Saturday, 10 January 2015

We Stand With The Staff Of Charlie Hebdo And The People Of France - #NousSommesCharlie

The coldblooded murder of 12 individuals - including two male police officers -  in the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo,  and 4 Jewish hostages in a kosher supermarket,  as well as a policewoman, by Islamist extremists, in the French capital of Paris, has shocked people of varied faith across the world - including many Muslims.

It is noteworthy, and praiseworthy, that a delegation of 20 Imams from France's Muslim federations, visited the offices of Charlie Hebdo not too long after the murders, to commiserate with the remaining staff, whose colleagues were shot by the cowards who took their lives so callously.

It is proof that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful individuals who seek to coexist peacefully with their fellow humans - whatever their faith.

The Imam of the Parisian suburb of Drancy is reported by the UK's Guardian newspaper, to have condemned the Islamist terrorists who  committed the murders, saying: "These men are criminals, barbarians, satans. For me they are not Muslims."

He went on further to say: "Their hatred, their barbarism, has nothing to do with Islam. We are all French, we are all humans. We must live in respect, tolerance and solidarity."

Apparently the terrorists responsible for the Charlie Hebdo killings, shouted "Alahu Akbar" -  "God is great" in Arabic. They were also heard saying they had avenged the Prophet Mohammed.

It is difficult to understand how any sane individual could possibly think that God would approve of the murder of innocents on the Kingdom of Heaven's behalf. What blasphemy. What utter nonsense.

Those who kill and maim others can never be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is hell that awaits them, instead. God does not need mere mortals to fight His battles for Him. He is Omnipotent, after all.

And the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) would condemn all acts of terrorism involving innocents, were he alive today. Definitely.

Abominable and unspeakable acts of cruelty neither martyrs make nor give passage to paradise to murderers and the perpetrators of violence who engage in them - they do so only in the minds of evil, wicked and deranged individuals.

Doubtless, Ghanaians - a peaceful and freedom-loving people - of all faiths are commiserating with the people of France, as they mourn their loss.

Our hearts go out to the families of all those who lost their lives in that terrible tragedy. Those horrific events result from the warped thinking of unhinged, religious fanatics whose murderous ways are in no way representative of the Islamic religion.

In defending the right to freedom of expression, I am also sure that  many Ghanaian journalists stand in solidarity with the staff of Charlie Hebdo, and all the people of France  - who will neither be cowed by cowards wielding guns, nor silenced by mad and evil individuals prepared to kill their fellow humans: and impose their will on others that way. #NousSommesCharlie.

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