Thursday, 27 October 2011


After the endless nepotism, tribalism and insider-dealing-to-enrich-family-and-friends of the Kufuor era, I doubt if any Ghanaian who is truly politically neutral and actually cares about Ghana, would want the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to return to power again, after the December 2012 elections - to continue their dangerous and nation-wrecking policy of asset-stripping Ghana for personal gain.

For such Ghanaian patriots (including my humble self), the bizarre public falling out between two National Democratic Congress (NDC) factions - made up of certain party members personally loyal to former President Rawlings, and those who stand to lose out if they were outside the government of President Mills, and therefore back him - is nothing short of a national disaster.

Surely, meeting each other halfway, and reaching out to each other in order to be accommodating for the sake of party unity, as the December 2012 election draws ever closer, is infinitely better than continuing to bicker in public and helping to embellish the NPP and its media partners' "Enkoyiee" propaganda narrative - and unwittingly help it return to power again?

The two factions of the NDC must stop the suicidal public spats - and concentrate their energies on working out creative ways of turning their past disagreements and public criticisms into a positive narrative for the December 2012 election campaign. Some of us are happy to help them do so for free - for the sake of Mother Ghana.

Surely, there are enough gold nuggets to be mined by creative minds, in the story of a political party that is today a broad church offering a democratic environment to a coalition of competing groups of individuals with different interests - that has evolved from what its opponents once regarded as a special purpose vehicle, originally set up to more or less enable a military junta win an election and transform itself into a civilian regime?

There are patriotic individuals who are creative thinkers in the Ghana of today, who see the NDC as a lesser evil than the NPP - which they do not want anywhere near the Osu Castle or Flagstaff House, after the December 2012 elections - who are prepared to offer consultancy services free of charge to the NDC, to enable it win the December 2012 elections and be returned to power once again.

For such individuals, all is not lost for the NDC yet - as they believe that the weaving together of a positive and compelling narrative, which combines strands of even the harshest public criticisms of each other, by both factions, is actually possible.

However, for that to happen, both factions must cease fire - and stop attacking each other in public. Instead, they must work out a compromise to enable them unite to fight the December 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections - behind closed doors. A word to the wise...

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