Monday, 30 January 2012


It is rare to see a politician move with the speed of lightening, when given a good idea. Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom did a wise thing in setting up his own political party, the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP).

Now he must think outside the box - and make it a party offering hope for ordinary Ghanaian families, and above all, Ghana's educated younger generation. Ditto those young Ghanaians who because their families could not afford it, did not have the opportunity to get an education, beyond the junior secondary level.

In suggesting that he set up his own party, when problems between Nduom and the current leadership of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) came to a head, not too long ago, those of us who made that suggestion, did so because we were hoping that he would see the wisdom in persuading Mr. Kofi Annan to use his new party as a national platform-of-unity to lead Ghana.

So, today, at the risk of sounding presumptuous yet again, my humble advice to him, if he wants a political game-changer, is to do everything in his power, to make his party a platform for the former Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Mr. Kofi Annan, to become a candidate in the December 2012 presidential election.

To succeed in December, he must shun the old Ghanaian political model of relying on money-grabbers - the so-called "foot soldiers" - those shameless individuals who do not understand that politics is about service to Ghana and one's fellow citizens, not a chance to grab "awoof-money".

Alas, the PPP is presently jam-packed with many of that kind - who have abandoned the CPP to follow him: no doubt hoping to lay hands on some of his zillions. He does not need to be told that many of them are mercenary individuals, who simply see politics as a wealth-creation opportunity.

To succeed in the December elections, he must use a new political organisational model - and discard the old-model-politics, in which wealthy rogues rely on the support of millions of individuals who behave like lemmings: the "My-party-my-tribe-right-or-wrong" myrmidon-types, to win power.

The PPP must become the thinking person's party. To achieve that, Nduom must concentrate on wooing tens of thousands of young idealistic university students countrywide - and get them to volunteer to join the crusade to help elect Mr. Kofi Annan, as Ghana's next president.

His task is to make them understand clearly that electing a President Kofi Annan and Vice President Paa Kwesi Nduom, is the best way to secure their own individual futures, in present-day Ghana.

They must be made to understand that volunteering to help elect Mr. Kofi Annan as Ghana's president, will be a wise move for them personally. Ghana needs real change - not the present musical-chairs-politics, in which one set of rip-off merchants replace another set of rip-off merchants, to take their turn at bleeding our nation dry.

They must be made to see the wisdom in putting the destiny of Ghana into the hands of a different kind of leadership: truly world-class individuals, who can begin the transformation of our homeland Ghana, and make it a nation of opportunity - in which all those who work hard can always succeed.

In other words they must help launch a moral revolution in our homeland Ghana, no less - and banish from the Ghanaian polity, Kufuor & Co.'s endless nepotism and egregious tribalism: that blighted the prospects of millions of ordinary people in our country; destroyed the moral fabric of Ghanaian society and pulled our united nation of diverse-ethnicity apart so blatantly.

The question is: is Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom willing to make the ultimate personal sacrifice for Mother Ghana? One hopes so. The PPP has a historic opportunity to give Ghana a new start - if it gives Ghanaians the opportunity to elect a President Kofi Annan and a Vice President Paa Kwesi Nduom: a truly world class leadership, in the Nkrumah-mould.

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