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Port Technology/Geoff Smith: Critical Communications for Ports - Rajant

Port Technology
Critical Communications for Ports - Rajant

 08 May 2018 10.08am

Geoff Smith, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing at Rajant, has answered questions about what the wireless connectivity specialist is doing to improve critical communications for container shipping.

The one-on-one interview, part of a series filmed at Port Technology's Container Terminal Automation Conference (#CTAC2018), has revealed how ports may be missing out on the benefits vital communications infrastructure can provide.
Learn how Rajant Corporation, the exclusive provider of private Kinetic Mesh wireless networks, has designed its systems to thrive in mobility-driven industrial environments by visiting Port Technology's Supplier Directory
Learn more about what happened at CTAC by reading CTAC 2018: An Event Review

Key video moments:

    0:13 - What Rajant has to offer to the port sector
    1:03 - Mesh network advantages
    2:21 - How terminals operators can ensure cybersecurity
    3:24 - What is needed to implement a wireless network in a brownfield terminal

While speaking about terminal cybersecurity, Smith said: "One of the first things that they should do is they should look at the security of their land infrastructure.

"A lot of times they overlook the physical security aspects of the system, and you can go into a building if you can gain access and plug an Ethernet jack and have access to all of the infrastructure from inside the building."
See more: A video by Rajant has explained how ports can connect their communications to improve efficiency

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