Monday, 5 December 2016

Why A Vote For Nduom Is A Vote For Uniting Ghanaians And Securing Ghana's Future

This election year, Ghanaians  must elect a new leader who will unite their country, and secure its future.

Alas, the challenge we face, is that the personal philosophy underpinning the actions and inactions of the vast majority of ordinary Ghanaians - when it comes to politics - is neatly encapsulated in that nation-wrecking phrase: "My tribe, my party, right or wrong!"

It is unfortunate that so many Ghanaians are still unable to comprehend the fact that if we do not have radical change on Wednesday, 7th December, 2016, our homeland Ghana will be doomed for a  very long time to come.

Simply replacing the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), as presently constituted, will not change Ghana, unfortunately. That  is a dead-end-path we must not opt for at this critical juncture of our nation's history.

For, whiles in the political wilderness, the NDC will definitely pay back the NPP with the same slash-and-burn tactics the NPP's extremists employed in carrying out their long-term strategy of sabotaging the nation-building effort during the NDC's 8 years in power, to make it unpopular and bring about regime-change that way, whiles the NPP was in the political wilderness itself.

It has obviously worked a treat for NPP extremists such as Bernard Antwi-Boasiako and Kennedy  Adjapong MP - but that nation-wrecking long-term  strategy's effects have been detrimental for our nation and its people.

As most discerning Ghanaians  are aware, the NDC/NPP duopoly that has dominated our nation's politics since  the 4th Republic came into being, is made up of two big political parties the dissembling-hardliners of which are specialists in the dissemination of fake news about each others' parties', through never-ending propaganda on the airwaves of television and FM radio stations across the nation - and  both parties are structured to collaborate with the selfsame vested interests sucking the very lifeblood out of our country: for their mutual benefit.

That is why as things currently stand, if elected to govern Ghana again, the NPP will simply take over the present system, lock stock and barrel - and replace all those grasping and mostly-incompetent NDC regime-cronies appointed to upper-echelon positions in public-sector entities,  by President Mahama & Co, with their own set of NPP square-pegs-in-round-holes.

It is called Kokofu-football-politricks.  In other words, the brutal gang-rape of Mother Ghana is set to continue if the NPP comes to power again, after the presidential and parliamentary elections. That will be disastrous for younger generation Ghanaians - who therefore ought to consider their collective future: and opt instead for an Nduom presidency to protect that future.

The question they must ponder over is: Why has the NPP's presidential candidate, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, deftly struck alliances and kept dissatisfied party members, in line, by reminding them that there are hundreds of upper echelon public-sector positions in the gift of Ghana's president?

With respect, is the cynical implication of that statement not an indirect way of saying that they could be appointed to any of those positions if they don't rock the boat -  by not expressing dissent publicly: to enable the NPP (in reality a party riven by personal animosities amongst its leading lights) come to power by presenting a seemingly united front to the world?

Is that not the selfsame kind of machine-politics resulting in the horse-trading and cynicism  destroying our nation today?

Ghanaians must never forget that like Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, the late President Mills, was also an incorruptible leader - yet his regime ended up being so corrupt it spawned the create-loot-and-share judgement debt scandals: including that of the GHc51.2 million paid unlawfully to the super-scoundrel Woyome.

That is why this blog boldly predicts that if the NPP is returned to power again, after Wednesday's presidential and parliamentary elections, high-level corruption will worsen from 7th January, 2017 onwards. And many disappointed Ghanaians will regret not plumping for Nduom by casting their votes to help elect  him into office as President of the Republic of Ghana.

This blog has no doubt whatsoever that the new NPP regime will  gradually evolve into  a lucrative  family business - controlled by the greediest  of the incorruptible  Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo's blood relations. Their iron grip on party finances is the writing on the wall - and a harbinger of things to come: their family's golden age of business.

It will put the golden age of business for the perfidious Kufuor & Co's blood relatives and regime-cronies in the shade for sure.

That is why the question that younger generation Ghanaians must  ponder over is: Why do the John Boadus, Freddie Blays, the Bernard Antwi-Boasiakos and the rest of them, refuse to publicly publish their assets and those of their spouses before the elections - and why it is that they are so adamant that they will also not reveal the sources of the NPP's campaign funds to the world?

Additionally, this blog also predicts that if the NPP comes to power, as sure as day follows night,  the Akyem Abuakwa  State Council will grow wings and become insufferable  and incredibly arrogant - as  its acolytes roam parts of the Eastern Region laying claim to vast tracts of registered land held in private hands. That will definitely lead to violence in such areas.

Younger generation voters who are educated, and are capable of independent-thinking, ought to realise that simply turfing out the NDC regime of President Mahama, and replacing it with an NPP regime poised to take over the system and exploit it for the benefit of its key members, and their cronies, is not real change that benefits our country and its people.

In that sense, voting the NPP into power, will rather be a retrogressive step. It will not be change for the better. Yet a change of government is a must this election year.

Nduom is the real deal for the change we actually  need: He will help create a new Ghana in which hard work always pays and gives one a better life - not personal advancement secured through party affiliation and whom at the top of society one knows:  which the NDC/NPP duopoly's egregious nepotism represents.

In a Ghana under an Nduom presidency, all honest and innovative entrepreneurs - running micro-scale; small-scale; medium-scale; and large-scale businesses - will be able to thrive and prosper.

That is because for the first time Ghanaians will have as their president, a very successful businessperson, who knows the exact conditions needed by private-sector players to enable them create wealth that remains in the country, and generate jobs galore that will enable young people to have the opportunity to earn a decent living and save for their individual futures.

Under an Nduom presidency, the most honest and principled Ghanaians, and the nation's best minds - irrespective of their party affiliation - with solid track records of individual achievements, will be brought into government to help transform Ghana.

That is why a vote for Nduom is a vote for uniting our nation and securing its future. Amongst all those standing for the presidency on Wednesday, December 7th, it is only Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, who will be able to bring about the radical systemic change needed to transform Ghana into an African equivalent of the egalitarian societies of Scandinavia. We rest our case.

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