Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Let Us Live In Harmony With Mother Nature In Our Homeland Ghana

Yesterday was World Environment Day. Ghanaians must  give thanks to God Almighty that their country has a new leader committed to preserving what is left of their nation's natural heritage.

Africans lived in harmony with Mother Nature before the arrival of the first Euoropeans on  the continent's white-sanded beaches that hug its shoreline.

Over the decades Europeans eventually  became aware of an astonishing  continental landmass hosting the most amazing  biodiversity of flora and fauna found anywhere in our one biosphere the planet Earth.

Living in harmony with Mother Nature is a positive way of life and personal philosophy we must rekindle amongst Ghana's dynamic younger generations - for it will serve them well, and, above all, ensure a good quality of life for the vast majority of  them in the long-term.

It ought to interest younger generation Ghanaians, for example, that Thailand earned as much as US$71 billion from a total of over 31 million visitors. Surely, ecotourism can provide a viable green alternative to the abominable surface gold mining operations across our nation, which are relentlessly destroying what is left of Ghana's natural heritage?

Surely, for that singular reason, the remainder of Ghana's natural heritage ought to be seen by all of us a priceless national  asset on which could be anchored an expanding ecotourism industry employing millions across our country and which creates wealth that stays in Ghana and is spread nationwide too?

We must not allow less than a million super-ruthless, greedy and selfish individuals - out of about some 25 millions souls - who don't care one jot about the effect of their actions on their fellow humans, and on the natural environment, to destroy what is left of our nation's priceless natural heritage, by engaging in surface gold mining (both legally and illegally) in their quest for untold riches, most of which stays hidden from the tax authorities.

Let us live in harmony with Mother Nature. Above all, we must prevent greedy and selfish gold miners from destroying our collective future as a people and threaten the long-term well-being of Mother Ghana.

We must never allow less than one million gold miners to destroy the collective future of 25 million Ghanaians. Full stop. We must live in harmony with Mother Nature in our homeland Ghana. Period. Haaba.
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