Monday, 9 April 2012

To The Owners of

I am emailing you to demand that you remove all my articles from your plagiarising website immediately - and also remove my name from your list of columnists.

I am outraged that despite emailing you hours ago to point out the fact that my article entitled "HAND OVER INTERCITY STC TO GHANA'S MILITARY - THEY WILL KEEP NATION MOVING IN ANY FUTURE TRANSPORT SECTOR STRIKE" has been wrongly attributed to a Dr. Thaddeus Ulzen, when it is my original work, nothing has been done about it.

Your inaction is tantamount to theft of my intellectual property - something that I will not tolerate under any circumstances.

Please note that I shall not contact you again. If my justifiable demands are not met by your website, I shall refer the matter to my lawyers without further recourse to you. Be warned.

Kofi Thompson.
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