Sunday, 3 July 2016

Power-Hungry And Power-Drunk Politicians Must Not Be Allowed To Set Ghana Ablaze

''The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."
                                    - Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr.
In the face of the blatant thuggery and verbal aggressiveness being shown by some members of our political class, middle-class Ghana's deafening silence ought to be a source of worry, for all men and women of goodwill and good conscience, in our country.

The question we must all ponder over is: What right do politicians have to engage in activities that can only lead to widespread violence and chaos in Ghana - when what our nation needs is peace and stability to attract the necessary investment that will create the desperately needed jobs for the younger generation?

The fight for power in a democracy such as ours cannot be a matter of life and death - such that some politicians are prepared to resort to violence if their party's candidate does not win this November's presidential election: because in their view such a result would only mean that it had been rigged.

How can any genuine believer in multi-party democracy make such outrageous statements? Are the law courts not there for precisely such situations - for those who say they believe  in due process and the rule of law?

Or, perchance, is it the case that such cynical politicians only 'care' about the well-being of our nation and the welfare of its people when they wield political power?

Is that why they invariably resort to sabotaging the nation-building effort whenever in the political wilderness - to ensure the governing party becomes unpopular as their policies are sabotaged at various stages of implementation: to guarantee regime-change at election time? What perfidy.

How does their egregious scorched-earth-politricks benefit ordinary Ghanaians - who have to endure the terrible consequences of such nation-wrecking sabotaging tactics?

Is it any politician's birthright to rule the Republic of Ghana? If it isn't then why should politicians resort to violence because in their view their party cannot possibly lose the November presidential election - and will therefore reject the election results if their candidate fails to win that election? What gall and effrontery. What arrant nonsense. Why take Ghanaians for granted in such arrogant fashion?

What if voters decided that to prevent post-election violence they will neither vote for President Mahama nor the candidate of the biggest opposition party, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo: and sensibly cast their votes for Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom instead to give him a landslide victory in the presidential election? What then?

Let no politician in this country be under any illusion: They will never get away with setting Ghana ablaze.

There will be serious consequences for them individually. And there will be no appeasement from any quarter then - as Ghanaians demand their pound of flesh from them. Justice will definitely catch up with them.

And they will pay dearly for their crimes against the Ghanaian people as sure as day follows night. Why do they think patriotic and nationalistic individuals like Paa Kwesi Nduom say that they will probe all the regimes that have held power since the 4th Republic came into being?

In case it escapes middle-class Ghanaians, they ought to understand clearly that Ghana faces an existential threat from the intense rivaly between the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

That is why they must get off the fence and start demanding that all the political parties in Ghana purge their memberships of violence-prone and verbally-aggressive characters. Ghana belongs to all its people. It is not the private property of any political party.

It is imperative therefore that all Ghanaians work actively together to ensure that this nation remains peaceful and stable at all material times.

Men and women of good conscience in Ghana  have a moral responsibility to prevent politicians from destroying our homeland Ghana - by speaking out against intolerant and criticism-averse politicians: and demanding that political parties shun such morally-bankrupt individuals.

When amoral, super-ruthless, verbally-aggressive and violence-prone politicians start making veiled threats, directed at some judges in our nation's law courts, on the airwaves of FM radio stations, and start organising stone-throwing mobs to attack presidential convoys, we must all awaken to the danger Mother Ghana faces.

It is crucial at such a time that all men  and women of goodwill and good conscience in our country summon the courage to speak out and stand up  against violent types in our nation's politics - and do so before this November's elections.

In such circumstances it will be unwise and unjust on the part of our nation's men and women of good conscience and goodwill to choose to remain silent and allow Ghana to be set ablaze  by power-hungry and power-drunk politicians fighting for power. Such a national catastrophe and tragedy for our people must simply not be allowed to occur. Ghanaians do not deserve such a terrible fate. They deserve better.

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