Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The NDC Must Dismiss Dzifa Attivor From The Party Immediately For The Abominable Things She Said At A Party Campaign Rally Recently

Many well-meaning and patriotic Ghanaians rightly condemned the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) Yaw Osafo Marfo, when he  was caught in a secretly-recorded party meeting, bemoaning the fact that Akans are still not the dominant group controlling Ghana, despite the fact that most of the nation's natural resources are to be found in areas they hail from.

For the same reasons to do with the stability and cohesion of our nation, all well-meaning and patriotic Ghanaians, ought to condemn the tribalistic undertones of the former transport minister, Dzifa Attivor's outrageous statement that people in the Volta Region, should vote for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), because the NPP will jail politicians like her who hail from the Volta Region, when it comes to power.

That is arrant nonsense. No court of law in Ghana, will jail any group of Ghanaian politicians appearing before it, on any corruption charges brought against them by a government of the day, merely on account of the fact that they happen to hail from a particular part of the nation.

President Kufuor's NPP regime did not prosecute any former NDC ministers deliberately, just because they hailed from the Volta Region, when it came to power in 2001. To say so is to slander that regime.

Kufuor's tribalism focused solely on harnessing the machinery of state to serve the interests of his tribal Chiefs. He was neither interested in subjugating Voltarian politicians nor in deliberately discriminating against Ghanaians indigenous to the Volta Region.

To be fair to him, thus far, no credible evidence has ever been produced, by anyone, to show that President Kufuor and the NPP regime he led, ever had any such secret anti-Voltarian agenda.

The question the Dzifa Attivors must answer is: Why should they fear an NPP regime after the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections, if they have not stolen any cash belonging to Mother Ghana, and can publicly account for all their wealth - because they never engaged in any acts of corruption whiles in office as government ministers?

To send a clear and unambigious message to the world that it abhors tribal politics, and, above all, that it is not a political party top-heavy with corrupt individuals, who fear an NPP regime after this year's presidential and parliamentary elections, because many of them have colluded with persons unknown, to siphon off taxpayers' money into private pockets, the NDC's leadership must act swiftly, to dismiss Dzifa Attivor from the party immediately.

With such an antediluvian mindset, and the shocking cynicism her utterances that day imply, she is simply not fit to be a leading member of any political party, in today's Ghana. What she said is abominable and unpardonable - and no one who loves our homeland Ghana and is concerned about its future should try to justify it.

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