Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ghana's Political Class Must Work Together To Make Mother Ghana Prosperous

That our nation's political class ought to work together, if our nation is to be transformed, is pretty obvious to many discerning and patriotic Ghanaians.

Clearly, as a people we will never progress, if our country continues to remain so divided - as extremists amongst those in the political wilderness will always sabotage the  party in  power: to bring about regime-change.

Alas, in the end, it is ordinary people who suffer. Their living standards invariably plummet, as the national economy is damaged by the nation-wrecking-agenda of  extremist politicians, whose constant talking down of the country's prospects, create a crisis of confidence that deters investors.

It is in that light that some discerning minds aver, that it is self-evident, that the polarisation of Ghanaian society is a huge drawback, for our country's forward march towards a prosperous future - for all its people.

It is a clear and present danger, to the sustained collective effort needed, today,  to ensure the long-term stability of our nation - because it is an impediment to the creation of a conducive political climate: that will enable the transformation of our nation to take place.

The question is: If members of our nation's political class are creative enough, could they not build on the cooperative spirit that  mostly informs the work of the Inter-Party  Advisory Committee (IPAC) - the vehicle that they use for their interactions with the Electoral Commission (EC)?

It would definitely benefit our homeland Ghana, if our nation's  political parties learnt from their experiences, in regular IPAC collaborations over the years, and built on it.

For example, could the political parties not  use the IPAC model to set up a new nation-building collaborative platform, which will enable the most patriotic and honest  ones amongst them, to work together, to protect the national interest - and promote the welfare of ordinary people - at all material times? Food for thought.

If such an inter-party nation-building platform existed, could they not invite stellar job creators for young people, from around the world, such as the Sama Group's founder, Leila Janah, and the founder of Solar Sisters, Katherine Lucey, to Ghana, and collaborate with them to leverage the existing structures for youth employment across the country, to create jobs for the many educated young people, who are unable to find employment?

Leila Janah leverages her Silicon Valley contacts to provide relatively well-paid digital work - such as data entry jobs - for young people in Kenya's slums, including even those with no formal education: who are given computer training for that purpose.

She also owns a high-end cosmetics company, Laxmi, which is also a social enterprise that has a fair-trade value-chain, which creates wealth for poor women in the developing world.

Laxmi, for example,  could partner women's groups in the north, which produce shea butter; organic neem seed oil; organic moringa seed oil; and organic baobab seed oil.

If an inter-party nation-building platform existed, would they not be willing and keen  to invite Leila Janah to Ghana, now attention has been drawn to her job-creating social enterprise business models?

And could that not lead to the creation of  thriving local green economies, throughout the north of Ghana, for example  - with groups of women  exporting organic cosmetic products globally, in partnership with Laxmi?

And would disadvantaged youth in both urban and rural Ghana not find work in the global digital economy, through the Sama Group?

Katherine Lucey's Solar Sisters'  business model,  relies on sponsors to empower her social enterprise, which gives out robust and well-made solar lamps, on credit, to women, who then pay for them after selling those  lamps.

The polarisation of Ghanaian society as a result of divisive Kokofu-football-politricks, is doing great harm to our nation. Everywhere one looks, there are pressing problems that need collaboration between  political parties, and cross-spectrum cooperation with each other, by politicians, if they are to be resolved.

Yet, scorched-earth-politics, in which hardline opposition  politicians work hard day and night to sabotage the nation-building effort, and bring about regime-change that way, continues apace, regardless.

That is no way to create prosperity anywhere in this world. We cannot continue along that thorn-strewn path and expect our country to become prosperous.

The time has therefore now come for the most honest and patriotic of our nation's politicians - from across the spectrum, who put the interests of our nation, and the welfare of all its people, above party advantage and self-interest - to come together to work to make Mother Ghana prosperous.

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