Saturday, 29 April 2017

Should Patriotic Ghanaians Be Grateful To Jon Benjamin Britain's High Commissioner To Ghana?

When today the U.S. has a president who tweets his thoughts to the world on a regular basis,  is it any wonder that Britain's high commissioner to Ghana, Mr Jon Benjamin, is a diplomat who enjoys the fun-loving lifestyles and welcoming natures of the citizens of the modern African nation, to which he is accredited?

The classic stuffy, stiff upper-lipped diplomat of yesteryear, representing Britain in the Ghana of today, will not make many friends for Britain. That is for sure.

This blog is of the view that Jon Benjamin has been one of the most effective diplomats accredited to Ghana by the government of Great Britain, ever. He has been phenomenal. And cool.

We must thank him for naming and shaming the hypocrites-in-Parliament, who stooped so low as to embroil themselves in shabby connection-man-schemes, in which diplomatic passports were deployed to get constituents, friends and family  members visas allowing them entry into the UK - so they could overstay,  work and live illegally in the UK. Disgraceful.

The question is: After the revealation of this scandalous and egregious abuse of diplomatic passports by some MPs, what sane Ghanaian in the upper reaches of society, will be prepared to risk their good name by becoming  enmeshed in the visa  applications of dubious people whose sole aim is to obtain visas to enable them  overstay,  live and work illegally in the countries they obtain those visas to visit as tourists?

Henceforth, it will be well nigh impossible to find any important  person in Ghanaian society willing to allow  his or her good name to be dragged through the mud by dishonest people wanting to use them to obtain  visas to go and live illegally abroad. That is as it should be. We expect priveleged people to be positive role models not fraudsters.

We owe Jon Benjamin a huge debt of gratitude for this new development in Ghanaian society. Thanks to him, going forward into the future,  decency will rule OK in high society when it comes to visa applications to travel abroad.  Fantastic.
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