Friday, 9 June 2017

The Political Holy Grail For The NDC To Figure Out

When faced with existential threats, all well-led groups with wise elders and leaders, quickly unite to overcome those threats. And so must it be with the deeply-riven National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In our democracy today, as the largest and most viable of the opposition parties, perforce, it is mostly to the NDC that must now  fall the critical task of protecting our freedoms and ensuring that the national interest is safeguarded, at all material times.

Indeed, in a sense, it is the NDC that stands between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the possible emergence of a  tyranny-of-the-majority political situation in our homeland Ghana.

That horrifying prospect could become harsh reality (God forbid) if the NPP's closet tribal-supremacist, anti-democratic hardliners and the small but powerful cabal of verbally-aggressive extremist politicians succeed in undercutting the moderate one-nation politicians who - thank God - currently make up the majority in the governing party and dominate it.

The task facing the NDC in reuniting around a solid, incorruptible and principled figure acceptable to all the various groupings in the party  is enormous but not unsurmountable. As things currently stand only a miracle can bring the NDC to power again in 2020.

To be successful in making itself attractive again to the vast majority of ordinary people in Ghana, the NDC's different factions ought to put aside their differences and unite to formulate policies that will resonate with those Ghanaians who have not benefitted from the democracy dividend thus far, and now feel entitled to their fair share of the fruits of democratic governance in Ghana.

If the NDC can figure out how to champion the cause of that particular demographic without piling up yet more debt and bankrupting the nation in the process, it might stand the chance of  winning power again in 2024.

Perhaps a look at some of the ideas advanced on the websites of the UK's Positve Money advocacy group and that of the International Movement for Monetary Reform, will help them in that regard. The NDC's thought-leaders will definitely have to step out of the shadow of conventional economic thinking going forward into the future.

How to empower those at the base-of-the-pyramid demographic in Ghana to bootstrap their own prosperity is the political Holy Grail that if its cleverest members can figure out will ensure a return  to power again for a revitalised NDC with a new leadership made up of  incorruptible and principled servant-leader-types from Ghana's dynamic, highly-intelligent  and well-educated younger generations. Food for thought.

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