Thursday, 15 June 2017

When Will OccupyGhana And Other One-Nation Groups And Patriotic Individuals Unite To Fight For Power?

The Supreme Court's unanimous decison - on Wednesday - ordering the Auditor General to surcharge those in the system who misappropriate public funds is a landmark  ruling by the Judiciary.

And in taking the matter to court and obtaining that favourable judgement by the Supreme Court,  leading  activist group, OccupyGhana, has made the single most important contribution to the fight against high-level in Ghana, since the 4th Republic came into being. Literally.

The founders of OccupyGhana have definitely earned their political spurs and can now be counted  amongst the most important  national figures in the world of Ghanaian politics today.

The activism of OccupyGhana is a harbinger of things to come.

It will spawn similar groups in a new era in which Ghanaian society will be driven by selfless individuals who fight in resolute fashion for their nation to become a meritocracy -  in which neither political affiliation nor ethnic heritage figure in one's advancement in national life.

And the fact that what they do is also actually funded entirely by resources they themselves marshall, is the most extraordinary thing about members of OccupyGhana.

That personal sacrifice for the common weal illustrates perfectly the can-do spirit and love of country that inspires them.

The question is: Has the time not now come for OccupyGhana's members to start seeing themselves as potential leaders of Ghana, too?

Our nation desperately needs leaderrs who are one-nation politicians - for whom in the matter of appointments to the upper echelons of public-sector entities the political backgrounds of Ghanaian citizens  is of no consequence whatsoever.

What matters most to such leaders is that all those appointed to public-sector positions in our nation are the best qualified and most suitable individuals to serve Mother Ghana.

The question is: When will those public-spirited individuals  in our nation - such as the Ace Ankomahs and the Sidney Casely-Hayfords  -  who understand clearly how Ghana is hobbled by the polarisation resulting from the intense rivalry between the constituent parties that make up the NPP/NDC duopoly that have  dominated our nation's politics  in the 4th Republican era, start uniting in order to win power as a one-nation coalition in a government of national unity?

For example, it might be in the  national interest  for OccupyGhana to collaborate with Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom (in his private capacity - not as leader of the Progressive People's Party (PPP) ) to organise a Senchi-style confab of one-nation Ghanaians, who are notable doers and achievers, as well as world-class individuals, at Nduom's Elmina Coconut Grove Hotel.

The object of that conference should be to deliberate on the state of the nation and come up with suitable resolutions to help President Akufo-Addo steer the ship of state safely through the stormy weather it is now contending with.

Nation-builders such as Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Pastor Mensah Otabil - who will be there not for religious reasons but solely because they have created well-run organisations that  are world-class - and business leaders from all the sectors of our national economy, ought to be invited to attend.

A future government of national unity,  led by a President Nduom, in which Sidney Casely-Hayford, Ace Ankomah, Doug Heward-Mills, Mensah  Otabil and Ashesi University's Patrick Awuah serve as cabinet ministers, will change the face of Ghanaian politics forever.

Only such a regime will  succeed in finally transforming our homeland Ghana into a prosperous society.

The question is: When will one-nation activist groups such as OccupyGhana unite with other one-nation civil society organisations and  individuals, to fight for power to change our homeland Ghana into a well-run country with a well-managed national economy, and finally bring relief to long-suffering Ghanaians?

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