Wednesday, 31 December 2008


The symbolism of the defiant great-granddaughter of the Ashanti heroine and Amazon queen, Nana Yaa Asentewaa of Ejisu, who is an Ejisu-Juaben constituency executive of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in the face of the great odds ranged against her and her party, as NDC supporters were being systematically brutalized in the Ashanti Region during the run-off of the presidential election on 28th December 2008, was not lost on the many patriots and ultra-nationalists in Ghana who heard her on their radio station of choice, Radio Gold FM, on the day of the presidential run-off.

Many applauded her defiant stand against the tyranny of the unholy alliance of the tiny cabal of tribal-supremacist politicians who have dominated the New Patriotic Party (NPP) throughout its tenure and certain tribal-supremacist traditional rulers in the Ashanti Region – who sought to use intimidation and downright illegality to prevent the supporters of the NDC from exercising their franchise in her constituency, the Ejisu-Juaben constituency (as well as many other constituencies across that region).

Her heroism in the face of great personal danger must be an example to the NDC leadership, going forward: as they seek to deal with the fraud being perpetrated by the NPP – who clearly have pressurized that decent and honest gentleman, Dr Afari Djan, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), to somehow secure the connivance of the E.C. in denying Professor Mills what rightly is his: the presidency of Ghana.

The sense of outrage Nana Yaa Asentewaa's great-granddaughter exhibited as she complained bitterly on Radio Gold FM about the criminality being engaged in by her political opponents, who were brutalizing NDC members, to prevent her party’s supporters from taking part in the run-off of the presidential election on 28th December 2008, epitomizes the sense of fair play that is an inherent part of the character of ordinary Asantes: many of whom were appalled by the monstrous and abominable actions of the NPP activists throughout the Ashanti Region.

Many such Asantes, who live in areas in the country where they can hear Radio Gold FM, are also appalled by the revelations of the existence of a conspiracy to steal the election by certain faceless individuals in the highest reaches of the NPP that the latest airing of a tape recording of yet another Maxwell Kofi Jumah telephone conversation (that so clearly exposes the existence of a conspiracy to subvert the sovereign will of a majority of ordinary Ghanaians), which the ever-brilliant Raymond Archer played on the “Election Forensics” programme on Radio Gold FM, in the early hours of 31st December, 2008.

Whiles most ordinary Asantes have an inherent sense of fair play, sadly, it is a character trait that is often lacking in the mostly-corrupt and amoral progeny, of the traditional Asante pre-colonial feudal ruling elites. Consequently, it is important that those of them, who are part of this criminal conspiracy, are held to account for their attempt to subvert the sovereign will of Ghanaians.

Never again must we allow a repetition of the disgraceful manner in which some traditional rulers in the Ashanti Region, sought to prevent ordinary Ghanaians living in areas where they happen to be Chiefs of, from voting – simply because those Ghanaians they so actively sought to disenfranchise, were perceived by them and their NPP co-conspirators to be supporters of the NDC.

It is important for the future of Ghanaian democracy that far-reaching steps are taken by the next NDC regime to ensure that no traditional ruler anywhere in the Republic of Ghana, is ever allowed to intimidate any group of Ghanaians seeking to exercise their constitutional right to vote in an election to select their rulers, in any part of our country – without those Chiefs being prosecuted and jailed for lengthy periods for such criminal action.

Where in the world, but a nation like Ghana (that is full of such moral cowards), will the pure-nonsense-on-bamboo-stilts-compromise now being proposed by the Electoral Commission (EC), and designed specifically by the devious criminal-minds who dominate the NPP, to enable a sitting regime dominated by a few powerful tribal-supremacist rogues of the ilk of Maxwell Kofi Jumah, ditto Kwabena Adjapong and their co-conspirators be acceptable?

Why, is it not clear to the NDC that the few powerful ttribal-supremacist crooks who dominate NPP, did devise a dastardly plan to rig the election – because they felt that ordinary Ghanaians had no business wanting to vote their current leaders out of power?

What the Maxwell Kofi Jumah tapes reveal is a grand conspiracy by the NPP to rob Professor Mills of victory in the run-off of presidential election – and the NDC must not make the mistake of thinking that he and Kwabena Adjapong were a pair of power-drunk loose-cannons operating on their own as a couple of lone-rangers secretly teaming up to subvert Ghanaian democracy.

