Thursday, 12 January 2017

We Are A Civilised People Not Savages Governed By The Law Of The Jungle - Which Is Why The Lawlessness Of NPP Foot Soldiers Must Be Halted

In case it escapes them, the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), ought to understand clearly that there will be consequences for their ruling party some day - if they do not show some leadership: and put an immediate halt to the lawlessness going on around the country.

The Republic of Ghana is not conquered territory to be laid waste by their party's  so-called foot soldiers - who apparently think they are entitled to share the spoils of a war from which they have just emerged victorious.

Neither is our homeland Ghana the private property of the NPP. That is not the mandate Ghanaians gave them - to allow their party members and supporters to act as if they owned the Ghanaian nation-state: and to go on the rampage throughout the nation. No.

And Ghanaians did not go to war on the 7th of December, 2016, either - on the contrary, like the civilised people they are, they stood in orderly queues and cast their votes peacefully, to change their leaders that day. The NPP won an election. It did not win a war. No one in this country must forget that. Ever.

Our nation's new leaders  need to remember that they were voted into power to serve the good people of Ghana and to keep their nation stable and peaceful - not to allow indisciplined NPP  myrmidon-thugs to create chaos across the nation: beating up the supporters of the National Democratic Congress and seizing state assets.

This is not a banana republic. The time has now come for the more responsible sections of the Ghanaian media to  do their patriotic duty to Mother Ghana - by making it absolutely clear to the new government that it must make ending this outrage a top-priority security issue: and order the security agencies to halt it.

And it must be halted now. Not tomorrow. This is a nation of laws in which the rule of law ought to prevail. Who will invest in  an African nation in which such aberrations can occur whiles its smug and complacent leaders look on helplessly - in what is supposed to be a constitutional democracy?

Law and order in any democratic society is vital. Under no circumstances must  violent  imbeciles be allowed to put off potential investors in a nation in which millions of young people  desperately need jobs - simply because those elected to run the nation fail to recognise the gravity of the situation confronting us:  and order the security agencies to maintain law and order in vigorous fashion. That was not the deal voters made with the NPP. No. Definitely not.

That is why the continued silence of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in this matter is untenable and intolerable. He must let the world know that he strongly disapproves of what is going on - and that he will take steps to stop it. Immediately. Period.

With respect, it  is he who as Ghana's elected leader, ought to address the nation about what is an obvious security failing of his new regime - and tell those lawless morons damaging the image of his administration to put an immediate halt to their monstrous and abominable actions. It is called responsible leadership.

There can be no excuse for  allowing such a  situation to occur in the first place in what is said to be Africa's model democracy. For goodness sake we are a free and civilised  people - not the slaves of power-crazed all-die-be-die-savages who live and die in a jurisdiction in which the law of the jungle prevails. Haaba.
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