Thursday, 23 November 2017

Ashesi University Student Research Team Engineers Non-Toxic Biological Alternative To Traditional Mining Methods - That Is Capable Of Extracting Gold From Ore

The  available talent pool  amongst our homeland Ghana's younger generations is truly world-class.  As a people we must nurture our talented young people's many gifts - for they are the ones who will help transform Ghana into a prosperous society.

That is why this blog is particularly keen to see the Ghanaian media highlighting the work being done at the exceptional  tertiary educational institutions in our country, such as  Ashesi University - which has set itself the  goal  of educating ethical leaders for Africa.

To progress, Ghana needs a private-sector  led by entrepreneurs who place a premium on ethical behaviour and believe that  corporate good governance principles ought to underpin all businesses.

Alas, a private-sector full of crooks is worse than useless - for in the long-term nothing of  lasting value to society can emerge from such rogue  businesses.

An example of some of the bleeding-edge technology emerging from Ashesi University, recently ended up leading to the award of the Chairman's Award and  a silver medal,  for an Ashesi  student research team - led by Lena Rosca who is a senior lecturer -  that participated in the first global synthetic biology competition, which  took place earlier this month in the American city of Boston.

We hope that officials of the Ghana Chamber of Mines and the Minerals Commission will encourage players in the gold mining sector of our national  economy  to support the research work that won the Chairman's Award and silver medal for the said Ashesi student team at Boston.

Companies in the gold mining industry  ought to fund the research work and ensure that it is scaled up  and can be leveraged by the industry here and the rest of the globe. For the benefit of Ghana's gold mining sector's players, we will end this blog post by quoting from an Ashesi University blog post about the team's award-winning research work:

"Dear Friends,
This November, a group of Ashesi students traveled to Boston for the
world's premier
synthetic biology competition
With the goal of providing a non-toxic alternative to traditional gold
mining, the
team successfully engineered an organism capable of extracting the
precious metal
from ore. These students were the first team to represent Ghana - or West Africa
 - in the competition's history. One team member was third-year
mechanical engineering
student Nana Oye Djan, an Ashesi scholarship recipient.

"Anything involving science to alleviate a problem has always
intrigued me," says
Nana. "At age nine, I wanted to be a genetic engineer to help cure HIV/AIDS. By
age sixteen, I wasn't so sure because there were so many problems to
solve and so
many different science-based fields. I cannot rightly predict where I see myself
 in a few years' time, but I know that whatever I will do, whoever I
will become,
I will be working hard to transform the face of Africa."

The Ashesi research team, led by Senior Lecturer Elena Rosca (not pictured), was
 awarded the Chairman's Award and a silver medal at the competition.
Students like Nana are Africa's future engineers, entrepreneurs, and
leaders, and
Ashesi's mission is to provide these students the education they need
to transform
their continent. Ashesi is proud that 100% of our graduates receive
quality placement,
with 90% electing to work in Africa and one in twenty starting their
own businesses.
Donor support has been vital to the success of our students. Nana's engineering
program, inaugurated in 2015, was financed by philanthropy; her
studies, like nearly
half of Ashesi students', are supported by scholarships.
Ashesi's goal is to grow our student body from 870 today to 1,000 by
2020, and donations
will help us fund the programs, infrastructure, faculty development,
and scholarships
necessary to reach that goal. Nana and her classmates continue to
prove that a contribution
to Ashesi is not merely a gift, but an investment in Africa's future.
Please consider
making a donation today to help us serve more students.
Together we will continue to empower Ashesi students with the critical thinking
skills, concern for others, and ethical courage they will need to
create a better
future for Africa.
Patrick Awuah
Founder & President, Ashesi University Foundation and Ashesi University College
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