Saturday, 27 December 2008

Revelations Of The Treasonable Anti-Democratic Utterances And Election-Rigging Activities Of Maxwell Kofi Jumah & Co

It was riveting listening to the astonishing recorded conversations between Mr. Maxwell Kofi Jumah and some of the myrmidon-types he has been using to help his party hang on to power at all costs, which Radio Gold FM broadcast in the early hours of the morning of Saturday 27th December, 2008.

The tapes formed the main topic of conversation on “Election Forensics” – the radio programme hosted by the brilliant Raymond Archer and produced by that intrepid news-hound Roland Acquah-Stevens. Ghanaian democracy owes Radio Gold FM a huge debt of gratitude for putting the outrageous election-rigging activities of Maxwell Kofi Jumah into the public domain.

No one who listens to those tapes will fail to be offended by the utter contempt for ordinary Ghanaians and the unprincipled manipulation of our institutions of state, displayed and engaged in, by the current Establishment, which the Maxwell Kofi Jumah tapes illustrate so perfectly.

Personally, they remind one of similar conversations by some of Mr. Maxwell Kofi Jumah’s political forebears (who also had a similar contempt for ordinary people and for democracy), which one overheard at home as a precocious 13 year-old boy – who had a keen interest in current affairs: even at that age during the immediate post-Nkrumah years.

My loathing for politicians of Mr. Kofi Jumah’s ilk stems directly from that period of my life: when I often overhead after-dinner conversations, telephone conversations and read secret cabinet files of that era. The shocking tribal-supremacist utterances of some of the figures of history from that particular period of our history, whom one encountered at our home from time to time, were a huge disappointment to even a small boy that young then.

Clearly, the minority of powerful tribal-supremacists who have hijacked and dominated the New Patriotic Party (NPP) since the party came to power in January 2001, are determined to hang on to power at all costs – regardless of what the verdict of the people of Ghana in the presidential run-off is.

The question is: Who in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is going to accept an outcome that gives victory in such circumstances to the candidate of Maxwell Kofi Jumah and his party – in the light of his monstrous utterances and shameful activities?

It is just so interesting how Maxwell Kofi Jumah was quick to label the man who went to Radio Gold FM with such solid evidence of his treasonable and criminal activities, as a candidate for the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital – just as Nana Frema Busia was also labeled a ‘lunatic’ by the powerful and amoral crooks in the presidency: whose criminal and anti-democratic activities she too was brave and patriotic enough to risk her life by revealing.

How right Nana Frema Busia was - truth and decency indeed appear to have literally disappeared from our public life. Ghana has fallen into the hands of a ruthless Mafia whose unfathomable greed for money apparently knows no end – at precisely the point when there has never been such large numbers of moral coward in our society.

The question decent-minded Ghanaians ought to ask themselves is: Is it true after all, as the NDC has constantly been insisting all these years, that there is selective justice in Ghana under the NPP, because there are some members of the judiciary, who are willing to do the bidding of the executive – and give judgments that the executive so desires: as outcomes of cases they have an interest in, in the law courts?

How can even the top hierarchy of the police condone such criminal activities engaged in by some of those who rule our country – a nation whose hypocritical leaders never cease trumpeting to the world that the rule of law exists in Ghana?

Just what makes Maxwell Kofi Jumah (and his ilk!) think that he has a right to rule our country till he drops dead and is given a state burial (he, the master criminal and anti-democrat?), regardless of whether a majority of Ghanaians vote against them or not?

Is it not obvious to all that the December 7th, 2008 elections were rigged on a massive scale to deny Professor Atta Mills the presidency? Why should any one believe that the 28th December, 2008 election will also not be rigged – judging by the scandalous goings-on that the Maxwell Kofi Jumah tapes reveal?

Well, let them try and deny Ghanaians the change we all want – and see if they can rule this country under such circumstances. They will quickly realise that the former president is not the only brave soul in our homeland Ghana. Can the criminals amongst the hierarchy of the security agencies kill all of us on their behalf – just so that they can hang on to power and complete their personal wealth-creation agendas: at mother Ghana’s expense?

In his particular case, is one of the many irons in their fire-of-greed (the many ongoing projects he mentioned as being the reason why they cannot leave office under any circumstances!), his facilitating the lucrative business of the importation of waste from Canada – with a waste-to-energy plant as a perfect cover for that outrage and environmental danger of such apocalyptic proportions?

Why, do these despicable individuals think that God is sleeping? No wonder as early as 1958, just a year after our independence, they plotted to stage a military coup – although Ghana was a constitutional multi-party democracy with a vociferous, irresponsible and tribalistic opposition made up of their political forebears.

Seeing the ruthless shenanigans of Maxwell Kofi Jumah today, is it any wonder that his political forebears never hesitated in resorting to violence and terrorized Ghanaians by throwing bombs into crowds as they attempted to overthrow and kill Nkrumah – something they finally succeeded in doing in 1966 when the CIA paid their fellow-conspirators in the military and the police US$ 13 millions to overthrow Nkrumah: with more to follow if they succeeded in murdering him too?

Sod Maxwell Kofi Jumah – and sod his confounded Antowa Nyame: and the miasma that that superstitious nonsense-on-bamboo-stilts said to reside in a river in some village that is a throwback to our feudal past, and which that superstition-ridden world-view of a dreadful era of poverty-stricken serfs ruled by the selfish, greedy and ruthless benefactors of inherited privilege, represents!

Hmmm, Ghana – entiyeawiye paa, enia? Asem ebaba debi ankasa! May God bless and protect our homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom! Long live Ghana!

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