Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Anas Amereyaw Deserves Praise - Not Condemnation By Greedy And Hypocritical Individuals

It is extraordinary that those busy pillorying Anas  Amereyaw miss a salient point. Do they not understand that for common-good-reasons sometimes the only way to expose corrupt individuals is to entrap them? Are they so otherworldly and innocent about the wily ways of the greed-filled crooked-folk-in-high-places bleeding our homeland  Ghana dry? Ebeeii.

Surely, the Hon. Kennedy Adjapong is not so naive and  boneheaded as to think that corrupt judges will willingly tell Anas Amereyaw - on their own volition  - that they are corrupt individuals who can be bought to bend the course of justice? Haaba.

There is a world of difference between framing up the innocent and going for the crooks-in-high-places ruining our country with their greed by entrapping them. The former is unethical the latter necessary for the common weal - and therefore acceptable morally.

And has the Hon. Kennedy Adjapong forgotten that some of the judges Anas Amereyaw and his investigative team  baited  - the honest and principled ones - swiftly drove them away incensed at the thought that anyone could think they could be bought? One is either honest or one isn't. Full stop. Case closed.

And this  selfsame Hon. Kennedy Adjapong - an uncouth and boastful character forever insulting those who annoy him who aren't well-off as "useless" beings - is outraged that Anaa Amereyaw, a hardworking and resourceful fellow paid in foreign currency for most of his work, has been so astute as to invest his earnings wisely in sundry landed properties?

Is it not arrant nonsense  for anyone  to draw the conclusion that because he allegedly owns a multiplicity of properties Anas Amereyaw must be corrupt? Bully for him that he is a wealthy man. Being wealthy is not a crime in Ghana after all, is it? Not yet, at any rate - thank God for small mercies.

Anas Amereyaw is a patriot serving his nation the only way he knows how - by using all means necessary to enable him help  root out grand corruption in our country: by exposing those "Chopping Ghana small!" to quote a pidgin English phrase of infamy in our homeland Ghana's chequered history. In so doing, Anas Amereyaw deserves  praise, not condemnation by  greedy and  hypocritical individuals. Haaba.

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