Did they not hear what Maxwell Kofi Jumah said about the ‘victory’ of Sheik I.C. Quaye? Did they not hear who it was that called him to warn him that the chap he was speaking to was the one who had betrayed them and let the proverbial cat out of the bag through the airwaves of Radio Gold FM?

The NDC must simply go ahead and do the right thing under the circumstances for the good people of Ghana – by refusing to take part in this sleight of hand designed as a legal cloak of respectability to enable the NPP snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with the seal of approval of the EC to enable those stooges for neocolonialism to continue being in power to serve the interests of their overseas masters at Ghana’s expense.

It will amount to a betrayal of our nation if the NDC were to allow this outrage to go on. Did the NPP vote-rigging machine not literally steal the election in the Ashanti Region by hundreds of thousands of votes – as voters there were allowed to vote so many times and in different polling stations too? Why should such fraudulently obtained votes decide the fate of our country – and leave it in the hands of such a criminal gang of the most dishonest politicians Ghana has ever elected into office?

The NDC must simply declare Professor Mills as Ghana’s president-elect – and put an immediate halt to this rolling coup d’├ętat by the NPP. If the NDC accepts that outrage proposed by Dr. Afari Djan, it will be tantamount to appeasing the dishonorable, amoral crooks and armed robbers amongst those now ruling our country and allow them to perpetrate a gigantic fraud against Ghanaians.

The question patriotic Ghanaians and ultra-nationalists ought to ask, is: can the NDC deploy enough people with video recorders or mobile phones with cameras in all the polling stations in the Tien constituency to record and film the entire process? Can they get all their newly- elected parliamentarians to police every polling station in Tien as observers and to provide those vulnerable local polling assistants with the moral support they so desperately need – so vital in preventing intimidation and fraud at that crucial grassroots level in the electoral process?

Above all, can they ensure that all the security agencies will be neutral – and enforce the law at the polling station level in a manner that will ensure that all registered voters in Tien can cast their ballot? There are many who will say that it is only if they can answer yes to all those questions that must agree to this latest NPP trick.

Why aid and abet the powerful crooks amongst those now in power who have been brutally gang-raping mother Ghana for eight solid years without let – in a crazed-frenzy fuelled by an addiction to cocaine money and driven by the unfathomable greed that drives them to constantly dream of sending their personal net worth into the stratosphere: at our country’s expense through a cornucopia of kickbacks?

The NDC must look at the experience of other nations such as The Philippines in such situations - where people-power stopped ruthless ruling elites from denying ordinary people the right to have their voices heard. Let them declare Professor Atta Mills Ghana’s president-elect: and show Maxwell Kofi Jumah and Co. that they Ghanaians are not a dimwitted and feeble lot – and they must do so now!

Did they not see how the presence of their supporters who milled around the head office building of the EC made such a huge difference to the outcome of the declaration by Dr. Afari Djan – who was clever enough to keep his international reputation by telling the truth about Professor Mills’ victory: but was also somehow prevailed upon by the crooks amongst those now ruling our country to go along with the treasonable ruse designed by the NPP as a compromise to favour those too-clever-by-half rogues, too: thus getting the best of both worlds?

Let them take a leaf from the book of that brave and defiant Amazon queen, their party’s rep in the Ejisu-Juaben constituency in the Ashanti Region, who is a great granddaughter of Nana Yaa Asentewaa of Ejisu – and refuse to be intimidated by such a despicable lot.

Why aid and abet the few powerful tribal-supremacist crooks in the NPP to stage what effectively amounts to a coup d’├ętat against ordinary Ghanaians, by stealth? Nana Frema Busia’s revelations tie in perfectly with the recruitment of those myrmidon-types whom Maxwell Kofi Jumah was caught on tape issuing instructions to, to subvert the sovereign will of ordinary Ghanaians – and whom, incredibly, they had even armed and issued with police and military uniforms to boot. Is that not evidence enough to show the rest of the world as evidence of their treasonable collective-goal of robbing Professor Mills of victory?

Let the NDC declare Professor Mills as Ghana’s president-elect, and also take their case to the court of international public opinion through press releases to overseas media outlets pronto – for, those incompetents fear nothing more than international opprobrium (lest the “gongs” those confounded house-niggers and stooges for neo-colonialism so love getting from their Western lords and masters quickly dry up!).

Hmmm, Ghana – enti yeawiaye paa, enia? Asem ebaba debi ankasa! May God bless and protect our homeland Ghana, always. Long live freedom1 Long live Ghana!
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