Saturday, 15 August 2009


Whiles we must all condemn any attempt to abuse the human rights of those members of the previous regime, who are being investigated by the security agencies, one must also upbraid the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for its selective amnesia – and the hypocrisy of some of its leading figures. Surely, it is untenable that politicians who once ruled our country, can resort to manipulating brutish myrmidon-types: and get them to invade the grounds of our law courts and the premises of the Bureau for National Investigations (BNI) – simply to stoke up tension in the country, for purely parochial ends? Perhaps one ought to point it out to the honest ones amongst the NPP, that as a result of the actions of the powerful rogues amongst them, who abused their positions and engaged in acts of corruption on a scale seldom seen in our nation’s history, their party will always be remembered by posterity for being so incredibly successful in turning the nation Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah built (whose citizens’ pre-colonial traditional societies were underpinned by a caring-and-sharing ethos), into a nation full of callous self-seekers and moral cowards – tearing at each other in order to get up the greasy pole of success, Ghanaian-style. That is what has created today's dreadful dog-eat-dog selfishness culture in our country.

As they busy themselves with endless press conferences to defend the indefensible, perhaps they must be reminded that their party’s crony-capitalism economic model, was in fact a carbon-copy of early 19th century American robber-baron capitalism – which they cloaked with respectability by giving it the slick marketing catch-phrase: “A golden age of business.” Do they not realize that it caused a great deal of misery nationwide – misery that has worsened now that the effects of their borrowing-binge are manifesting itself in the real world? Needless to say, it was mainly the politically well-connected oligarchs of the Kufuor-era, who prospered most, as a result of their mutually beneficial set of relationships with the powerful crooks who dominated the NPP regime, during its tenure. What then is the point, one wonders, in their insisting on tarnishing their party’s image – by blindly supporting those of their colleagues who are now facing the music: and whose corrupt ways turned Ghanaians against their party?

Surely, the honest NPP members must think of the long-term well-being of their party, rather than give succour to those whose perfidy lost them the trust of the good people of Ghana – thus giving independent-minded and decent people the impression that they are a cynical lot? There is something particularly unsavoury about a political party burying its head in the sand – and pretending that roguish colleagues are being persecuted: when in actual fact, all that is happening, is that they are being called to account? If they are not aware of it yet, they must understand that it is obvious to most ordinary Ghanaians that the loud-mouthed Mr. Asamoah-Boateng and his abrasive wife were leaving our shores, with the intention of seeking political asylum in the UK – because they knew that the chickens would soon be coming home to roost. Why then is the NPP calling press conferences to defend people of their ilk – and creating tension for such outrageous reasons? Does that not amount to hypocrisy on the part of people who really ought to know better – precisely because they have held power before, dear reader?

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