Saturday, 4 February 2012


The savagery of the Dark Ages has no place in the Ghanaian polity. It is therefore important that all the members of Ghana's political class understand clearly that ours is a civilised nation - not for us the violence and chaos of other nations on the continent and elsewhere in the world.

That is why it is intolerable that politicians who seek to rule our nation one day, should constantly make reference to possible actions by their supporters, which can only result in chaos, death and destruction across Ghana.

Perhaps politicians like the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) national youth organiser, Mr. Anthony Karbo, who constantly use weapons-grade words and phrases, do not actually yet fully understand, that Ghana's stability and its reputation as a peaceful and well-functioning multi-party democracy, is priceless - and vital for the continued flow of both private local and foreign direct investment into our nation's economy.

The Anthony Karbos, who constantly issue threats to their political opponents that cause tension in Ghanaian society, need to remember that those in our country, who, rather than resort to the law courts to resolve electoral disputes, elect instead, to urge their supporters to resort to violent protest against disputed election results, risk paying a very high price indeed, for their selfishness and arrogance in risking Ghana's stable political climate in their power-at-all-costs quest to rule our nation.

They must not think for a moment that they are invincible. They aren't in the slightest - and although verbally aggressive and prone to physical violence on occasion, indeed are very vulnerable beings.

Let us remind politicians of that ilk, that today, we are in an age when drone pilots of our allies, sitting thousands of miles away, can mount surgical strikes, to take out those selfish individuals in our country, who would seek to carry out a hidden agenda that can only result in our nation descending into violence and chaos - merely in order to satisfy their unbridled lust for power.

Ghana does not need such violent, unprincipled and amoral individuals: whose breathtaking arrogance, seems to make them think that ruling Ghana is their birthright. Well, actually, it is not - surprising though that might be to those sodden megalomaniacs.

(Incidentally, today, even primary school children all over Ghana, are aware, that inherited privilege is the greatest enemy of meritocracy. Who wants to have anything to do with a backward and hidebound system, which routinely used to murder innocents in ritual-killings, and, even as we speak, still enslaves others - potential doctors, engineers, research scientists, lawyers, economists, writers, etc. - in order to maintain itself and persist in its present discredited form, I ask, dear reader? But I digress!)

Above all, let those verbally-violent politicians in our midst remember, that civilised people out-think and out-smart those they come up against, in politics. Its brains, not brawn, that matter in today's world of competitive African politics.

For their information, actually, this is a constitutional democracy and a modern African nation-state, which is a unitary Republic - we are not a federation of feudal-style states, in which violent war lords, own personal fiefdoms full of serfs beholden to tribal Chieftains (all of whom, as we all know, owe their positions in society to accidents of birth and history, not merit).

Those of us who love Mother Ghana passionately, will not tolerate any violence - either before, during, or after, the December polls. Let the Anthony Karbos beware: There are patriotic and nationalistic officers in the Ghana Armed Forces, who love Mother Ghana passionately, and who in the face of supine and spineless political leadership, will not hesitate to intervene swiftly, to ensure the maintenance of law and order throughout Ghana - wherever in our country widespread violence flares up, as a result of disputed election results.

Mr. Anthony Karbo and politicians of his ilk (across Ghana's political spectrum), will be the first to feel the full force of the Leviathan that is the Ghanaian nation-state, were our country to face an existentialist threat as a result of electoral violence sparked by them in December. They must not tempt fate, whatever they do.

The savagery of the Dark Ages has no place in the civilised and modern African nation-state of diverse-ethnicity, which Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (of blessed memory) founded. Let the Anthony Karbos of Ghana's political world, revise their power-seeking-notes, pretty quickly. They are in for a rude awakening, otherwise. A word to the wise...

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