Thursday, 24 May 2018

A Police Force With A Mentality-Of-Serfs That Acts As If The Nation Is The Personal Fiefdom Of Its Elected Leaders Can Never Become World-Class

The unpardonable impudence of a smug and arrogant man, who dared slander Anansekrom's president in his boastful remarks to foreign carpetbaggers, is a classic example of the behind-the-scenes goings-on in the opaque world of Anansekrom party financing.

Alas, it is a murky world  full of  super-wealthy criminal-types, who delude themselves into thinking that politicians (across the spectrum) are in their pockets - because they fund their parties' election campaigns -  and that Anansekrom is their plaything and a veritable cash-cow,  which will provide them countless public procurement "restrictive-tender" contract opportunities to send their net worth to stratospheric heights, once regime-change occurs after national elections.

That boastful and arrogant so-and-so, overstepped the mark, clearly because he thought he had finally graduated from piling up bagfuls of kickback-cash regularly from betting syndicates growing super-rich through the 'accurate' prediction of the results of fixed Anansekrom soccer league matches, to bagging massive commission-cash from big-ticket infrastructure projects. Moronic arsehole.

And why did the Anansekrom Police Service bend over backwards to spare that moronic arsehole the ignominy of having his photograps taken by the mostly-corrupt Anansekrom media (by sneeking him in through a back-door-route away from the CID HQ's courtyard) - sections of which have over the years refused to ask how that moronic areshole was able to loan a once-upon-a-time-pal of his in the construction sector as much as U.S.$600,000 - a hefty sum Anansekrom's hapless tax authorities apparently knew absolutely nothing about, incidentally? Time for them to question him about its sources, surely?

There has also been a lot of talk lately about transforming the Anansekrom Police Service into a world-class police force. Hmmm, eyeasem o. Surely, if its upper echelons continue to show signs that they are afflicted by the mentality-of-serfs-syndrome, and therefore  act as if they think Anansekrom is the personal fiefdom of its elected leaders, who must therefore be protected from losing face at all costs at all material times - even when they brazenly break the nation's laws in egregious acts of grand corruption -  by 'managing' investigations and whitewashing subsequent  reports into alleged crimes committed by ruling party bigwigs, no such transformation of  the Anansekrom Police Service into a world-class police force will ever take place? Haaba.

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