Thursday, 8 June 2017

Locate Monument Honouring Major Maxwell Mahama's Memory At The Exact Spot Where He Was Killed

If a monument is to be erected to honour the memory of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, it should be sited precisely where he was slain by his alleged killers.

In furtherance of that the Ghana Army's 48 Engineers Regiment should be tasked to prepare the area where the monument will be erected as soon as practicable.

A large cemented car park close to the site of the monument will be needed - with a covered walkway leading from there to the monument.

The car park (which should charge small amounts for vehicles parking there) will provide funds for the monument's maintenance and to pay for the training of local people as tour guides. A visitor centre for educational purposes ought to be built there. Officials of the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) ought to man it, for that reason.

The object of the exercise should be to make it possible for visitors from around the world to visit (all year round) what will be  a permanent reminder to all Ghanaians that if we are to remain a democracy, we must learn to be tolerant of each other's foibles; remain law-abiding always, and be compassionate to our fellow humans at all material times.

Over time, the area will doubtless become a well-visited tourist attraction.

That will help transform the local economy into a green and more sustainable one than the illegal gold mining and illegal logging  that apparently  provide jobs for some of the young people who live there.

Honourable Benjamin Aryeh,  a former member of Parliament for Upper Denkyira-West, the constituency where the town in which the late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama is reported to have met his untimely death, Denkyira-Oboase,  recently made an impassioned plea on behalf of those who live there - asking  the nation at large not to think of the inhabitants as monsters who kill.

In his view they are like the inhabitants of other towns and villages across the country - because the population is made up of good people and some very bad individuals.

Let us hope that their moment of madness, which  led to a swift descent into egregious  violence that ended up in the brutal murder of a serving military officer on a  national assigment there, will be the turning point in their transformation into peace-loving and law-abiding citizens of the Republic of Ghana.

Locating the monument honouring the memory of Major Adam Mahama in their community will daily remind Ghanaians of the dangers faced by those who serve Mother Ghana in the security agencies. It will also help the people of Denkyira-Oboase to become more compassionate  human beings and law-abiding citizens of our homeland Ghana.
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