Saturday, 12 August 2017

From: "GrahamK83"

     Subject: Worms
     Dear worm enthusiasts,

     It is quite a while since receiving any info on worm projects.
     The email below from MOUGABE KOSLENGAR has got me searching the Web for more info.
     I hope some of you will assist him!

     I found;

    Refugee camps Angus McBride, a water and sanitation engineer with the charity’s global humanitarian team, is based in Ethiopia’s Jewi refugee camp, which houses around 50,000 refugees who have fled the fighting in south Sudan. The camp was constructed more than a year ago and is so large that it has four schools. Mud huts have replaced the primitive plastic shelters which originally housed the refugees, with some people growing their own vegetables around their houses.

     The tiger worm toilets in the Jewi refugee camp are primitive but effective
      “Tiger worm toilets are very simple: if they weren’t then they would probably be inappropriate for the context,” said Mr McBride, 28, who is from Fife in Scotland.
     “The worms look after themselves, and are happy to sit in a pit below the toilet eating everything that lands on them.
      “It’s also very quick and easy to build.

     Each toilet needs around 1kg of tiger worms to function properly, so Mr McBride has been buying large amounts from a university in Addis Ababa.
     He is currently trialling another species found in the soil locally, which may in future provide a totally free alternative.
     “If these work as well as we hope, I can see a point in the future where all of the toilets Oxfam builds in refugee camps are worm toilets.
     It’s so simple it’s a no-brainer,” he added.

    Read more at:

     Also see;


     Graham K

     P.S. I hope we will soon have plans of these 'simple' toilets so our many contacts in remote parts will be able to improve their latrines!

     Dear Graham

     Greetings from Ouagadougou

     I'm still running my small wormery linked to my PhD on optimizing household worm based Toilet for arid context.
     I'm now in the process to identify the locally available composting earthworm and I wonder if you know anyone
     who can help me to formally identify the composting species I'm have down here in Burkina Faso.

     I'm ready to share photo if you can help.

    Looking forward to hear from you

     WASH Specialist
     UNICEF Ouagadougou, Immeuble des Nations Unies
     P.O. Box 3420 Ouagadougou 01 – Burkina Faso
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     Skype: mougabe.koslengar
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    Franko Green
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