Sunday, 31 July 2016

Daasebre Awhofe Gyamenah, Nante Yie!

The passing away of Ghanaian highlife music legend, Daasebre Gyamenah, has saddened and shocked many highlife music fans in Ghana, and across the entire Ghanaian Diaspora.

Some of his fans have cried  uncontrollably every time they have heard their idol's songs being played on the airwaves of radio stations, since his death was announced.

Daasebre Awhofe, as he was adoringly referred to by his many fans, put his very soul into his music - which made his many hit songs such as Akosombo Nkaniea so endearing and enduring classics.

His very danceable and joy-inducing music epitomised the sense of joie de vivre that so many Ghanaians share.

His fans are grateful that his marvellous songs will continue to be heard on the airwaves of radio and television stations across Ghana - and wherever Ghanaians live in the Diaspora.

His  songs are mostly a celebration of life and an affirmation of the human condition - and they make people happy  wherever they hear them. One is sure that they will be listened and danced to in Ghana till the very end of time.

One doubts very much whether any full-blooded Ghanaian who enjoys highlife music and who hears a Daasebre Awhofe tune can ever resist tapping his or her foot to his moving and happiness-inducing tunes.

Ghana has lost a musical genuis who was a gentle soul - who was also a decent and soft-spoken gentleman: who had his feet planted firmly on the ground despite his fame.

I must confess that I am one of the millions who enjoys listening to Daasebre Awhofe tunes - which one is never able to resist dancing to. Since his death was annnounced I have done my own share of sobbing whiles listening to Daasebre's enchanting voice in his moving and magical music.

Speaking personally, I shall miss the infectious smile,  humility, sincerity and generous-spiritedness of this giant of highlife music that cruel Death has laid its icy hands on and snatched away from us so painfully.

The lyrics of many of his hits literally pull at the heartstrings of Twi speakers who love highlife music - and they are words of wisdom that resonate with all Twi-speakers who listen to his music.

And what amazing Twi prose poetry Daasebre Awhofe wrote. Veritable words of wisdom that showed his love for humankind and his understanding of the human condition. He was a deep thinker indeed - and a kind and warm man who was always considerate of others.

May his gentle soul rest in peace. He captured the hearts of millions of Ghanaians - all of whom  one is sure have his widow, children and extended family in their thoughts and prayers. Ghanaians feel their pain and share their tragic loss.

We shall all miss this incredible, likeable and magical tunesmith - who was such a brilliant highlife-music superstar. And What an amazing performer he was on stage in live concerts, too. Simply brilliant and amazing.

And after he is finally laid to rest, Ghanaians from all walks of life will gather and celebrate the life of the great Daasebre Awhofe Gyamenah by dancing to his marvellous and fantastic music - even as we mourn his passing away.

May he rest in peace. Daasebre Awhofe, na wu koheni? Wu woheni koraa Daasebre Awhofe Gyamenah, nante  yie!

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