Thursday, 6 October 2011


I am not one of the millions who use an Apple product - I use a BlackBerry from Apple rival, the Canadian company, Research In Motion. However, I shed tears, when I heard that Steve Jobs had finally succumbed to the cancer that so ravaged him.

I am no tech-buff either - just a simple writer and organic cocoa farmer from Ghana: two years older than Mr. Jobs. I admired him enormously because he made great products that made so many lives better, yet were so simple to use.

Because of him, other tech companies put great user-experience at the forefront of their innovation. Few individuals in the modern IT era have had such an impact on the world - and it says a lot about him that even an ordinary African writer and farmer, from the backwoods of Eastern Ghana, who is not IT-savvy, shed tears for Steve Jobs.

That is why he will be remembered till the very end of time - because his genius changed the way all of humankind works and plays. One commiserates with his family and Apple's dedicated employees worldwide.

Doubtless there will be a surge in the demand for iPhones and other Apple products - which will be a tribute to the company's just-departed brilliant inventor. Farewell from Africa, Mr. Jobs - humanity will never forget you and your inventive genius!
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