Sunday, 13 May 2018

Happy Mothers' Day To Females Of All The Species That Reside In And Inhabit Our Part Of Humankind's One Biosphere!

Today is Mothers' Day. Thus, on what is a day celebrated globally to honour mothers, today, this blog salutes all mothers in Ghana - including those women who even though have no biological offspring of their own, are nonetheless  regarded as mother figures in the communities they reside in, nationwide, and are often referred to by most young people simply as "Mommy".

Watching last Friday's UTV morning programme 'Mpu Nimpu', in which the station's  erudite and popular "Captain TK" (the nickname of the programme's host, the soft-spoken lawyer, Tweneboah Kodua), interviewed the remarkable and formidable Mrs. Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie, it struck me that she was the personification of Ghanaian womanhood: a veritable Yaa Asantewaa.

A world-class woman of many achievements, who is a mother, wife and successful professional, with a record that in a sense charts the evolution of the Ghanaian media, from the fear-ridden days of the era of the culture of silence during the military dictatorship of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), to the plural media landscape in our constitutional democracy of today's 4th Republic, which is widely acknowledged as one of the freest media spaces anywhere on the planet Earth. Bravo to her and other women of her kind who serve our dear Mother Ghana in various capacities with love and passion!

Mothers in Ghana play an important role in keeping families together and work hard to ensure that their husbands' and children live well and are happy at home -  and they literally carry the economy of our homeland Ghana on their collective shoulders: as shrewd and productive micro, small and medium-scale entrepreneurs operating from countless stores and market stalls across Ghana.

Happy Mothers' Day to females of all the species that reside in and inhabit our part of humankind's one biosphere! Cool.

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