Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Many of the rogues of yesteryear, who bled our country dry during the golden age of business for Kufuor & Co., are now brimming with new-found confidence. It would appear that somehow they have been suddenly emboldened - which is why we have seen a ratcheting up of attacks on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) regime of President Mills, of late.

And it is being done in relentless fashion - because many of them apparently firmly believe that they finally have the Mills regime reeling on the ropes, as it were. So they are now looking to delivering the killer-punch - which they hope will permanently floor the Mills regime.

Clearly, they see that killer punch, in the controversy they have succeeded in creating around the Woyome judgement-debt payment palaver. But the question is: Is that indeed the political equivalent of the perfect knockout punch, that they think it is?

Their over-confidence is now making many of them incredibly reckless - leading them to make all manner of wild allegations, at every opportunity they have to do so, on radio and television.

But if the NDC is clever, that miscalculation by some of the more voluble members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), could end up tying those hypocrites, up, in the law courts, for most part of this year.

For any patriot who loves Mother Ghana, and still remembers the endless abuse of power by Kufuor & Co., it is irritating in the extreme, for example, to hear those who were regularly benefiting from the US$ 1.5 millions monthly government subsidy, for that international airline industry equivalent of a dodo, Ghana International Airlines (GIA), attacking President Mills - a man of such unalloyed character and integrity, whose regime was left to pick up the pieces and sort out that dreadful corporate mess, which the rip-off rogues of yesteryear, deliberately killed-off Ghana Airways, for.

Naturally, there are those who will say that Woyome's lawyers are on the right track - and must go about the business of suing all those who slander their client, in ruthless fashion.

No one who remembers the unfathomable greed that underpinned the eight years, which the tenure of Kufuor & Co. lasted for, and during which decisions were often taken, not because they would benefit Ghana, but only because certain powerful individuals would benefit from the execution of particular projects, will not be alarmed that such unrepentant rogues might ride to power again, by successfully hiding their crooked past: in a nation notorious for forgetting negative and painful past events, so quickly.

That is why every time one hears those responsible for nation-wrecking outrages, such as the deliberate killing-off of Ghana Airways, in order to asset-strip it, one wonders at the barefaced cheek, hypocrisy and cynicism of those who clearly see political power, as a means to an end: a perfect wealth-creation resource, to enable them send their personal net worth into the stratosphere - rather than an opportunity to help make a difference for our country and all its people.

The question is: Why should we allow those who authored that shabby and mysterious Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO) story-of-gargantuan-fraud, in which Norske Hydro and VALE, were said to have formed a joint-venture partnership, International Aluminium Partners (IAL), to purchase VALCO, when in fact nothing of the sort had been agreed, and furthermore, no such entity actually existed, to return to power again - when they haven't yet paid for that egregious crime against Mother Ghana?

It is such a pity that so many Ghanaians have forgotten that during the golden age of business for Kufuor & Co., a determined attempt was made, to grab a stake in VALCO, without paying a pesewa upfront for it - by the selfsame faceless-rip -off-merchants, who found perfect legal-fronts, to enable them successfully hide the fact that high-level-abuse-of-office had enabled them to purloin part of the jubilee oilfield: through sleight of hand manoeuvring, done in tandem with corrupt foreign oil company executives?

Incidentally, it will be interesting to know the extent of the asset-stripping that has gone on, since Kaiser Aluminium and ALCOA were bought out by the Ghanaian nation-state - and precisely who have acquired VALCO's choicest residential and other properties, following their exit. Hmm, Ghana - eyeasem oo!

The idea that such clever self-seekers, interested only in the acquisition of wealth through a deliberate policy of pork-barrel power-play-politricks, in the award of major contracts in our country, are seeking to return to power again, by successfully cloaking the unfathomable greed that underpins everything they do, in the very respectable clothing of newly-found-concern-for-Mother-Ghana, is painful and very worrying indeed.

It appears that they are indeed getting away with past crimes and might even successfully return to power again (God forbid!), by cleverly wrapping themselves up in that very special silken kente cloth - otherwise known as forever-protecting-the-national-interest-kente. The idea that through such cynicism and subterfuge, they might return to power again (God forbid!), simply doesn't bear thinking.

Who does not know, for example, dear reader, that contracts awarded to companies perceived to be sympathetic to their opponents, even within the NPP, such as a contract for a solar-powered irrigation project, which was casually abrogated arbitrarily, because the promoters of the company that won it, were seen as being sympathetic to those NPP members whom Kufuor & Co., were not particularly enamoured of?

The ruthless cabal that controlled the NPP regime of Kufuor & Co., is easily the most dishonest; the greediest by far; and the most sly group of self-seeking politicians, ever to dominate a ruling political party elected into office in this country, since Nkrumah was overthrown in 1966.

Under no circumstances must they be allowed to return to power again, for they will end up asset-stripping Ghana completely - to yet further enrich themselves, members of their family clans, their bottom-power girlfriends, and the tax-dodging oligarchs who hide their wealth for them in special purpose offshore entities. A word to the wise...

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