Saturday, 12 October 2013

President Mahama Must Sack Mr. Samuel Sarpong Immediately If Assault Allegation Is True

I was dumbstruck listening to Mr. Owusu,  the tipper truck driver allegedly assaulted by Mr. Samuel Sarpong,  the Central Regional Minister and his police bodyguards, recounting his ordeal on Peace FM's evening news programme of 12/10/2013.

To quote one of my neighbours who spoke to me about it later that evening: "Kofi, I have no reason to doubt the tipper truck driver's testimony - as he did what for many in this superstition-ridden society is the ultimate test of the truth: demanded  that each party be made to drop an egg on the floor - to show that they are  speaking the truth or be cursed if the opposite is the case."

This is a democracy, and those appointed by the President as government ministers to serve the people of Ghana, must understand clearly that they are servants of the people - and are not in office to lord it over the ordinary people of Ghana.

Such egregious high-handedness by a minister of state is totally unacceptable in a democracy like ours.

If Mr. Owusu is telling the truth - something that can  easily be  ascertained  by an independent enquiry by the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)  -   then Mr Samuel  Sarpong has failed the President and must do the decent thing and resign from his position of his own accord: or be sacked by President Mahama.

Mr. Samuel Sarpong's response to an enquiry by CHRAJ, will  be a test of his character  - and will show Ghanaians whether he is fit to serve as a minister of state in our homeland Ghana or not.

No minister of state must assault anyone in the Ghana of today,  and be allowed to get away with it. That would be  totally unacceptable. President Mahama must sack Mr. Samuel Sarpong immediately - if the assault  allegation against him turns out to be  true.
A word to the wise...

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