Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A Rare Gem Tigo Ghana Ought To Earmark For Accelerated Promotion

Every older generation Ghanaian, who is a patriot and loves this country passionately, invariably cares a great deal about the future of our homeland Ghana's younger generations.

That concern for the welfare of our nation's young people makes such older generation Ghanaians take an interest in brilliant young people they come across - as it is they who will take up the mantle of leadership: and shape the destiny of Ghanaians in the coming decades.

A personal concern of mine is that my generation does not compromise the future of our nation's younger generations, by our actions and inactions.

In light of that, I have an abiding sense of shame that my generation has been responsible for the trashing of what is left of Ghana's natural heritage.

The incontestable evidence is  the decimation of our  nation's forests by illegal loggers and dishonest legally registered timber companies, and the poisoning of soils, streams, rivers, as well as the groundwater table across vast swathes of the Ghanaian countryside, by both illegal galamsey miners and legally registered gold miners.

Today, it is now clear to me that I  obviously did not do enough to stop a prediction I made in the late 90s coming true: that  our nation would be importing timber within a decade and a half if we did not halt the gang-rape of our forests by  greedy and selfish individuals.

And it is also obvious that despite all the noise one makes, one is failing to make an impact in ending the impunity of the wealthy criminals behind most of the illegal gold mining in Akyem Abuakwa, in particular, and across Ghana generally.

(Yet, it has become pretty obvious that a major consequence of the egregious destruction of the natural environment, across the nation, is that it will lead inexorably to Ghana becoming a water-distressed country in less than a decade and a half, if it is not halted now.)

For that reason, and as a way for me to make amends for that abject failure in my writing on the subject not having any impact whatsoever on halting environmental degradation in Ghana, I have always sought to befriend the brightest and the best of younger generation Ghanaians I come across, and share what little experience and knowledge I have, with them.

(My hope being that those of them who are caring individuals will see that being compassionate does have its own rewards - it helps make life a little more bearable for the vulnerable in Ghanaian society: and contributes to making ours a more caring nation, the citizens of which live in harmony with each other, and with Mother Nature.)

About a couple of months ago, for example,  I came across an amazing young man, Mr. Bright Kofi Hagbevor, a Tigo employee at the Mallam junction Tigo customer centre - a real gem of an employee for any company that actually cares about the well-being of its customers.

To my amazement, he went to great lengths to ensure that I could access a Tigo mobile app fintech service, which I was having a little local difficulty with, so to speak.

After listening to my problem, he actually left his desk, went with me across the Mallam-Kasoa highway,  to a cross-platform mobile money  agent opposite the Tigo customer service centre, to take particulars from the agent, whom I had gone to, to gain access to some mobile wallet cash.

He then returned to the Tigo customer service centre across the road to key in the information obtained from the agent into his computer.

Having done that he then crossed that busy road yet again, to  the opposite side, and came back to the agent and gave him the information that finally resolved the matter for me.

Surprisingly, he refused a tip I offered him - and instead apologised profusely to me that I had had such a difficult time: and said I was always welcome to their Tigo customer centre if I needed any issues resolved.

In a nation that is a byword for poor customer service - in which many of those who serve the public often treat customers with utter disdain, when approached,  especially if those customers don't look prosperous enough - Tigo Ghana definitely ought to earmark Mr. Hagbevor for training that will fast-track his rise to the top in the company.

He is an excellent ambassador for Tigo - and certainly  has leadership qualities that will help Tigo Ghana enhance its brand yet further, going forward into the future. This blog wishes Mr. Bright Kofi Hagbevor well. He is a rare gem Tigo Ghana ought to earmark for accelerated promotion. He is also a credit to his family and his generation.
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