Thursday, 23 June 2016

Both The NDC and NPP Are Not Fit To Govern Ghana Yet Again

Sometimes it is pretty hard not to feel contempt for Ghana's political class. What have Ghanaians done to deserve  such an obtuse political class?

Listening to the National Democratic Congress' (NDC) Kwadwo Twum-Boafos having a heated argument with the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) Kwamena Duncans, over the NPP's presidential candidate, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo's proposal to set up  one factory in every district in Ghana, on Peace FM's Kokrokoo morning show, hosted by Kwame Sefa Kaye, this morning, I wondered what the point of the argument was.

That the constituent parties that make up the NDC/NPP duopoly, which have governed Ghana since the 4th Republic came into being, are actually arguing over the feasibility of implementing a policy of having one factory in every district of Ghana, at a time when the world's 3-D printing industry is growing, and will disrupt the business models of many manufacturers, sums up the tragedy of our nation perfectly.

Sadly, Ghana is now dominated by a mostly unimaginative,  educated urban elite that is provincial in outlook, shortsighted  and lacks original thinking. Ghana will never fulfill its potential if it is lumbered with such politicians.

Ghanains ought to understand that this nation will never progress if they do not to turn to someone practical and successful at creating wealth and jobs, such as Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom - to lead a national unity coalition government, made of the best-in-field Ghanaians, with proven individual track records of solid achievement, in their respective fields, to rescue Mother Ghana from the clutches of the greed-filled, incompetent and corrupt NDC/NPP duopoly.

The question is: Is it not paucity of thought that makes the NDC and NPP fight over who first had an idea, and whether or not it is a feasible policy to implement - when every single one of the proposed factories in every district of Ghana, could suddenly be made redundant by disruptive 3-D printing technology?

Why should such political parties that seldom keep abreast with new technological developments rule Ghana?

For example, are roads not still being washed away across Ghana by flash floods, when a simple new technology - mixing  melted plastic waste with bitumen - can enable Ghana to climate-change-proof its entire road network with plastic roads that will remain pothole-free throughout their lifespan, last three times longer than conventional roads, bear heavier loads, and, because plastic is impermeable to water, will never be washed away by flash floods?

Who has heard any of those geniuses clamouring to be given the mandate to govern Ghana, promising to build such roads in Ghana? Why make promises to use taxpayers' money to build factories in every district that will only end up being looted by their management and workers?

There are many Ghanaians who could set up factories in districts across the country,  on their own, if they could be funded to have their products tested and approved by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).

Will it not be far more beneficial to the country, to focus on finding a creative way to fund such  GSA tests to enable those individuals market their products - and create wealth and jobs?

Are such individuals not far more likely to adopt 3-D printing technology as a means of improving productivity, than ponderous state-owned factories that will only end up being mismanaged and milked dry by those appointed to manage them because of their political leanings - as has been the case with most state-owned business entities?

It will be a real tragedy to entrust the governing of our homeland Ghana, into the grasping hands of the NDC/NPP duopoly. They are both not fit to govern this country yet again.
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