Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ghana's Security Agencies Must Approach The UK's Air & Space Evidence Limited To Solve Suspected Arson Cases And Other Crimes

If the authorities in Ghana want to solve suspected arson and murder cases, as well as catch those responsible for armed robberies and other types of violent crime across the country, my humble advice to them, is to engage the services of Air & Space Evidence Limited of London.

President Mahama must ask the heads of the security agencies to travel to the UK to meet Air & Space Evidence Limited, as soon as practicable - so that a working relationship between the Ghanaian security agencies and the British company is established.

The company uses satellite imagery to solve crimes - and can definitely resolve the case of the suspected arson attack that destroyed the  ministry of health's Central Medical Stores storage facility at Tema recently.

Since President Mahama is the chairperson of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), he can also link Nigeria's security agencies with Air & Space Evidence Limited, to help provide intelligence on the movement of Boko Haram's leadership and its fighters to the Nigerian military and police commands. That will make it easier to target and eliminate them through drone strikes.

It is time our security agencies adopted space technology in the fight against criminals in Ghana. And they can begin doing so by establishing  a working relationship with the UK's Air & Space Evidence Limited.

This is the kind of use Ghana ought to put some of the EU and UK development aid money it is given.

Could our security agencies not also monitor vital installations such as power plants,  power lines and electricity transformers across the country with the help of satellites in cost-effective fashion?  Ditto monitor the unapproved routes used by smugglers along our borders?

Approaching Air & Space Evidence Limited and establishing a working relationship with them, will empower Ghana's security agencies and enable them to solve crimes like armed robberies, arson attacks and murder cases across the country - including even some of those cases that have gone cold.

Will such collaboration not provide Ghana's security agencies with cutting-edge crime-fighting  capabilities that are  well-suited to keeping our nation and its people relatively safe and secure in the uncertain and dangerous times we now live in? Ghana's security agencies ought to approach UK Air and Space Evidence Limited as soon as practicable - and establish a working relationship with them.

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