Saturday, 17 December 2016

The NDC Must Look To The Future With Renewed Hope - And Put The Past Behind It

It would help the membership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), considerably,  if they ended the ongoing fratricidal blame-game in their party. In the long run no one in the party will benefit from it.

It serves no purpose whatsoever. It is divisive and will have a corrosive effect on internal party discipline and morale - at precisely the point when what is needed is unity of purpose that will help lift their spirits: in their defeated party's hour of extreme need, so to speak.

Instead of playing the blame-game they must rather focus on ending the NDC's days as a political party engaged in machine politics - and beholden to the vested interests sucking the very lifeblood out  of our beloved country.

That way the NDC can make machine-politics the sole preserve of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of the sly and hypocritical Sammy Awukus and John Boadus.

Incidentally, apparently, the Sammy Awukus think that their party of many dissemblers (the all-conquering NPP of the very superior and resource-rich-areas-preferring Yaw Osafo-Marfos),  will rule Ghana for a very long time to come - more or less turning our country into a virtual one party state. Some hope.

(It is instructive that although they are yet to be even sworn into office the Sammy Awukus have started dreaming of making Ghana a virtual one party state. Talk about hubris. We are extremely grateful to them for serving some of us notice. We shall fight them all the way to prevent tyranny-of-the-majority from being established in a Ghana under the NPP. Hmm, Ghana - eyeasem o: asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa. But I digress.)

A new strategy of disengagement from machine-politics will make the NDC an attractive political party for Ghana's educated younger generations - the vast majority of whom want the system in Ghana to be meritocratic: and therefore despise the nepotism and cronyism of pork-barrel politics and the high-level corruption it breeds and fosters.

The party's leaders ought to conduct research that will enable them produce the needed data to fashion policy ideas that will make the NDC a party of choice for young people - many of whom also want Ghana to be a peaceful and modern African nation devoid of cynical tribal-supremacist politicians and nation-wrecking tribalism.

To secure the NDC's future, the party requires honest and principled leaders, whose politics is underpinned by altruism and guided by an enduring dedication to empowering grassroots people to bootstrap their own individual successes.

It is such leaders that will fight to get an oppressive State off the backs of ordinary people - and plan for the provision of a level playing field that incentivizes hardworking Ghanaians: by allowing them to keep all the rewards of honest graft.

That is why the NDC must look for a new crop of thoroughly modern new young leaders - with leadership skills of the kind exhibited thus far by  Ms. Zenator Rawlings.

Though one counsels the NDC against playing the blame-game, an exception ought to be made - for it lies at the heart of the NDC's defeat at the elections.

The cynicism of the amoral genuises (particularly Stan Dogbe & Co) at the presidency ought to be pointed out and condemned in no uncertain terms - for it was their greed and arrogance that put off so many independent-minded Ghanaians: who might have plumped for the NDC during the elections of 7th December, 2016, but chose not to.

The impunity with they operated generally, and the abominable cynicism with which they approached good governance issues that cropped up - such as sole-sourcing procurement scandals like the Smarttys Management and Productions bus branding deal - during President Mahama's tenure must never be allowed to infect the NDC again.

Unfortunately, that perfidious lot at the presidency, were  forever insulting the intelligence of patriotic Ghanaians - yet many of those patriots they so disrespected are passionate and thinking-beings who care about Mother Ghana's well-being: and continously fight for the rights of ordinary people.

In light of all the above, if they are wise, the NDC's members will have an early national delegates congress to elect a new crop of leaders, who are men and women of unalloyed integrity - and then go on to select the Hon. Martin Amidu as the NDC's new national executive council's chairperson to lead the party into a brave new era.

That will set the tone for the NDC's future - one devoid of the impudence of the amoral and cynical Stan Dogbes: who are responsible for spreading the miasma that enveloped and eventually damaged the NDC of President Mahama, weakening it to the extent of losing an election the party could have won so easily with the right campaign narratives.

And to think those genuises wanted to destroy the Hon. Alban Bagbin - whose real value as a one-nation politician they never actually recognised. Pity. What bloody sods.

Now it is the Hon. Bagbin who will have to spearhead the very important task of protecting Ghanaians and their country from the excesses of the next New Patriotic Party administration from Parliament. Stan Dogbe & Co have finally been hoisted on their own petards.

At the end of the day it is honest stewardship - not endless propaganda - that secures ruling parties re-election in most democracies. The absurd notion that somehow power can be bought by the highest bidder ought to be dispelled forever in the NDC if it wants to govern Ghana again.

For that reason the most honest and principled NDC members must start afresh and rebuild their party from the political wilderness on the basis of  an NDC that provides leadership that promotes the welfare of ordinary people whiles pursuing and protecting the nation's best interests at all material times.

As a new era in a Ghana governed by yet another NPP administration, begins, the Ghanaian polity needs a strong and united opposition party to safeguard our nation's relatively young democracy, and protect the rights of ordinary people.

The reality of our nation's situation today, is that it is only the NDC that can prevent a possible tyranny-of-the-majority scenario, from emerging in a Ghana dominated by the NPP.

In light of that the NDC must look to the future with renewed hope. It must rebuild itself by reimagining its role in society and repurposing its core values to serving Mother Ghana faithfully at all material times - and put the unfortunate and egregious errors of judgement of the past that led to its 7th December, 2016, electoral defeat firmly  behind it.

(As a patriot who loves his country passionately one wishes that new NDC well when it finally emerges after the party's first post-election national delegates congress - whenever and wherever that all-important event takes place. Since this blog embraces the watchdog role of the media, as the fourth arm of government, we will be supportive of the new NDC going forward into the future. And like many in the NDC this blog also loathes the NPP's small group of tribal-supremacists who now dominate that party-of-many-hypocrites - which is why the NPP has a foe in me too.)

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