Friday, 14 August 2009

No One Can Stop Kofi Thompson From Commenting On Ghanaian Politics!

I made a grave error of judgment when I elected to publish a book in Ghana – rather than do so abroad. 

Somehow, those in the Ghanaian political world who wish me ill, got wind of it – and quickly swung into action to cripple my efforts in that direction: using their extensive networks, built up through their munificence whiles in power. 

The upshot of their recent actions is that my personal computer has been sabotaged – because I had to send it to be repaired for me.

Consequently, I have lost all the digital content stored on my computer. Perhaps, those well-heeled morons thought that that would stop me publishing my book. 

However, nothing on this earth can stop me publishing any of the books I am currently writing – and neither can the subtle pressure they are exerting on me by remote control through other parties on several fronts (trying to make my life a misery), stop me from continuing to comment on Ghana’s politics and expressing my opinions about our shortsighted and mostly-dishonest political elite: many of whom are fervent adherents of the “Cult-of-the-mediocre.”

At the height of the acrimonious campaign for the run-off of the December 2008 presidential elections, some of our previous rulers (who were active participants in the brutal gang-rape of Mother Ghana during their era in power) used their hirelings in the defunct Ghana Telecom (GT) to disrupt, and eventually deny me, my broadband internet access from McCarthy Hill. 

Although they have used their long reach yet again to touch my life negatively, they reckon without my tenacity of purpose: and the nerves of steel my maker blessed me with.

The loss of my personal computer and non-availability of broadband internet access of my own is only temporary. For their information, I shall find a way around those particular mountains of adversity eventually – just as I have overcome countless other obstacles throughout my life, thus far. 

In any case, if the worst comes to the worst, and I even have to leave the shores of Ghana to enable me continue writing books and posting articles about Ghanaian politics and politicians online, on my internet web-blogs, I shall do so.

Writing is my life – and no one can stop me from doing my life’s work. I am a Leo and a really stubborn smallish-big-cat. 

Were I to lose the human equivalent of a cat’s nine lives, and lose a total of nine lifetimes’ work stored digitally (on the requisite number of computers to hold them), I shall create new work to replace them: for, I am an original thinker: not a follower of fads and a panderer to crowds of “My-party-my-tribe-right-or-wrong” myrmidon-types, in my writing.

Let those ace-liars who tricked their way to power in December 2000, and used it as legal cover to exploit our national economy for their personal benefit, as well as that of their family clans, and their cronies, not think for a moment that Kofi Thompson can be prevented from expressing his opinion about their appalling stewardship.

Did they not think that they could milk our country dry till kingdom come – and get away with it successfully?

Do they think that some of us have forgotten their criminal activities at the time they were trying to steal the December 2008 presidential election – in hope that their party could remain in power that way, through their chicanery: and enable them to continue hiding their many corrupt multi-zillion cedi deals?

Do we not all now know that their combined net worth and that of the members of their family clans, as well as their cronies, constitute a significant chunk of Ghana’s GDP – even as they insist on those obscene ex-gratia payments being paid to them despite our country’s precarious economic situation?

When they were in power, and though they were invincible, they were so contemptuous of those of us who told them not to forget that wise old Ghanaian saying, “No condition is permanent.”

They tried hard to shut us up through many subtle ways because we were criticizing them for being so greedy and corrupt. They will face the music for their corrupt ways in due course, for sure. 

One hopes that they have taken note of the fact that those crooks in the regime of President Rawlings who took bribes from the British firm, Mabey & Johnson all those years ago, have only recently been exposed – when they least expected it: and thought they had gotten away with their criminal activities, whiles in power.

Years hence, the crooks in the previous regime too, will wake up one day to find their dirty little secret with Vodafone being exposed, when they least expect it – just as the crooked Kenyan politicians whom Vodafone bribed when it was taking over Kenya Telecom, were also exposed when they thought they had gotten away with their crime against Kenyans and the Kenyan nation-state.

Let them remember that long before typewriters and personal computers were invented, throughout the centuries, writers have created, shaped, and shared their thoughts with the rest of the world, by putting pen to paper. As they can see, I have bounced right back using pen and paper, not my personal computer, to write this little "love-ditty" to them. 

I can do without a personal computer for now, until I eventually get myself another one to replace the one that was destroyed through their agency – and when that ever develops a glitch, I shall be super-careful just whom I send it to, to be repaired for me: now that I know just how far they are prepared to go, to stop me writing about their reprehensible activities. 

Let all of them, from the Hypocrite-in-Chief himself (who turned the seat of government at the Osu Castle into the white-collar criminal command-centre of Ghana – where kickbacks from sundry contractors awarded government contracts were received by those who were supposed to lead the fight against corruption, but who rather chose to ruthlessly fleece our country that way, instead), to the lowest of those mini-rogues he appointed into office to enable him and his favourites impoverish ordinary Ghanaians yet further by “chopping our country small, well-well” (as the Nigerians say in their local parlance), know that I despise all of them – and that they can never stop Kofi Thompson from writing to criticize their shameful legacy, ever.

They would be wise to concentrate their energies instead, on preparing their minds for the long jail sentences that await them for willfully causing financial loss to the Ghanaian nation-state.

After all, am I not one of those simple souls that philistines like them are so contemptuous of – because we do not believe that the end justifies the means: and believe instead that a good name is better than tainted wealth, and will thus not sell our consciences and become praise-singers for crooked politicians? 

Nothing can ever stop Kofi Thompson from expressing his opinions about our largely-incompetent and dishonest political class – and it is time the crooks amongst them got that bald fact into the considerable amount of cotton wool between their ears. 

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Anonymous said...

How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,' when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.
Luke 6:41-43