Friday, 1 December 2017

Happy Farmers' Day to Ghana's Gallant Smallholder Farmers Who Toil Round The Clock To Feed Our Nation

As Ghana celebrates Farmers' Day, one hopes and prays that God will give our leaders the wisdom and foresight to dramatically change the fortunes of Ghana's national economy's agricultural sector by making all farming - not just cocoa farming -  tax-free commercial endeavours.

One also hopes and prays that the media houses that frequently publish harrowing stories about poor rural communities that lack potable water and are thus forced to share sources of untreated water with livestock, will do a little lateral-thinking themselves.

The question there is: Why do they not  recommend a simple technological solution to that widespread rural problem - by asking the authorities to provide such rural communities with vital subsidized products such as the drinking  bottles, jerrycans, family-sized and community-sized water tanks utilising  cutting-edge  nanotech filtration systems manufactured by innovative companies such as Lifesaver Water Systems of the UK? Haaba.

One also hopes that this present administration will be the regime that finally embraces the cost-effective and simple low-tech solution to the problem of roads that develop potholes soon after construction and often end up being washed away by flash floods  on top  too - by adopting a new public procurement policy that only plastic roads will be built in rural Ghana henceforth.

As a people, surely, we must end the foolishesness that refusing to adopt a policy of only building plastic roads represents - especially when we need to plug all the loopholes through which taxpayers' cash is siphoned off into private pockets by sundry white-collar criminals: so that we can have the wherewithall to provide our talented  younger generations with free education from kindergarten to tertiary level on a more sustainable basis? Ditto provide universal access to free, world-class-quality healthcare facilities whenever we are taken ill?

The question is: Are members of our nation's political class still unaware of the benefits of constructing plastic roads? Ebeeii.

Surely, some of them must be aware of the fact that
plastic roads are made by simply mixing melted plastic waste with bitumen - enabling one to build roads that: bear heavier loads than conventional roads;  last three times longer than conventional roads;  remain pothole-free throughout their long lifespan; are never washed away by flash floods because plastic is impermeable to water; and, best of all, require virtually no maintenance to speak of (apart from renewing road markings when needed)?

Hmm, Oman Ghana: eyeasem o: asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

On this auspicious day for farmers in Ghana, may God grant  our current leaders the wisdom  to understand the many benefits of  using natural agricultural  imputs (such as those made by the Latvian company, BioDeposit,which are making sister African nations such as Rwanda increase their coffee yields dramatically) to transform Ghana into a global power in  the production of organic agricultural produce, as well as the planet Earth's leading producer of organic cocoa beans - and the world's biggest manufacturer of own-brand organic cocoa products such  as organic dark chocolate and organic chocolate powder for the biggest supermarket chains across the globe. Amen.

Finally, as someone from an organic cocoa-farming background, one wishes a Happy Farmers' Day celebration for Ghana's gallant smallholder farmers, who toil round the clock to feed our nation.
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