Saturday, 22 April 2017

Bravo To The More Responsible Sections Of The Ghanaian Media On Earth Day!

The Ghanaian media appears to have suddenly  become alive to its responsibilities to society. It is a positive development that we must all commend them for.

No nation in Africa can remain a democracy for long if the media in that country fail to play their watchdog role in society. No question.

By joining the war against illegal gold mining, the media has helped to finally turn the tide of public opinion against illegal gold miners right across the country.

The media's intervention has elicited the support of the vast majority of ordinary Ghanaians, for the current government's determined efforts at ending the existential threat posed to society's long-term future, by the destructive activities of   illegal gold miners, once and for all.

Incredibly, illegal miners are now on the retreat nationwide. Yet, hitherto, they had been a law unto themselves - poisoning soils, streams, rivers and groundwater across vast swathes of the Ghanaian countryside, with complete impunity.

On Earth Day 2017 this blog says kudos to the Ghanaian media for vowing to stop illegal gold mining and resolving to help protect the remainder of Ghana's natural heritage.

Bravo to the more  responsible sections of Ghana's media landscape!

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