Sunday, 30 April 2017

Those Trying To Destroy Ibrahim Mahama From The Shadows Must Not Be Allowed To Succeed

As a people we must encourage Ghanaian entrepreneurs - so that their dynamism and creativity will help transform our nation in the shortest time possible.

If we want an entreprebeurial culture to evolve in Ghana, it should never be the case that hardworking individuals running businesses providing jobs for hundreds of young people, are hounded for political reasons.

Ibrahim Mahama is a case in point. It is now pretty obvious that there are dark forces at work trying hard to destroy him - come what may. But they will fail. For sure.

There are powerful forces in this new era ranged against him that Ibrahim ought to be wary of - and work hard to thwart.

In light of that secret agenda to destroy Ibrahim, come hell or high water, former President Mahama must now use his own personal network to rescue his brother.

Former President Mahama must find partners willing to inject cash into his brother Ibrahim's businesses - to enable him stabalise his diverse conglomerate as it goes through turbulence: and faces strong headwinds.

Ibrahim Mahama is neither a crook nor a criminal.That is a fact. And for anyone  to try to make out that somehow he is a rogue who milked Ghana dry is outrageous. And abominable.

In any case, whatever difficulties Ibrahim Mahama faces today, result directly from his generous sponsorship of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over the years - mainly for his elder brother former President Mahama's sake.

The question is: Is it the case that a hardworking and humble  gentleman renowned for his generous nature, and famous for his preparedness to help those facing temporary  difficulties, today faces a temporary difficulty himself?

If that indeed is the case then let his elder brother for whom he made sacrifice upon upon sacrifice when he was Ghana's leader, step up to the plate and find help from outside the country to bail him out.

There is no law preventing him from doing so, is there? From what is going on, the plain truth is that many in Ghana will be surprised if any of formepr President Mahama's  brother Ibrahim's companies are paid what the Republic of Ghana owes them.

Alas, the aim of Ibrahim's powerful enemies is to cripple his businesses - and eventually have him put behind bars. Precious few in this regime will try to stop them - for obvious reasons.

That is why fair-minded Ghanaians must not allow those trying so hard to destroy Ibrahim Mahama from the shadows  to succeed in their aim. They must not succeed in destroying Ibrahim Mahama. And they will not. Insha Allah.

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