Friday, 21 October 2016

Is Hassan Ayariga's Doctorate Degree Worth The Scroll It Is Typed On?

According to an old wag I know, "Mr. Hassan Ayariga's arrogance, is so typical of many nouveau-riche Ghanaians." Indeed.

In one's humble opinion, he does have a point perhaps - up to a point: many of those boors have absolutely no class at all.

What true gentleman would ever insult any lady publicly - let alone a lady in the high position of Electoral Commissioner of the Republic Ghana?

Thank goodness that a remorseful Mr. Hassan Ayariga, who is the founder and leader of the All People's Congress (APC), redeemed himself in the end, after that particular spat with the Electoral Commission (EC), for disqualifying him from standing as a candidate in the December presidential election - by apologising publicly not too long after he egregiously insulted Mrs. Charlotte Osei in media interviews.

One wonders whether Hassan Ayariga's  boorish disdain for the chairperson of the EC, results from the fact that he probably thinks that having amassed  great wealth, somehow, that makes him a  very special and superior being - and thus entitles him to denigrate those who incur his displeasure.

In that sense, he is in the same bad-behaving, nouveau-riche super-league, as the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) uncouth Kennedy Adjapongs and Bernard Antwi-Boasiakos. Dreadful misogynists, to a man.

Alas, good breeding cannot possibly be purchased - unlike doctorate degrees from dodgy 'tertiary institutions' founded by narcissistic and super-greedy Nigerian mega-Church owners: selling 'degrees' at hefty prices to wealthy  and egoistical Africans in search of respectability.

It is a moot point as to whether or not  a 'doctorate degree' issued by a Niaja-degree-factory in Spain - founded by clever Nigerians to exploit a lucrative niche market pandering to the egos of rich Africans seeking social acceptance  - is indeed a genuine academic institution: merely because it has 'accreditation' from local authorities.

The question there  is:  What do well-respected academics from Spain's leading universities think of 'doctorate degrees' from Achievers International University College Institute of Religious  Studies and Management?

Unfortunately, one doubts very much, whether any of them have ever heard of Mr. Hassan Ayariga's Spanish online alma mater, with its brick-and-mortar "affiliate campus" apparently located in Valencia.

For the benefit of readers, including CID HQ investigators, we are posting two different culled sections from the content on the website of the Achievers International University College Institute of Religious Studies and Management (AIUC).

Mr. Hassan Ayariga may very well have been duped. His doctorate degree may not be worth the  scroll it is typed on, alas.

The aforesaid culled  two sections from the AIUC's website appear in all their glory below. Please read on:

 ''ACHIEVERS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE INSTITUTE OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES AND MANAGEMENT                                                                               
Affiliate Campus of

                           To our Honored Guest:

On behalf of the Achievers Theological Institute and Ministerial Association an Extention Campus of Vision International University. U.S.A., let me welcome you to Spain, the home campus of Vision University and Achievers Theological Seminary.

Achievers University College and Theological Institute is approved and accredited by the Higher Education Board of Ministry for the training of men and women into the Ministry along with preparing individuals in secular studies as well.

Our students are drawn from Asia, Europe, Africa and U.S.A. We have a huge ministerial campaign in Philippines from where African and the Asian nationals hear the Word, train in the English Language, and preparing themselves to enter the business market, using what they have learned thru our curriculum in business (AIUTC).

Please let me again invite you to take your time, browse our website and see what God is doing in our ministry in our section of the world. If you have any question concerning our ministry please feel free to contact me at

Once again, Welcome to Achievers International  University College (AIUC). AIUC is a nondenominational, Bible-based, Christ-centered theological  distance learning institution, serving the body of Christ  worldwide.  AIUC offers quality, affordable, and self-paced education..."


The Great Achievers International Church Inc. (GAIC) is a Pentecostal and Charismatic oriented ministry with its headquarters located at Valencia, Spain. It is an international body of believers who have come together to seek out and practice the truth of the word of God, and worship God in spirit and in truth.

The Great Achievers International Church Incorporated was founded in the City of Aba, Abia-State (GOD’S OWN STATE Nigeria) on 20th April 2002 by Apostle Dr. Prince Nnams, who had a burning desire to spread the truth of God’s word across the world. He began a small fellowship in his home with his wife Ugoeze Deborah Nnams.Later in 2005 The Founder/ General Overseer, Apostle Dr. Prince Nnams Kalu and First Lady, Rev. Ugoeze Deborah Nnams shifted their based to Valencia in 2005, and in the same year they planted GAIC on 8th May 2005 in Spain. Bishop Dr.Prince Nnams was called in the ministry since 1988..."

End of the two culled sections from the inimitable website of the AIUC.

Poor Mr Hassan Ayariga. His vanity has led him to buy a worthless piece of paper - just so he can plaster the letters PhD after his name. Definitely not presidential timber, alas. Poor sod.
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