who  could not afford to pay for their education? Ditto provide free healthcare to ensure a healthy population?

Those policies enabled the CPP government to create a talent-pool of brilliant young professionals: engineers; architects; medical doctors; nurses; research scientists; lawyers; academics in various fields who taught in our universities; etc., etc. - many from very humble backgrounds.

Together,  they all helped to develop and modernise the newly-independent nation-state that was born to replace the Gold Coast - Britain's occupation of which finally came to an end in March 1957: when Ghana at last gained its freedom from exploitative colonialism.

Ghana definitely needs the CPP to rescue  ordinary people from the clutches of the greedy and corrupt NDC/NPP duopoly. And it is Paa Kwesi Nduom who must make the ultimate sacrifice to bring the CPP to power again.

Nduom also has the strength of character to ensure that all government appointees who have stolen taxpayers' money  under the present regime, are investigated, prosecuted and jailed after due process - should he become President after the December 2016 presidential election.

Nduom has said in the past (to paraphrase him) that the national interest should never be sacrificed for personal ambition - and that he is willing to step aside and let others run for the presidency if that will allow Nkrumahists to come to power again.

However, the ultimate sacrifice that Nduom and the leadership of the PPP,  ought to make for Mother Ghana, is to reverse the PPP into the CPP - so that all the Nkrumahists parties can unite under the banner of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's original party.

When that happens, ordinary people will elect Paa Kwesi Nduom as President of the Republic of Ghana, in December 2016.

And, after January 7th, 2017, with Samia Yaaba Nkrumah as his vice-president, the new CPP government will then implement policies, which will eventually transform Ghana into a prosperous nation, in which  ordinary people also lead happy and fulfilled lives -  not just the politically well-connected and the extremely wealthy.

It is for that reason that Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom and his party's leadership must make the ultimate sacrifice - and reverse the PPP into  the CPP as soon as practicable. Surely, a weekend retreat for the leadership of the CPP and the PPP, at the Coconut Grove Hotel, in Elmina, can sort that out quickly? No? One certainly hopes so - for Mother Ghana's sake.

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