Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Dear Sir,

Re: Fraudulent Use and Theft of Identity of The National Review's Title

On the 14th of October, 2011, I was written to, by the National Media Commission (NMC), as a follow-up to a telephone conversation earlier that day, with the NMC's deputy executive secretary, Mr. Bannerman.

The NMC's letter to me, was essentially seeking confirmation of information I'd given Mr Bannerman, denying any knowledge of the publication "National Review, Vol One Number 2" of 13th October, 2011, during a phone conversation with him, earlier that day.

Incidentally, the NMC's letter to me, was copied to you - as was my reply to them.

Sir, this is a grave development that must not be allowed to become common currency.

With elections coming up next year, those who have pioneered this dangerous new form of criminality, the theft of a newspaper's title to disseminate falsehood that has the potential to create fear and panic and threaten the stability of our nation, must be ferreted out quickly, prosecuted and jailed - to deter others from copying them.

I am therefore writing formally to you, to lodge a complaint about the theft of the title, The National Review, which I registered with the NMC last November.

I do hope that that will speed matters up - and let the investigation into this shabby matter, begin in earnest.

It shouldn't be too difficult to unravel this outrage, Sir. That dreadful rag must have been printed somewhere; its pages must have been folded by some individuals, on a property somewhere; and someone must have sent them to the distributors of newspapers for distribution.

The fraternity of those who handle the printing and distribution of newspapers in this city, is a closely-knitted one.

Someone in this close-knit fraternity must have a clue that could lead to a breakthrough in the investigation. My phone number is 027 74 53109, if there is a need for me to be contacted.

Many thanks in advance for your help - and regards.

Yours faithfully,

Kofi Thompson.

Cc. The Executive Secretary,

National Media Commission,

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