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Port Technology: Kalmar Presents the Future of Cargo Handling

Port Technology
Kalmar Presents the Future of Cargo Handling

 17 May 2018 09.19am

Cargo handling equipment specialist Kalmar has revealed how it plans to evolve its entire range of machines into highly advanced electric versions by 2021.

In a video presenting its future vision of cargo handling, Kalmar has unveiled an autonomous reachstaker concept design that can turn its wheels to move horizontally, is automatically counterbalanced, able to self-charge and, to top it all off, can self-diagnose and repair.

The move comes as part of Kalmar’s commitment to reduce emissions in cargo and material handling operations by fostering eco-efficient technologies.

The target is in line with Cargotec's sustainability roadmap announced in 2016.

Kalmar introduced its first electrically powered machine developed by Kalmar, an electric forklift truck for smaller capacity ranges, to the market in 2008.

Since then, Kalmar has systematically extended its offering with diesel-electric, hybrid and electrically powered machines to help customers reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Today, over 50% of Kalmar cargo handling equipment is already available with electric power sources.

Old and future reachstaker versions:

Antti Kaunonen, President, Kalmar, said: "Our industry is evolving at a remarkable pace. Governments, local and regional authorities around the globe are rapidly deploying regulations and initiatives to support the adoption of eco-efficient technologies.

“A prime example of this development is the Green Air Act in California, US.

“At the same time, our customers are asking for electrically powered equipment and solutions that cut emissions.

“Kalmar has a strong track record in providing efficient cargo and material handling solutions to our customers, and we've consistently revolutionized container handling for the benefit of our customers.

“We have been leading the port automation development for more than 20 years, and we have consistently developed our offering in order to help customers improve their every move.

“Now we are taking yet another step in our commitment to improve customer operations with our plan to provide our full offering as electrically powered by 2021.”
Read Kalmar's latest Port Technology technical paper on how to automate an existing RTG terminal

Watch Kalmar's 2060 vision of how cargo handling will take place at terminals:

Dan Pettersson, SVP Mobile Equipment at Kalmar, said: "The vision for Kalmar Future Generation is a result of significant investments in research and development in order to envisage how the future of material handling solutions will look like.

“We believe electricity is the power source of the future and that purpose-built design and integrated serviceability will enable maximum availability and performance for the material handling fleets.

"In the near future, driverless vehicles will enter the logistic operations in industrial and material handling, expanding the benefits of automation to the full logistics chain in the customer operations.

“We at Kalmar believe that by harnessing the power of new technologies, we will create state of the art material handling solutions with a cutting edge design that will keep our customers ahead of the game.”
Read more: Kalmar is introducing an electric version of the Ottawa T2 terminal tractor as a zero-emission alternative for trailer-handling operations

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